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Took out Yueyang in ranked and considered all the comments left in my Tier 10 rank recommendation. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier X Pan-Asian Yueyang Replay – Discord Server


  1. Notser where did you get the national flag ?

  2. Play on EU Server and you will Cry. Doesn´t matter what Ship or Build. Your team will always Screw up somewhere…..

    • And i bet you let them know to.

    • minh khang tran

      TBH, the only way to deal with that in this game, is for you to pulled your own weight. For my experience, only you can know your own choice, only you can be sure to deal significant impact given the right circumstand, and only you will prevent yourself from being the same guy you’re screaming at for being incompetent.

  3. hey notser, glad to see you climbing up the ranks that fast:) keep up the good work

  4. Yup wish I had a chance to grind this out before ranked, oh well.

  5. Hey Noster, though I don’t get any T10 for ranks this season(still a new player only play for few months),
    Yueyang that I met in random are quite strong with that rader, gun, and hull much better than Gearing.

    And thank again for putting on that nation flag : )

  6. “Run Notser, be free” rofl’d

  7. I’ve found it also sits lower in the water, unlike gearing it doesn’t seen to get punished as much by B.B. ap

  8. Great video as always. Could you do an updated video on your video settings? I have everything on max and best I pull is 61fps. My computer does not even break a sweat at max so I am curious to what your settings are. Thanks.

  9. Surface spotted Notser. Let’s not further encourage lazy communication. But I’m sure people understand what “spotted” means given we have other names for different spotting modes. Hydro, radar, plane spotted etc. Let’s stop this body spot nonsense please?

  10. sigh… the secret of yueyang has been unraveled. time to expect more radar yueyang in ranked. Great vid notser. One thing I beg to differ tho is I would opt for BFT for maximizing firepower on my 28 secs radar.

  11. I’m stopping the video at 12:45 my win strat from here is to throw the now loaded torps at the yamato, hit or not move to A and cap 2 to 1 cap advantage vs 2 slow BB’s with a 120 points advantage win guaranteed. Wondering how Notser will make this harder for himself than it needs to be. Lets hit play and see how that goes?

    • Well almost spot on.. only difference, I wouldn’t have fire on the Yamato, secondaries could have taken you out if the zao got insta killed or just missed his shots.

  12. Great vid, lays out the tactics & map-thinking really well. It’s sometimes frustrating for us mid-level average players when– instead of giving a hand– too many good or experienced players just cuss people out after the fact. They’re good at doing what they do, but not at making the other players better.

    As I try to point out to them, scolding strangers doesn’t teach them anything new or better. As you even you admitted in this game as an advanced player, the fear is real. Newby-Fear plus being ranted/ mocked at will often just mean brain-freeze, confusion, derps, and frustration for all.

    TEACH, lead by example, warn & help as best you can. It’s very pleasant to fall in with equal-level players who just instinctively know what’s needed next, but that’s not how a FTP MMORPG works. Salt and tantrums and sneering doesn’t make you or them better. Just sayin’.

    WOWS & WOT: “Raging Poodles”

  13. 15:55, the second you switched back to your guns, was the second that Republique knew you fired your torpedoes. Wouldn’t say it was a newbie mistake, but it’s something any competent DD and BB captain should know by now.

    • Glad I wasn’t the only one thinking this. If you have no plans on firing your guns, but you are trying to score torpedo hits, there is no reason to give them any more of an advantage by allowing competant players to use their Priority Target indicator to potentially guage when a DD fired torps.

    • Before he fired those torps, he kept switching back and forth between guns and torps. The enemy republique wouldn’t have known when he sent his torps because the counter would have kept changing from 1 to none.

    • Not really, he kept the switches between spaced out indicating either a launch or gauging vector, in fact, it might have given the Republique even more desire to turn in sooner, making torp hits even harder. I think you can even tell when he switches once or twice the Repub starts slowing down, then speeds back up, when he finally switched back to actually torp, the Repub just straight up turns in. Why? Because he fired one set, you can gauge approximately how long until his next salvo if you know how long a YY torp reload is. Sure enough, at 16:08, approximately 8 seconds after he switches back to guns, the Repub starts turning a bit harder into his direction.

      It’s just advice, especially after you’ve given away your reload cooldown, you might want to just stick to torp vector instead of guns back and forth.

  14. Im almost to the chung mu but I wont have this in time. Unless I spent alot of money that is.

  15. Drvnwolf Wolfie

    I will take my YueYang over Gearing anyday. Love mine and I love the setup.

  16. I really want to get to Yueyang. I’ve just not been having a good time with the T5 and T6 in the PA DD line, so it has been a slow slog.

  17. Good on ya, Notser for coming around on the usefiullness of RPF. It is too expensive, IMO, but it is quite useful in certain situations, as you showed in the vid. It takes a real man to admit they could be wrong, proud of ya, sir.

  18. This is exactly why I am getting so frustrated in ranked look at all the ships that did not leave B and then they want your DD to come back, as I tell the players every game that I have lost in.THIS IS A CAPTURE GAME YOU CANNOT WIN HOLDING ONE CAP STOP CAMPING IN ONE CAPTURE POINT!

  19. Richard Strickland

    Never underestimate the ability of your team to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

  20. Taiwan dd ^^

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