World of Warships – Ranger Power

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Ranger on Trap starts out with a strike loadout to take on the enemy ships. We send a squad to each point and attempt to damage enemy destroyers on the capture point. As the game develops, we continue to attack destroyers and battleships. I’m really trying to improve with the aircraft carrier. I hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier VII American Carrier Ranger Replay


  1. CV’s are as boring to watch as they are to play.

    I Couldn’t take it, sorry Notser.

    Thumbs down on this honk-shoe.

    All a CV player does is click on targets. It takes zero talent and they can
    sink anything on the board with ease except an Atlanta.

    It might be fun for the CV player to destroy enemies that cannot defend
    themselves in any way, but to everyone else it just ruins the game.

    I am getting to the point I don’t want to play because I might waste 3
    minutes getting into a game, 3 more minutes moving just to be sunk without
    a hope of saving my ship. Call me crazy, but I play games to have fun.

    Wargaming IS crazy because they have done about as much as they can to
    making sure that fun is limited already, without letting CV’s ruin the game
    for you with no countermeasures short of being an Atlanta.

    Until they fix their beyond fantasy torpedo and dive bombers, the game

    Make CV “players” use some skill to hit their targets, until then they are
    just no-talent players that substitute bots for skill.

    They also enjoy very boring things, like moving a few bots around. Go play

  2. cool u used my idea thank you

  3. Tell me. Why would you take the “no fighter” setup? all you get are 2 more
    Dive Bombers which do not even do that much damage and you can not defend
    your squads. After the Ranger i can see a reason,. because the Bombers at
    and after the Lexington get a pretty good Bomb Damage.

  4. Hey Notser, good to see, that you just do the same failure as I do every
    time again. You let your planes get too near to the target (crossing the
    line) until you give the last order, so they turn and start a new run. That
    can cost you your whole squadron and make less damage than a bad drop. 😉
    By the way. “Notser, your carrier is buring at two different places and no
    other enemy attack bomber is inbound, time to extinguish it. Notser? …
    Notser still there, kill the fire no plane can land or start! NOTSER!!
    Never mind, it burnt out by itself and took about 60% of your health.” :D

  5. i like RTS games, but hate CVs…

  6. notser showing a CV play. I think its gonna rain today

  7. BakingPowder Liew


  8. Yay you hit 8,000 subs

  9. Funny guy that New Orleans skipper. :)

  10. IMO, that New Orleans (dacnien) was partially correct. You need follow the
    main fleet which would be under their AA cover. The enemy CV didn’t sink
    you because he was not in strike loadout. You should not risk yourself at
    the beginning gone without company. I think the New Orleans was rude to you
    because he was experienced enough to see so many CVs died lonely.
    I do agree that DD currently is CV’s primary target. Enemy CV however did
    play poorly in that battle which gave you many chances focusing on DDs.
    Things would be different if enemy CV could give air cover for that Mahan
    and you without New Orleans’ assist.
    BTW, the CV player that I admire most is seanxiezhou. You can see the
    number of DD decreases conspicuously at the beginning of each battle. I go
    back to watch the replay every time got a game with him.

  11. 8k subs
    nice, getting there

  12. Its a nice change from all of your other videos.
    Once again, nice carry.

  13. More CV play please : ) Congrats on improving manual drops and Kraken.
    Looking forward to your playing team battles where your team play style
    will pay off : )

  14. That was a great game. I did the same thing tonight with my Tier 4 Clemson.
    Keep them coming.

  15. great cv play

  16. Noster, thank you for showing us a CV video. This helps me understand how
    CV players operate. I can now see the importance of aa captain skills on
    certain ships since it helps! I love your carry videos, always a pleasure
    to watch.

  17. I don’t think it’s because carriers “don’t know how to scout” it’s just
    that, as you said, does not benefit them.

