World of Warships – Rank 1 ship, I Kidd you not

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I got to rank 2 with 4 stars and failed to get rank 1 four times prior to this.

So this would be my 5th attempt to reach that final win to push me to rank 1.

I have ranked out this season on EU playing Kidd and LoYang. Stick to the end of the video to stats of this ranked season for me.

I am also currently playing ranked on NA with few other ships. After 1st day of NA ranked I’m rank 7 with 1 star.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Where’s Detroit Become Human? I want/NEED the next part!

  2. Loved the Detroit Become Human video, please upload the rest. Maybe you could upload it with a world of warships video just so everyone is satisfied.

  3. That’s sad, same number of battles but i’m rank 11… and I started on rank 10
    I’m definitely doing something wrong

    • well the good news is you realise its you lol i am similar, not good enough to carry so have to rely on the team to do their bit .

  4. Rocketfingers Noob Gaming

    I love your content and how you play. Question, what mods are you using from the modstation?

  5. MyopicAutisticMetal

    Lol, I have never been rank one. Best I have ever done was rank five. Rank one in sprint only.

    • Yeah, same, normal ranked is just such a drag to play cause it so heavily depends on every teammate being competent…which is almost never the case. Ranked is awful

    • Maybe I’ve gotten really lucky but this is my first full season of ranked and I’ve lost once and I’m at rank 9 rn but still goin

    • Me too…reg rank requires more time than my win rate allows.

  6. “I don’t feel like grinding for years now.” Notice the eye twitch.

  7. i was at rank 8 then i lost every following game in a row and now im stuck at rank 12.
    Playing on EU server on daytime is really HOPELESS,only at nights it a bit better!
    i think i give it up.

    • even in operations with guys that have 1500 battles is a surreal experience, i pity you if you get 2 or more guys with less than 300 in the team.

    • Feel your pain. Been flipping back and fourth between rank 9 and 10. Get a few games with competent team mates.

      Followed by a team straight outta 10lb bag of potatoes. Not even russets, I’m talking Yukon gold.

  8. Ringo Wunderlich

    With all your experience and expertise you waited far too long with the last torpedo strike.

  9. Lol, game was like “nope!”

  10. the eu server things are ten times more difficult

  11. Ranked is nerve-wrecking. It would be nice to have at least 1 or 2 more irrevocable ranks in the last steps.

  12. I had to stop playing Ranked, unplayable with some of these teams, just really bad

  13. congrats in the achievment! amd hello from Chile! 🙂

  14. 13:00 Well you waited to long…

  15. Maximum Swag Engaged

    Kept getting bounced haha. Almost deinstalled

  16. this is like the perfect storm , flambass ranking out and a donation from santa charie 🙂

  17. Why enterprises capitan had different voice acting? Was that Halsey?

  18. For me the real struggle usually begins at rank 5 and I usually either get stuck at rank 5 or rank 3. Usually I sadly either give up or run out of time.

  19. I already felt bad you in rank 2 and I super stagnant in rank 10 and I went down to 11

  20. Boratstromm's Mongoose

    I’ve won 15 matches in a row and am sitting at rank 6.Wish me luck.

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