World of Warships – Rank 2 with 4 stars, can we do it ???!!!

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After getting to rank 2 with 4 stars, my 1st attempt of ranking out this season has failed BUT i was top on exp so I saved my star. This is the very next match, so attempt number 2 of ranking out, let’s go.
When we rank out minimap will come back ofc 😉


  1. yesterday i had a game with my clanmate. I had 250k Dmg with 4kills in Hidni and he in a Midway 200k an 3 Kill. WE LOST

  2. Adam Fauzy Hafiddin

    If only wooster had torps..

  3. Plsssss stop to use that picture on the right corner, better to set a delay on the streaming, whitout map info is poitless to watch the streaming…….cant see your move, cant see the enemy move, etc etc ……i hope you get my point

    • most streamers prefer to stream without delay. You can’t interact with chat and that defeats the purpose of the stream, thus they hide thier minimap. i hope you get my point ;D

    • im sorry but i dont agree, sry but im not a fan boy, if i watch their clips on youtube or their stream is for learn something about the game and more important how to move correctly in the map………like that its useless ;D……, im happy for you if you watch him only for fun^^

    • If you can’t interact with the chat, what is the point if streaming? Just play a few games and upload the replays. That has nothing to do with fanboy or watching it for fun. Delaying a stream defeats the very purpose of streaming and makes it useless. The picture on the minimap is just a compromise to protect against stream snipers without putting on a delay. And that is the streamers decision to make. I don’t like the picture either, but it’s way better than having a 5 or even 7 minute delay, where there is no interaction with the chat. If someone wanted that, then that someone can just watch some vod or something.

    • Bla bla i see a shio and some tactics dont disturb

    • Hi stream sniping shit. I hope you see my point

  4. Do you use IFHE on your Wooster?

  5. Can’t wait for ranked to be done, so you can restart to play something else than t10

  6. Someone has to say it… The lack of a minimap really takes away from the backseat gaming 🙁 Isn’t it possible to record the game instance separately from the streaming overlays? I realize it would be more work, but, for me at least, it would greatly increase content quality

    • Replays with recorded audio? Something like that might work idk

    • If he saves replays.. But I think he does not.. Also he would have to record the replay itself.. And you have to mod the folder just to enable replays.. But yeah it would be nice if only the game was recorded and not the overlay

    • Don’t worry there wont be anymore ranked battles so no minimap cover 🙂 unless he decides to put it on during clan battles, although he has a long delay for it

    • theoretically one can add minimap overlay in twitch stream, but not in the recording that get’s saved. Not sure what software Flambass uses, but some generic ones should allow more than 1 “output”.

    • +MrrVlad My man… I’m just guessing here, but if he uses OBS it should be possible, yeah

  7. Using a Worcester? You dirty scrub 😛

  8. on Wendsday (05.09) i had R2 and 3 Stars…then i fall back to R5 with 1 Stars….. very frustrating!

  9. That pic on the map hurts me a lot 🌚🌚🌚

  10. Big fail showing your face, there’s a lot of potency in allowing followers to imagine what you look like.
    Also, the pic looks lame, I preferred the one of Hans, wont be watching again until the mini map is shown, or you change the pic hiding it.
    Apart from all that, I really like your content.

  11. I really thought you got it. But I believe that you’ll post a new video today with, finally, you getting to R1. Anyway, really nice play…sometimes you just cannot do it no matter how hard you try.

  12. Challenge for Flambass, Take any ship you like and get 10 torp hits…but you have announce your torps in chat when you fire and who they’re aimed at! #8

  13. I find covering the mini map annoying when watching yt clips. Destroys the big picture

  14. i understand that streamsniper thing, but is it possible to see minimap at least on YouTube upload?

  15. “There’s a Yama here, there’s a Zao there, there;s a Yama here, there’s battleships there” What? Where? We can t see the minimap because you’ve covered it up. Can’t wait for you to rank out so you can remove that childish overlay.

  16. Can you show map?

  17. Ranked season is over for me. Got stalled at R10, only shitty teams or epic throws, I’ve done some monstrous errors too… I snap at every game. I can’t take it anymore :p

  18. Today i was 1 star away from rank 3 and then i lost that one and 9 more. Then i won 1 to get back in rank 5. I really wanted to cry but i couldn’t.

  19. I hate this map, only tier 10 is dm and everywhere I go on this map giving broadside to something and bbs shoot me for half health across the map. needs to be reworked or taken out

  20. Hard to understand what is happening with you or the enemy with no Mini Map. This is why generally I don’t watch Ranked Play Streamed. I just have a hell of a time getting any value/learning/understanding of the game when the mini map is obscured. Wish there was a way to show the mini map for youtube?

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