  18. You should really rename this video “Power Ranger” XD

  19. Great carrier video! would love to see more :)

  20. +Notser How did you play the Independence, I’m currently playing it to get
    the Ranger. What load out did you use? Btw great vid, like usual :)

  21. I was running the balanced loadout then the air superiority loadout, but
    after a while I went to the strike loadout and it changed. The first match
    was with 4 carriers. I had an independence with me with a balanced loadout,
    but the other two were both fighter loadouts. So 5 fighters vs the 1. All I
    did was move in hit what I could spot and hang bombers on a cruiser to kill
    the fighters. We bleed them dry of fighters using the cruisers, then did
    damage when we could.

  22. Screw that team, Ill support a CV SPOTTING and KILLING DDs any day. I can
    kill everything else. sincerly-NC, New Mex, CA’s

  23. Andreas Petersson

    heheh “I like to hard carry” hehe you get it ? ^^ Notser? ^^

  24. for american cvs taking out all offensive seems kinda waste because the
    fighters are the real superiority american cvs have over japs

  25. I’m really confused that there’s no scouting points in world of warships,
    since there are in world of tanks. You’d think that since it’s the same
    company that’s the maker of them both they’d apply what they got in one
    game unto the other..

  26. very very good job, i’d like to see more of those ;)

  27. Andreas Petersson

    awesome video Notser!

  28. Awesome. I started to play CVs also because of all the DDs at higher tiers.
    Want to get them back for torping my Yamato so much. I am playing IJN

  29. I’m not saying I’m right on this one; but my overall feelings towards
    Aircraft carriers in Wows are that they are slightly broken. Not Wot
    artillery kind of broken haha. They clearly have a high skill cap which is
    of course good. But I feel that a good carrier player can literally ruin
    any DD or BB’s game. They seem to have more power than any other class. For
    example I was in my fuso the other day being harassed by the Japanese tier
    5 carrier, so I did the best thing I could have done and put myself between
    a friendly cleveland and aoba…the carrier kept attacking me and though I
    dodged most torps, he stopped me having a particularly good game, made me
    feel really hopeless haha and seemed to only lose a handful of planes
    despite the cleveland haha. Also a carrier can completely ruin a destroyers
    a game rather easily :/

  30. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    Hey Notser, wasnt that you that made some Warships Compliations? Of like
    awesome shots? If so, pls give me that link again, where i have to send you
    that replay, with noticing the part :)

  31. Why do people keep calling you Noster? Noster the Monster! :P

  32. Notser, any tips for the Lexington? i’m having trouble doing anything
    meaning full

  33. Andhika nur Aulia

    Only Mutsuki, no good thing comment :^(

  34. hehe Notser finaly :)) u play CV great game

  35. What? Carrier gameplay? Who are you and what have you done with the real
    Notser? ;P

  36. Tyrael von Mottenstedt

    My god finally a Notser Carrier Gameplay! Thanks for the video. :)

  37. Yes finally a CV game, and a well played game as well! I play a lot of CV:s
    but mainly Japanese ones. I think your strategic choices were great by
    going after the DD:s was the right one for many reasons but one more is
    this. If you don`t hunt them down you can almost be assured that your team
    will allow them to slip through and hunt you down you get left unsupported
    in a CV more then in any other class of ship and dodging torps from DD:s
    from less then 3 k is a challenge. The guy may have been rude, but he gave
    you support! That is unusual and for that he deserves some credit because
    it is unrewarding as hell for him but strategically it`s perfect game play.
    He shut the down the northern sector allowing you to pay more attention to
    the middle that decreases your response time because aircraft and DD:s
    could only get to you through the middle, your team screened you well, you
    were never in danger and this allowed you to go full Power Ranger. CV:s are
    the by far most challenging class to play and were the skill difference
    between Captains is most easily identified you were clearly superior
    Notser!. Lastly, the enemy CV failed as well he had two fighter squadrons I
    think yet I could only se him engage you at one point in the game with
    fighters. A better CV captain would neutralize you`re ability to attack and
    spot their DD:s and thereby negating the damage potential with the strike
    load out.

  38. I hope to hell you are going to be instructing on how to avoid this stuff
    too at some point.

  39. George Washington

    Sold my Ranger after the nerfs at the US cv line tier 7 and above. I just
    couldn’t find a good excuse to keep grinding such a bad line. What do you
    think notser should I buy it back?

