World of Warships – Rank Amateur

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The current season of Ranked Sprint ends on January 3rd, still more than enough time to reach Rank One since this time you don’t lose stars on defeats. It’s also in a 1 vs 1 duel format and if you have a Tirpitz and follow this guide you’d have to REALLY struggle to lose.

From now on, I’m also uploading my videos to the all-new Floatplane subscription service, so you have the choice of watching me on YouTube for free or picking a Floatplane subscription and watching them advert free.


System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

If you have a World of Warships replay, consider using a hosting service like

Just be aware that I get hundreds of emails every week and I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.

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  1. Well I ranked to Rank1 in 42 games, 19 in a Tirpitz, lost just 1 of those. Then went to Hipper to get to Roon. Ezy peazy, liket it a lot

  2. Uploaded a minute ago! Earliest I’ve ever been to a Jingles video in all my years of viewership! Merry Christmas and Happy NewYear Jingles! I’m psyched for 2020!

  3. Lord Sir Jingles… thank you for this 31 minute break from the salt mines. It is a very nice Christmas gift from you

  4. Look at this, Jingles acting like he knows what he’s doing

  5. Imagine getting in a fight with a CV when you are a DD. Good Luck 😀

    • Climbed last 3 ranks on Loyang, met carriers 2 times. Won 1 of them, and the other one was really close.

    • It’s not really that bad. You cap extremely fast in this mode so unless you’re a British DD your smokes will last long enough to get both caps easily and you can just stall him out. It’s not very fun, but it’ll work so long as you don’t get horribly unlucky with rockets and bombs.

    • I played Kagero, had 4 or 5 fights with CVs, won all of these. I can close on him and fire torps before he can wear me down with rocket planes.

    • Ranked out in Akizuki (67% WR). Won 3 of 4 fights against CV, by points every time. Lost against a good player in Audacious.
      Won by a hair against a Graff: he killed me just after my 1000th point ticked.
      Those were the only reports I made during this ranked season… Fuck CVs…

  6. Tirpitz is the queen of 1v1 par with the Bismarck

    Graf Zeppelin secondary spec is also a challenge.

    • Mario Palencia Gutiérrez

      I only lost 5 games in GZ, and all of those were due to a mistake I made, the autopilot or an extremly smart DD.
      So… yeah, GZ was awesome to play.

    • @Mario Palencia Gutiérrez lol i can commiserate with you on the autopilot. The only ship i had issues with were tirpitz, but that was probably down to my play style, just couldn’t get enough damage before we met to take her down consistantly every time before she launched torpedoes. Always died to torps, if they didn’t have torps i won. Even had a french dd full speed yolo rush me die before they could get a good torp launch.

    • hipper/eugen says hello

    • @Franzur Massachusetts says, “Hello”

  7. After almost a week of no Jingles, hearing his voice is extremely comforting. What a good chap!

  8. “I have returned”
    -General Douglas MacArthur / TheMightyJingles

  9. With current state of the game, The grind from Hell aka the 2019 Holiday Event/Puerto Rico Grind I have found numerous reasons Not to play WoWs.

  10. Make sure you have a ram reduction flag running too lol

  11. Ahh, yes, Old Man can’t even do a vacation properly xD

  12. This video feels a lot like your tank/aircraft/ship reviews of old, the type of video most of us subscribed for, including those of us who don’t play these games.

  13. “…I’d already used up all my compliments, and none of my complaints”. I love those days in WoWS

  14. Jingles telling what skills to take with his 19 point captain.

    Me and my 10 point captain are not amused

    • If you were actually wondering, I would take PT, AR, BFT, Manual Fire. Manual Fire is going to be much more useful than the others, especially against other classes. AFT/IFHE is kind of more personal choice (I’d do AFT next though)

    • me and my lack of tirpitz are not amused, though my bismark as done me good stead, managed to even take out a few tirpitz you tried to yolo

  15. “Howdy folks, welcome too another episode of __________?”

  16. I’ve been struggling to gain credits for a long time. I’m saving up to get my GK, the only tier 10 I’ll have when I can afford it. I’m also fairly potato so when you gain 130k credits off of a loss, this ranked sprint is a win win. So much fun in my Bismarck.

  17. 5:51
    Top right, commander’s portrait.
    Jingles, you old weeb! Tis Prinz Eugen from Azur Lane.
    I approve.

  18. Hey Jingles!! Its been far too long,

    I when into surgery and when into a coma after surgery, its been almost a week since I came back, it gives me tears that i can watch your videos again without me flying to heaven and begging god to give me a PC.

    Thank you for give me strength, and I’ve been watch every video i missed.
    I AM BACK BABY!!!!!

  19. 5:52 AL Prinz Eugen detected, you old weeb, you.

  20. Somehow the phrase “He loves the sound of his own voice” comes to mind here.

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