World of Warships – RANK 1 COME OOOOON !!! 3rd times the charms ???

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After failing to win twice in a row while being on rank 2 with 4 stars I rly started feeling the pressure of “now or never”, I got lucky twice and I saved my star but I’d rather rank out than push my luck even further. Is this it? Can we finally rank out for the 8th time on EU server?
If the answer is yes the minimap is coming back ofc 😉


  1. Try getting ranked 1 in NA server xd. It’s like playing with 8 yr olds

    • lol you’re doing a disservice to 8 year olds by saying that…

    • I did twice but ever since WG decided to put every possible mode into tier 10, it gets boring rly fast, not to mention that it’s not exactly a balanced tier

    • The IQ level is raising with each league on the Asian server and this is with more than half the people not being able to talk with each other. Just don’t play weekends. lol

  2. Does he get it, does he get it…..let’s see🍹🍸

  3. Congratz flame ass

  4. Russian Bias always protect.

    Well done ^^

  5. congats  , tell Grandma happy birthday let her know how much she means to you and how much you love her. these days are truly precious.

  6. Fantastic , Congrats … Im thinking all your skilled 1st place star saving games went a long ways .. where would you be right now without that feature ?? Do you think you would ever get to 1st rank ?? Sure is a hell of a filter.

  7. Congrats Flambass! You can finally stop playing those cruisers you hate so much.

  8. It would be nice if WoW could tame the announcement of torps, (e.g. “Torpedoes to starboard”), when they’re outside of your own ship’s CPA.

  9. BB’s are made to tank damage for the team so they should be nerfed to 15 km range and that way all the SUPERCOWARDS in bb’s have no choice, they HAVE to tankwether they want to or not and with all the radars and hydro today they cant complain about torps either…

    • Trust me, as soon as a BB gets focused on with HE it doesn’t last long. Camping or not. Yamato is just completely designed as a long range artillery platform and people want it for the troll shells it fire.

    • Nerf HE damage + fire chances and u will see BBs push again.

    • see the actually funny thing is about this is, people see the BB as the tank, which it is but other games rolling the tank as the front liner has made people think thats where the BB/tank belongs in this type of game which is totally wrong… in all essence of the matter BBs are actually ment to be in the back as the heavy artillary support while the DDs flank and or spot, and Cruisers are the main source of sustained damage dealers an use there agility to avoid incoming damage while providing a supressing fire on the enemy, while the BBs provide the heavy damage to help drop the enemy an keep the cruisers in the game.. but, cause of other games like RPGs an so forth always having the “tank” in the front as the one taking all the damage, but in the type of game it dont work that way.. now if we had a healer ship that could provide a sustained heal on the BB then yes. the BBs could hold a frontline position, but.. in this type of game, No, im afraid that would never work cause you can and will lose your BBs fast, as most people see already as BBs go down pretty quick under HE spam..

    • in all retrospect the battleships are in all essence of design, to be the last line of defence not the front line of defence

  10. I’ll get there ? 31 Ranked games yesterday and I started Rank 9 with 1 star but finished at Rank 10 with 1 star. I had to keep playing, at one pont, just to win 1 game after being so pissed at 8 straight losses. The same happend a couple of seasons back so I did not even try last season. I guess the problem with havimg a 50% win rate after 13K games means I will just yoyo in Ranked. Good job I enjoy the change in game play otherwise I would not bother.

  11. The new moronic sound effect (when people sub) is not impressing me. I will be stop watching these video if it continues.

  12. Notser… Nothing Other Than Someone Encountering Rocks.

  13. Hey Flambass, I have an idea for the minimap, because it’s bothering me quite a bit that I can’t see it. Would there be a way for you to record just the gameplay with the minimap (Shadowplay for example) and then put the picture over it on the stream? That way you could upload the gameplay to Youtube without the watermark, and it would add a lot to the viewing experience.

    • I would also like to see the minimap but at the same time, i totally understand why Flambass uses an overlay.
      From OBS forums, reply from a forum Admin to a similar question

      “The feature you’re talking about is called multicording, and it available in some pro-sumer and most professional level products. For example, multicording is available in the 4k and Pro versions of vMix, so if you’re willing to shell out for those, that is an option. Do note that multicording requires the creation of an additional simultaneous encoder instance for every clean cut you want to make, so even the addition of one extra recording will likely consume a great deal of resources.
      Another option would be to get a program like Manycam that lets you use DirectShow devices (like capture cards) in more than one program at a time simultaneously, and then run 2 instances of OBS with the capture card, and record on one and stream on the other.
      As for proper multicording support in OBS, it’s unlikely to come for quite a while.”

      If Flambass is willing to try it out…

    • I’m too potatoe for this xD

    • Flambass  This might be a crazy idea, but what if you just recorded gameplay, then uploaded it to Twitch and chatted with them while the recorded gameplay streams? At least just for important clan battles? That way you can still have some fun with chat without worry of stream sniping. “Actually, I’m eating right now guys. Two more recorded games to go and then I’ll stream live gameplay.”

    • I agree. No minimap is making his videos not that interesting to watch. I am noticing I am watching others more now. I did not even finish this video.

  14. Gratulation Flambass. Endlich keine Sniper mehr ^^

  15. After watching your videos I have to say the following about your game style: You are very accurate with your guns, you’re not overly aggressive, you know the spots in the map which will allow you the best opportunity to farm damage without taking too much damage, and you pick ships that give you the most shells down range in the quickest amount of time. I think what happens to most rank players is that they get too aggressive, perhaps they setup in a spot near an island but stick their noses out too far, or sit too long and get outflanked. Gun accuracy is something that people (including myself) need to work on. I might never get to rank one, but I’m picking up tips and hints by watching you play that hopefully make me better. I need to find one of your videos where you play the Minotuar, because that ships accuracy if for crap. I thought it would play like the Atlanta, but I’m having more trouble with leading the shells to target with this ship, even though the shell archs feel and look similar to that T7 ship. Anyway, congratulations and keep up the good work!

  16. I want to see minimap!!

  17. What are you doing to look over the islands on your keyboard?

  18. Congrats, will be good to get rid of that minimap block. Very detracting from the video.

  19. @3:16 you’re playing one of my songs 😀

  20. Koalanetze Koalanetze

    not able to see the minimap is strange in replays

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