  40. wow
    Notser, did you let the double fire burn out on purposes? they went full

  41. Belated entry for iChase’s CVs hunting DDs Monday Rules?

  42. I for one am glad to see you playing a CV Notser. I couldn’t pass up the
    sale on the Indy so I just started playing CVs again after an embarrassing
    attempt in the Langley months ago. I am to the point of having OK games in
    my Bogue. I can pull off the manual torp fairly well against BBs and CVs
    and I have had some success manual torping cruisers. I can’t manual dive
    bomb for crap.

  43. Please, more CV games too

  44. i love cvs! Thank you Notser for playing one

  45. Thank you very much for the carrier game Notser, I hope there are more to
    come!! One question any tips on how to fight a CV who has nothing but
    fighters and you have no fighters to counter?

  46. I remember a monster game in my Hosho. I know it’s not high tier but the
    enemies were good enough that they were trying to dodge everything. I
    learned out to stagger my Torp bombers so that it makes a huge wall of
    torps with no spaces in between. Did like 100k damage because I mainly went
    for battleships. Unfortunately carrying the whole team wasn’t enough and my
    teammates went one by on into a channel were there were like 2 or 3 dds. I
    was left alone. Killed one and died. Was fun but I think there should
    definately be a reward for spotting with your planes like you said.

  47. Notser – I love the respect you’re getting from players who know you and
    make mistakes that you take advantage of to their demise. That’s a good
    deal of respect. As for the nub in the New Orleans – he certainly earned a
    different kind of reputation with his silly remarks. Very good of you to
    school him in a professional manner. :)

  48. play the hiryjo. im not good spelling xD tier VII japenese carrier

  49. ACiD_ “Th3xRaVeNx” ReinX

    That DD failed 2:02 lol

  50. I love watching carrier replays, very interesting, you should show them
    more often.

  51. I think you should be rewarded for actively spotting your enemies ! That
    would make Carriers more interesting to play ! By the way, witch Carriers
    are better for a strike build ? US or IJN ?

  52. Nice game!
    I played really little games in a CV, and I do the same things, constantly
    scout for searching DDs… but it is true, no rewards for this action
    (extremely important for me as a cruiser and gunboat captain), and no one
    recognizes the decisions in the battle that I take for the good of the team
    (like that New Orleans in the replay), so I stop playing CVs. But seeing
    your great game makes me want to try again.

  53. I got the Ranger yesterday and instantly fell in love. it’s a decent to
    good cv and much better than the independence. killed 3 or Four people in
    my first game with it. still have the replay 😀
    sadly a loss

  54. If you get 5 kills in a CV you should get “Ace” :)

  55. you are OP Notser!

  56. Thank You Notser 😀 That will help me alot :D

  57. Great vid as always Notser. Ty

  58. Yesssssss some CV gameplay, nice to see some of those vid’s sometimes. Keep
    up Notser !
    Also, quick question : Is this a thing on NA server to go snipe the other
    CV early ? I say that cause on EU server the meta is actually that the
    first strike is against the other CV (most of the game though). Simple

  59. Man, your team was heaping on that abuse in chat. Captaining a CV looks
    like a pretty angst-filled experience. Way to punish those DDs though!

  60. wow finally a carrier gameplay! will these continue?

  61. I always go for enemy CV at the start to get air superiority ;)

  62. WG SERIOUSLY needs to make those manual dive bomber drops more accurate, so
    many times i get those “half circles” that splash all around a ship despite
    perfect aim. just like a ship accuracy atleast let one bomb/shell hit per
    salvo as long as it is well aimed.

  63. So…I know this has nothing to do with the video (Notser, you already have
    2 dislikes, do something about it! You never had so many haters :P) but I
    just want to post my impressions of Moskva.

    In the video of the soviet cruisers they said their citadel was placed
    higher than on other cruisers.
    I decided to take out my Yamato and test it out.

    I got 47260 damage on Moskva at 8km (in one salvo, 8 hits), it was angled
    (not really well) but I suggest all Moskva captains dont mess with a

    Conclusion: Even with Moskva, never show your broadside to a battleship.

