World of Warships – Rank Amateur

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Yes Jingles, you’ve used this title before but I’m sure no-one will remember.

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 , GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution


  1. Jingles, if you ever consider visiting India, I hope you consider visiting the Partition Museum in Amritsar city, Punjab. It’s been recently built, and it has some fantastic history.

    • Branko Milicevic

      Why so much hate on India? Are all these morons porkistani’s still butthurt over India rapping them in multiple wars? Or just regular islamofascist that #cryeverytime Indian security forces go for some live fire excersises in Kashmir?

      What really gets me is how many westerners hate on India tho, which is one big LOL for me. The only way West can ballance against future China is with having a strong India on its side, the combined 600-700 million population of Europe and North America isn’t the whole fckng world, and the Sun doesn’t actually revolve around you.

      Funny how even in the darkest days of communism when Russia should’ve been supporting China, it actually supported India, realizing what was comming, and the West basically EVERY time supported Porkistan, the same one which is now being the North Vietnam of the Afghanistan war, supporting insurgents and rebels in that country against the West.

      I could go on and on how retarded the West is playing the Empire game these days, like how USA and UK invaded Iraq, destroyed a secular ruler of Iraq (which was also the regions counter-ballance for Iran, since lets face it, Saudi’s are IDIOTS and Iran will eat them for breakfast in the long run) then when it was over, the Chinese bought rather cheaply Iraqi oil industry, and Iranians turned Iraq into their puppet state. But hey you get the picture.

    • Jan-Niklas Riezler

      Yes I completely understand that 🙂 Oh and thankyou for being nice that’s rather rare on Youtube 🙂

    • “Hey Jingles, come visit India” “British people are arseholes” (hint: Jingles is British)

    • Try the trains then =D

  2. Jingles! You need a new intro for Warships, with the fancier sploadies.

  3. ThatAussieBloke

    but when the BBs push forward they don’t get support, how are you supposed to survive with 3 or 4 fires on your ship AFTER you used your damage con on the first3 or 4 fires?

    • Whenever I hear someone say “BBabies”, it’s a red flag that someone is just venting, so I’ll leave you to it. Just keep in mind that in ranked battles, interesting doesn’t matter. Winning does.

    • Except sniping in the back doesn’t win games. Only reason the conq placed as “high” as he did was because an inordinate amount of rewards are given to players based on damage alone.

    • Depends, in a Conquerer? Just let it burn and then heal back 2/3 of your max HP after. In other ships? Accept it’ll happen, let it happen, DC, heal, and focus on killing the fire spewing bastards with your cruisers and DDs while their DDs are left hanging in the wind when their cruisers bail upon realizing that they are about 1 to 2 reload cycles away from being deleted. You’re a battleship. You can soak that kind of damage. A DM or Zao or Hindie cannot. Moskva maybe. Soviet stronk.

    • WG should drop every BB’s max distance shot by like say 5km not game breaking but if a camping 20km BB sudde ly needs 16km to shoot a cruiser they can be more inclined to move up a little closer than they usually do.

    • *Funny that eh?* You’d think someone _Claiming_ to been from the RN for more than 2 years…

      Would understand basic Navy positioning or tactics eh?
      (or in a “TEAM” based game it isn’t all about one kind of unit esp if the other 2/3 don’t help)

  4. Dutch final exam English is coming up, so what is the best way to practice reading ?

    Well, I guess I could just turn subtitles on.

  5. My God that Conqueror…

  6. The fundamental problem is that only damage is rewarded in world of warships. So this is a design problem. And that is why we have camping and damage farming battleships. Nothing else is truly rewarded.

    • This statement is pure horseshit. As of update 7.4, I tested the new economy. Yueyang deals 60k to DDs and spots, and I deal 130k in Conq and earn high calliber. He came first, I came second. I love how its rewarding his good teamplay. If you still struggle, it’s not because of the game. It’s because you’re unskilled. Cheers.

    • You wanna know why battleships aren’t close-in brawling? They don’t have to be. Secondaries are hardly worth anything, and you can’t swing your guns around quickly. Why not use that range advantage instead. In a T4 game, where battleships don’t have a 20Km range, there are fewer support consumables, and every ship is a bit awkward, you see a lot more battleship brawling and tanking. Because that’s the kind of play style that gets encouraged emergently by game feel.

