World of Warships – Rank Returns

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Rank has returned and I take out the Republique into a interesting situation against multiple Battleships. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier X French Republique Replay – Discord Server


  1. hey notser!

  2. Great uploading, can you do your top 10 ships?

  3. maybe you could do a video with top 10 most FUN ships to play

  4. As stupid as it sounds ive always played my Rep with the secondary build , im interrested to know what would be the alternative build as recently ive not enjoyed the full secondary version

  5. It was a good death!

  6. I don’t know if it’s because of the Steel, but knock on wood, I feel like I’m getting hugely improved teammates this season. I’m stressed far less than I normally am.

  7. Locked out of rank because i don’t have any tier 10 ships.  Why have tier 10 start so early in the progression?Don’t think i lost any matches in my tier 8 portion.  Just wish i could keep going some more.

  8. why not a secondary build in ranked ?

  9. This season is worse than previous

  10. Ranked is back and it’s pure cancer as always. Stars should be awarded based on everyone’s performance, not just the luck of getting a decent team.

    • CynicallyObnoxious

      I got to 1 star with in 9 then plummeted I kid you not. These people know theyre terrible but ya know WG has to make sure ranked is inclusive etc. I had a Groz 35%er and avg 18k damage. People need to realize just because you can doesnt mean that you should

  11. Hey notzer! Could you do a top 10 most fun premium ships? I think this would be very helpful for choosing which premium to get!

    • Devin S I think that’s a great idea, but its very subjective. For example, Notser might choose more DDs since he likes DDs. My personal favorite premium is probably the Scharnhorst 🙂

  12. I mentioned this last season: we need more than 30 seconds for 7 unfamiliar players to form a battle strategy. I believe 45-60 seconds gives everyone a chance to load in and flesh out a plan if for any reason present a good offense/defense.

    • 20 minutes is good enough honestly. However, most teammates are jackasses. I’ve tried to formulate plans and well…

  13. to me the frustrating part of Ranked is still that teamwork & strategery are underutilized, so many times all a Ranked battle is just a smaller version of Random. Also in my office when a junior/rookie staffer does something dumb or screws up the lunch run we call it “pulling a Notser.”

  14. This game is the biggest pile of crap i ever downloaded, couldn’t uninstall this pile of shit fast enough

  15. No T 10 ships. I ranked out in 7 games.

  16. Eustace Stritchers

    I can get maybe five battles in before I am out of the Ranked because I just never had the time to get a Tier 10. Wargaming seems determined to punish people for not having the time to play the way they want us to, putting Base Experience requirements on all the missions to render Premium irrelevant and putting such stiff restrictions on participating in almost everything now. It is as if the only thing you are allowed to do is play Randoms as a T10. T8s are welcome only to keep queue times short and give the T10s easy targets.

    • Yup, we do love our T8 snacks. But you get bonus exp for your sacrifices and totally can hurt us!

    • Eustace Stritchers

      Michael H  Hehe. I would not mind so much if they gave more love to the other tiers. Ranked with Tier 6 was just plain fun and now, it is mostly missions and game modes focused on the T10s, be it clan battles or legendary modules to name a few. Heck, most of the campaigns are now T8+ required, which means you will be fighting T10s more than half the time under the present MM. Meh.

    • CynicallyObnoxious

      They also seem hell bent on punishing people who have a good WR by pairing them with ppl who dont have even have 50 games at t10 and barely can do 40%

    • +Eustace Stritchers yeah t6 ranked was so fun

  17. Just went completely broke trying to get a harugumo :/

  18. What do you mean spend money to change it, there’s free captain respect and the secondary module is cheap

  19. Ranked is a joke because no one has a ranking. You can lose 30 matches in a row and never drop if you’re at irrevocable point.

    • CynicallyObnoxious

      Elo/bracketing would punish those 40% bare min dmg players thats why WG wont do it they want ranked to be inclusive and it fucking sucks

  20. I always take the Ramming flag on my yamato, trolls the hell outa people who expect to take you down but only kill themselves haha

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