  64. Great CV game. There is a reward for helping out your team scouting
    enemies, it’s called a W. Very entertaining, can almost hear excitement in
    you voice, lol. Great job sir!

  65. Henrik Lind Hansen

    pretty good game. its fun to see how much a good cv player can impact the
    game. :)

  66. Me also griding CV,for now i am on BOQUE :)..Nice Game!

  67. The other thing I would like to see them do is give more xp for killing
    planes, either with your planes or for ships shooting down planes.

  68. I would love to see them put in a similar reward for spotting as WoT has.
    If you are lighting up a target someone else would not be able to normally
    see then you get half the xp and credits from the damage they do. For those
    of you who don’t know, for example if you light up a target and friendly
    hits it several times and does 10k dmg, well the ally still gets normal xp
    and credits but you would get 10k spotting damage which would be equal to
    50% xp and credits if you had done the damage or equal to you having done
    5k dmg to the target.

    That would be a reward for cv’s and DD’s especially to light up and keep
    enemy ships light up for their team.

  69. Nice game.
    The New Orleans player is a joke lol.

  70. Pretty good work on the Ranger….another great vid! Keep up the good work

  71. Kept him alive? Nah. He saved you the whole time. And if he wasn’t busy
    saving you, he would have killed at least 2/3 of the enemy team. Meh,
    carriers.. always need saving.. (for those of you that don’t get it, it’s

  72. That looked like a multi-tasking nightmare, Notser! Great play as always.

    I dread the rare CV players that can perform like you did there, they make
    a DD’s life hell. Luckily, they usually studiously ignore me till it’s too
    late ^^

  73. “With carriers there is a lot of downtime, opportunity to chat”

    lol, i wish you to get the Hakuryu and try chatting while controlling 8
    squadrons which fly at 170 knots :)

  74. Play IJN CVs pl0x :3

  75. Got to play against you the other day, hope i didn’t point you out to
    early. Love your vids, can you please do a vid on transferring the
    commander from ship to ship and the reasons, benefits from doing
    that?Nobody ever does that kind of video and it’s an important part of the
    game. Good luck and good hunting!

  76. Attacking a destroyer in a first battle? 🙁 what? it should be a cruiser or
    BB… and Notser, use one diving bomber at a time…
    That enemy CV is so weak, can’t even protect his teammates from Notser
    torpedo and bomber that’s why they lose!!

  77. strike lexington coming soon ?

  78. Why do people who played CV rarely used the air superiority build? i mean
    we can choose to bring more fighters and less bomber right? I know the XP
    we got from shooting down enemy planes is less than from sinking an enemy
    ship, but our bomber and torpedo bomber will be vulnerable from enemy
    fighter and we can’t counter it. and we can’t protect our own ship and our
    team from incoming torpedo bomber and bomber

  79. Well Notser made the reference so now it’s ok GO GO POWER RANGER!!!!

  80. jihyuk kim (Ayakashi)

    OMG Ranger Full AA setting

  81. well played N – Grinding IJN Carrier Line at the moment – currently with
    Shokaku – see you ingame – greetings eXileDE

  82. u r wrong noptser, it always good to give aa to cvs as long as the enemy
    planes are heading towards u, and u r in a cleveland, any other cruiser
    shouldnt try it at lower tiers

  83. CV the only class that Notser cant pull a “tactical beaching” ;)

  84. No ‘go, go Power Rangers’ theme song? ;)

  85. lol tashkent

  86. ï’m buy an aircraft carrier thx for the video notser

  87. How terrible….

  88. Wow that great never get 5kills on CV before!!

  89. try aircraft upgrades instead of AA and damage control instead of faster
    rudder shift

  90. very nice, I’m happy that you are not as frustrated as I was before I
    finally gave up and sold my independence :-/

  91. Nice game Notser, As always! It’s great to see you in a Carrier again!

  92. mornin

  93. Great gameplay Notser! Really enjoyed another carrier video. 🙂 And just
    for the record, that medal is called Fireproof ;)

  94. NICE!! Carrier gameplay finally :D

  95. OOh perfect timing… another Notser video

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