    • Devin Aschenbrenner

      World of Warships needs an award system like War Thunder where every little thing you do to help the team win shows ups on your screen, shows up in chat, and tells you just how much xp you’ve gained. War Thunder is good at encouraging the role your supposed to be doing while playing a game. Plus it tells you how much active time you spent in battle and rewards you for that as well.

    • I don’t know about that. My highest XP games always seem to have at least 2 of the following:

      Damage against ships specifically of equal or higher tier
      Spotting damage
      Captured/Defended ribbons
      A large number of hits (regardless of damage)
      A variety of ribbons (at least 6 different types)

      The raw damage total helps, but even without it, I make a good profit with at least 2 of those
      criteria fulfilled – a huge profit if I get 3 or more. Obviously, I don’t know WG’s formula for XP,
      I’ve just noticed this from playing.

    • FlintTD I think that has more to do with other ships having less range as well. If you go close in in a BB in tier X, you can be quite sure that two thirds of the enemy team has you in range. Also many BBs simply aren’t that good at actual brawling in the first place. Japanese are a mixed bag, high tier americans really aren’t, french aren’t really, high tier brits also really aren’t. They are all better off at medium range where it is not so easy for the opponent to either yolo ram you or get an angle at your broadside. Also most BBs don’t benefit from close range with their support consumables. Only the germans have hydro, only the Missouri has radar, all others have catapult fighters and spotter planes – clearly not consumables that work at close range.

  7. How many times do we need to go over how the game should be played, the first month of lunch people where playing it properly after that…. No.

    • And I thought red line Heavies and 3 Arty Players/Team are bad. I’ll don’t know if I ever touch WoWs (:

    • Agreed, BBs ~16km from nearest BBs supporting Cruisers who stay ~12km from BBs and 6 to 8 km from their Cruisers, and DDs / CLs and CHs do the up front work to trade positions when their Cruisers are all destroyed, then move up on their BBs with Cruisers further back. It isn’t hard.

      Then we get entitled ass’nomes that only mostly play Cruisers or specific DDs crying about the BBs not throwing away their ships for having learned they cannot trust _These_ kinds of players as the narrator.

  8. BeastOfAustraliasEast

    well, the conqueror is British and what do British do best … stake their claim to every island that comes into their line of sight to conquer new lands and it was shown to be true in this Ranked Replay. dam it brits

    • BeastOfAustraliasEast

      keep the great videos coming jingles love your ambition and persistence , no one else can match it 🙂

  9. speedyturtle 228

    make it so that if a battleship has more than 50% of their health left after a game they get a cowards medal

  10. that wetbrain in the Conquerer is exactly why I stopped playing ranked. I played up until rank 14(?), and the stupid in battle becomes so overwhelming its not even funny anymore 🙁

  11. In slight defence of Conqueror players. Conquerors are really not a good ship to have in the front lines. They are just too squishy and get taken apart by cruiser main batteries and DD torpedo’s. Now I am a relatively aggressive player in my Conqueror and it is a fine line between being too timid or aggressive and generally, I end up being generally the latter than the former, I often feel that I have been a waste to the team.

    My guess with the Conqueror turning side on to the is he wanted to bring the rear guns to be bare, take out the Moskva quickly, heal the damage back up, also avoid any situation where the Moskva could ram him. Of course I could be completely wrong.

    • Catalin Raducan

      lol, nobody believes that. Dont play that crap. All conqueror players are chicken shits.

    • Just because you died at a Conquerors hands once too often doesn’t mean you need to be grump about it 😛

    • Well I just played exactly how Jingles subscribed and I have say, I survived, our team won and I was the luckiest player alive (that and the enemy were stupid). Playing Hotspot, followed our Minotaur to A (Our DD near A went to B). Got torpedo’d pretty early, stayed just south of the cap. Was wrecked by a Magami, used heal but chased him off, broadsided a side on Montana (and got 2 cits), had a fight with a Alsace (accompanied by a Yueyang, was forced to retreat, Burned the Alsace with HE but had to used heal and was under constant fire from the Yueyang, who just burned me. Should have died but Alsace stopped shooting at me, managed to heal, with around 4k health left (now down to 30k health, Yueyang continues to burn me but again stops, when I am on 3k damage). I continue running away, by this time our team has got the enemy down to 3 ships, Friendly Yueyang kills enemy Yueyang (I had taken the Yueyang down to half health (Using AP (originally meant for Magami but ship hiding around island).

      In the end did 94k damage (not much for a Conqueror) and 1 kill (Alsace). Thought I was going to die on 41k damage (a bit premiture), 67K damage (really should have been killed) and 90k damage (why the Yueyang didn’t finish me off, I will never know).

