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Discussing my rank so far, certain meta trends and general feelings on this season. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier X Pan-Asian Yueyang Replay – Discord Server


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  3. Eustace Stritchers

    Personally, I have had the strange situation where I am personally doing fine, usually first or second on my team, but darned if I cannot actually get wins. A dozen battles and not gained a rank. Yet, I am not actually frustrated as I am making good credits and experience and the gameplay is just so much less stressful than Random.

    • Eustace Stritchers I feel the same way. With my stats, I should be unicum. My winrate is only holding me back, and unless I division or sealclub, I rely on randoms to help contribute to the win.

    • Sometimes that happens and it’s so frustrating, but the income usually compensates. I find that it tends to happen to me when I get high damage numbers but forget to head for the objective (capturing bases, etc.). Can’t get greedy.

      Of course, there are times that it’s the team as well but most of the time it’s me.

    • Eustace Stritchers

      Ironically, being an HSF Harekaze driver with 100mm guns, I have the opposite happen where I spend most of my time taking a couple of capture points and not getting to do a lot of actual damage. I might do 20k damage in a good game, mostly against DD trying to steal my flags. One might say that I am too concerned with captures, but I can definitely say that we lose faster when I go off trying to farm damage rather than contest the caps as I do.

    • Eustace, I know where you’re coming from. But to take it to an even greater extreme, play a Kidd in t8 ranked. You can dominate enemy DDs in almost any 1v1 duel (except perhaps vs an Akizuki), and grab caps all day. But in the end, you’re reliant on your team because you don’t have the alpha strike to seriously damage any heavies. So if your team’s heavies aren’t getting the job done, you’re up a creek without a paddle.

      I had this happen a few times last season, so this season, I decided to leave the Kidd in port and play DDs that had some decent alpha potential. The Harekaze is good for this, plus with the B hull and the right captain, you’re able to hold your own in a DD duel. So is the Akizuki, due to the torp reload booster. I ended up using the Akizuki to push through to rank 10 with considerable success.

  4. My ranked experience so far has been annoying at best. DD’s on my team have been the most frustrating. They lack any courage to push, forcing BB’s CA/CL’s to push forward into danger against torpedo strikes while they sit back and watch. Sick of it.

    • I’m having the exact opposite problem. As a DD main, I can’t even tell you how many games I’ve had in ranked this year where my support ships run at the first sign of resistance…again, and again, and again. I’m equally sick of it.

  5. im just stuck at 15 , im playing on average 10 games a day and i end my session at exactly the same rank as when i started , i dont really have the ships id like to use ie Benson or LoYang and i feel like i cant force something to happen when im using the Kuto or the Takao , i finish every match 1st or 2nd but if the others on the team are just camping and dying theres nothing i can do about it , i really wanted to get to sub 10 as ive pretty much got every t10 in the game now just no credits left to purchase any of the useful 8’s

    • I play first thing in the morning ( EU Server ) I find the more accomplished players and less of the campers . I do 1 rank a day and leave it there . I am not going to stress myself . we have plenty of time 🙂 Good Luck Commander 🙂

    • Might help if you wait a bit, maybe? In tier VI Ranked Battles, the range of player skill was so wide that late in the season you could easily tell all the good players had already moved up. You might have more influence if that happens.

    • Yea i think this is what im going to , wait till the last 2 weeks and then hit it hard and see where i finish up

    • It took me 3 days and 40 battles in Alabama (only ship I played in ranked) to get to rank 10. Last 8 games I lost only 1

  6. something in current year

    Funny how one CC is calling this season “great so far, pretty much stress free”, while others call it “the worst season ever” for reasons such as using T10 or R10 being irrevocable.

    • amen to that last point – I only have the Amagi and simply cannot put two wins together. On the EU server
      DDs seem thin on the ground and lots of BBs well to the southwest “sigh”. CAs quite rare too.

    • I try to not worry about something I have no control over, I believe this is the key difference between myself and others. Whining about a season won’t change it, just gather the feedback and let WG know what you think worked and didn’t.

    • As bb it is a very stressfull season. So many dds

    • I found that the quality of players really depends on the time of day for ranked. When kids are at school or sleeping late night/early morning are the best times to play. During the day its nothing but potatoes.

    • Bran Tse Mallory

      Notser, while the feedback is all well and good what do you think you are doing to help the community? Nothing other than pander to those players who live at the high tiers while many players are still fighting in T8 ranked matches yet you and the rest of the so called CC’s just focus on getting to R1.

      The community is everyone, not just T10 players.

  7. im not creative enough to put a name

    Love your positive vibes

    Keep it up man (:

    • I agree, I get so sick and tired of other CCs just bitching and whining all the time “cough cough Flamu cough”… Flamu knows his shit for sure but he’s so negative. Life’s too short to sit and listen to that guy…

  8. Hey Notser if you look in your profile under ranks you can see the rewards but ya umm rank 4 = Hydro 3 = Radar and 2 = Engine boost

  9. Glad you are having fun Notser 🙂 and I agree when you get in to a ranked battle with CV’s they do lead the game and can be very powerful . about 1 in 3 games on the EU server have CV’s .. so AA builds are common 🙂 good luck getting to Rank 1 🙂

  10. I welcome a CV change. I want to be able to play all 4 classes and I would like to see a significant growth of CV players. I hope the “ReWork” will be Battlestations: Pacific style of play.