      So yes, you can play a Conqueror up with cruisers but you need a hell of a lot of luck and there is a higher then 60-70% that you will die very quickly.

    • Eduardo Elipe When people read comments they tend to cherry pick and insert words were it is needed for whatever reason. Of course not all who read the comments will, yet a huge percentage do.
      The Conqueror style, at least for me, is stick-n-run….shoot-n-scoot then again I am not a unitard, or even a very good player, so it’s best to ignore me and laugh it off…………………………
      Battle On!

    • For me it is just sad what WG did with the RN BBs… On the other hand, the apparently unappealing French BBs, with the same crap protection vs HE and troll guns, are way more interesting. They are far from OP, like having reality distortion devices lowering their concealment under equivalent tier cruisers by default (looking at you RN BB stupid concealment) and make you think and exploit positional flaws on the opposition thanks to their only unique weapon, speed (which the RN BBs lack).

      A few days ago on a t9 game with my Ricelieu I pushed a flank just behind our friendly DDs (first bonus point: I diverted enemy tops to this almost empty flank which I could easily dodge) but did not overextend. Got to position, managed to start exploiting enemy broadsides (that is what you have to do in order to compensate for troll guns) and managed, thanks to my aggressive off side position, to create a crossfire on the enemy with a friendly Lion (still in base, of course) so I ping and request for him to push because we have tactical advantage on the enemy, the closer he gets, the harder we both would hit the opponents. His reply: Go fuck yourself.

      And that summarizes how most, not all but most, RN BB players behave: Sit at the back waste their tanking capabilities, and spam HE. And the saddest part is that since the RN BB introduction, I somehow see more and more Montanas or Yamatos (and countless North Carolinas) firing HE, salvo after salvo…

      You find joy on RN BBs, perfect, but please do support your team, by exploiting your 2 biggest OPness aspects: Reconstruction (not just heal) and concealment to get close and get better shots, or disengage with care, I mean, you do not need care to disengage, because, no citadel…

      And last but not least, think how cancerous is the bloody HE spam of RN BBs in regards to one tiny detail: secondaries and AA platforms: It is not fun, rather frustrating, to be on your Montana (national flavor: aa) and be completely stripped out of Bofors and Oerlikons in a couple of unavoidable HE salvos from the retardedly OP 419 RN guns (or are you using the 457, don’t think so…) It is not fun, till the point that I generally do not take AFT on any BB with good AA (except for Richelieu) but Manual AA if I want to buff it, or protect allies, because, in practice, Bofors and Oerlikons do nothing after the first 2 HE Conqueror salvos. And there is no game mechanic to repair these.

  12. Swiss Army Knight

    He was colonizing that island, obviously.

  13. LMAO at 15:12 in chat you can see “your report has been submitted” hahahahahaha guess he didnt like that Conqueror

    • Conquerors are just damage whores and are utterly useless most of the time.

    • ArmchairWarrior

      conker players cant even try out the 457s without being yelled at for not using top shelf weapons.

    • I don’t care, I run the 457s anyways even if is makes the job more difficult for me. I just can’t play with the noobish 419 automatic flamethrowers…

    • No… it doesn’t. someone doesn’t play this game apparently. It will show you if post match if you receive multiple reports, or you can look at your ‘karma’ rating to see if it has risen or fallen, but there is no notification for anyone in chat, other than the message when YOU report/compliment.

    • There is a report notification only if you recieved a report from more than 1 player in one game. I they gave you only one report, it won’t tell you in the notifications.

  14. Everything was going fine for me in Ranked until I reached rank 10. There are so many bad T10 players out there its crazy. I almost made it to rank 8 when I suddenly had a series of bad games and went back down to Rank 10… I have given up.

  15. April WhiteMouse

    Jingles, stop. I’m going to need facial reconstructive surgery from the amount of facepalming this video inspired.

    • My hands are so wrecked due to facepalms, and I need some ice, pronto

    • (LOL!) Well…how about a +1 to you both @April WhiteMouse & @Aditya Sagraha?
      Here ya go. Did it help at least a little?

    • Agreed. *the amount of self-entitled douche’fag’idness in this video that an SJW would call being “Toxic” , made me almost physically sick to listen to.*

      _”TEAM” Based game ya Nome. BBs with all the AP nerfs can only do so much alone._

  16. Who should push?


    Also keep this in mind. If you like to scream at the BBs for camping, please help those of them that try to push. It happend far too many time that I’ve pushed in a BB just to be left all alone up front without help just to read in chatt “Our BBs are camping the back.”

    • The rules on BB pushing are simple.

      1. Indicate that you are willing to do so. You can do it in chat or you can do it with your relatively forward positioning. Being a secondary-build BB helps a lot with people inferring your intent, as well as playing at a higher tier (more experienced teammates).
      2. Observe your teammates and determine if they are *capable* of acting on your push.
      3. Figure out when you won’t be subject to a push-cancelling move from the opposing team, such as a crossfire or a DD in a non-bow position (torps).

      Most people who push as a BB and find themselves isolated do it without checking the position and health of their teammates. In fact, most people do plays without regards to their team, expecting them to “pick up the slack.” This is just lazy tactical play.

    • Devin Aschenbrenner

      Stratego89 theres a difference between tanking and getting slaughtered. And not every bb is built for brawling either. Some are better at the long range game and some are better at the short range game. I shouldn’t have to sit alone in a cap because im a Battleship and can take it. I need team work around me. Yes its a battleships job to tank most of the damage but I can’t do everything. And you also want to keep your bbs alove so the can tank later. I need cursers for supporting fire and dds to spot potential flanking moves. I’m sick and tired of starting push with a couple of teammates only for them to bail when I’m at the point of no return. That shit happens in almost every god damn game at some point. The rarity of a competent team is high. And your lying if you say its not. And no I dont sit back and farm damage I’m just tried of being lead to the slaughter

    • Devin Aschenbrenner Given the circumstances, just don’t plan any pushes that require more than a single collaborator. It’s relatively easy to find one person who will work with you. It’s another to find two of them in the same game, let alone the same general flank.

      If the enemy has a 3+ ship push in random battle, consider them lucky and you unlucky. Play conservatively until there is an actual opportunity – at least with stall tactics you can give your other flanks a fighting chance.

    • On the occasions where I do play a BB in Ranked, I do what I can to push. Unfortunately more often than not there are no fewer than 3 DDs on the enemy team and the absence of additional support means I’m the big fat juicy target of choice for all those torpedoes. But in a game like this? God damn man, I’d have been right up there doing what I enjoy doing most in a BB. Brawling!

    • Devin Aschenbrenner

      Rufei i just don’t push anymore if Im not playing with friends who I know will back me because we are all in a voice chat. And on the rare chances Im in a random with a team that pushes as a unit I will get into the fight and help with the push. I just don’t start them anymore.

  17. Jingles goes and says to a Conq player “this is what it takes to get to this rank…..” everyone goes and do it now…..bye bye ranked sanity if I had any left in the 1st place

    • Andreas Müller

      And not even getting started on the idiots who go into ranked with A-Hulls or without camo …

    • Jeremy Vanauken

      Andreas Müller Or IJN DDs that think they’re gunboats…or any DD that smokes up 5km from an enemy DD and sits still in the smokescreen…

    • Andreas Müller

      Jeremy well there is a certain IJN DD that most definetly IS a Gunboat (she even gets two bigger sisters sometime this year).

    • what is ranked sanity? Can you eat it?

    • Naw, that’s already known by those who have a conq and play it that way. No reason to blame Jingles for simply stated what we all already know. It’s sad how many can get to something like the conq without knowing how to team play, but that’s a different story.

  18. If you ever visit Iowa, it’s ” d uh M OY N ” not ” Dee Meens”

  19. As much as that Conqueror player seems to not know what he’s doing, he actually appears to be a really good player, borderline unicum. 11 Tier X ships and good to unicum stats in just about all of them.

    Then again, the game does tend to emphasize damage and the like. So maybe that’s why.

    • Petrus Sillanpää

      Stats tell nothing. I have seen this player in randoms and haven’t been terribly impressed by his play to put it politely.

      Also having Tier X ships don’t say much else that he has time to spend on the game. I have few TXs and i’m very casual player.

  20. I HATE playing BBs. I always try to do the right thing and go out front, only to die from fires and withering fire from dpm cruisers cause no else supports me.

    • Agreed. Then them Self-Entitled kids and old nomes that _Don’t_ play BBs if at all then cry about “Camping BBs in the Back” after said players stopped throwing their ships away cuz said Nomes and other entitled Cruiser or Destroyer mains wouldn’t _SUPPORT THEIR BBS_ who pushed right.

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