    • play030 for thoughs of us that love cv right now we are not looking forward to it. We like our rts.
      I think what killed the cv was the whinnyness of the player base that is so toxic to cv players.
      I can only hope they do a great job because I have a 19 point captain and a Midway.

    • I wonder if it’s possible to preserve that gameplay in a different game mode?

    • Jerry Glaze I also didn’t mind the RTS but I think that they would have had to scale it back so much that it just wouldn’t be the same. In order to make the skill level somewhat doable I think they would have had to get rid of strafing. The loadouts would have been the same most likely the only difference would have been the way the planes look. Just my thoughts I may be wrong but we need a strong and robust CV population. If the game wants to grow it has to appeal to a wider audience.

    • play030 I can only hope the game play is great and not just boring like trying to play t5 and 6 cv which is boring now.
      If it is great game play the players will still complain about cv. I hate cv I hate cv but I love how I can one shot anything.
      I still say it was the toxic player base that distroyed it.
      We will find out soon.

    • Gerry Glaze I would argue it the Developers complete incompetence and general lack of interest in managing the class (development of new ship lines, balancing and so forth) that has destroyed the class.

  11. not to mention clan battles is like bringing 8 yr olds on a field trip. And the kiddies who get angry about losing or yada, yada… I always tell them if a game gets you this angry then go take up knitting or something. Games are made to be fun… I enjoy the game… I stopped playing ranked on weekends for that reason..

  12. Cristina Vuscan

    Ranked battles are annoying at best… the rewards are deffinetly not worth it … beside I find the ranked system very bad. I am playing World of Warships to have fun and enjoy my free time spent in front of a PC not to deal with 6 other team mates frustrations, who dont listen and dont wanna play as a team or they wanna show you they are the “alpha males” or AFK teammates. And because your team mates sucks you are being punished. I find the Ranked Games system garbage.

  13. Messinezi Productionz

    How would you feel for players that dont have tierX ships yet and could only reach rank 2 last season or rank 10 now? Is it fair?

    • thedarkone123123

      If you don’t have a t10 ship in your dock, I don’t mind you not playing in top ranks. Should be a prerequisite for all ranked seasons to have at least on t10 ship.

    • I play since december and have 3 Tier 10 ships and several on tier 9 that just need some more xp for the last strech. It’s not that hard if you focus on one or 2 ships at a time.

    • I don’t like it very much. I feel like WG’s number of 95% of player who get to R10 have a T10 ship is false. But even if it is true, most of the time people only have one or two T10 ships that may not be good for ranked. For example, I’d rather bring a Z-52 to ranked instead of a Kurfurst because of the impact I have.

    • In the time since last season, I managed to grind 5 different lines to T10. Granted, I play a lot, but I can’t imagine there a lot of people good enough to have gotten to the single-digits last season who couldn’t have made it to T10 for this season.

    • Trains 4 Our Kids

      You didn’t need a Tier 10 to reach rank 1 last season…

  14. Another typical Notser video. Can we get just one video where you communicate more than just how good you think you are in dds? Are you a cc or is this just an ego trip for you?
    Always seem to trash battleships, cruisers and whatever but anything he does is great.
    You have lost your way Notser. What happened to the communicator you were a year ago? You used to discuss the game not just smell your own farts.
    Get over yourself, come back down to earth and talk about the game again.

    • Then we have the little faggot complaining on youtube about a CC speaking about a formula that works in ranked instead of the typical bullshit BB player that FXPs up a line to camp the back like a moron. Good luck with that.

    • What are you talking about? DDs are the most impactful type left that actually sees play with CVs on life support, that is a fact. Sharing actual experiences while playing isn’t trashing other types. Cruisers are the best ships for saving stars, they can’t decide the outcome like DDs but are great for protecting a star. BBs are sort of stuck being reliant on others for success and that is a huge downside for rank because you can’t count on others to play correctly. I’m not jerking myself off about how awesome I am, just because I have enjoyed rank doesn’t mean I’m dominating and so awesome.

      I just try to channel positive thoughts and find fun in the journey, it is okay to enjoy yourself even if your team isn’t succeeding.

    • BB’s are trash and no longer relevant. Thank wargaming for that. They’ll make sure cv’s go the same way since they’re so strong now. And with the game filling with dd’s, can’t wait to see what they do to them. They have no concept of how to balance. It’s like watching a company balance an MMO. New favorite class each few months. DD’s are cancer now like battleships used to be. Absolute cancer for enjoyment unless you play a DD. Even having switched to cruiser, I still download custom music for my torpedo alert because I want to listen to good music in the game. And torpedoes are everywhere 100% of the time. If less than 20 torps are in the water the dd’s are sleeping or watching edgelord youtube videos.

    • Yeah I agree, DD’s do tend to be the most impactful ship type and I don’t have any problems with that. I am pointing out however a trend of your content over time. You have shifted from analysing and communicating the game in a helpful way to some kind of ego stroking personally biased nonsense. Yes, you do have some good points from time to time but you seem to be falling into a personality trap. You can do better, I know you can.

    • Sean Harris You must be such a social butterfly. I am sorry for the people around you.

  15. NA sounds like heaven being stuck in the Asia server is hell, little to no communication, at least 4 battleships a team and I’m at rank 12 it shouldn’t be this way, but it’s world of passiveships here. :c

  16. I watched Flamu trying to get anywhere in Ranked but he got stuck at 10 so even really good players have problems as you aren’t better then your team.

    Personally I had a horrible day and got nowhere but the next day I sat down and only played North Carolina and got to Ranked 10 in no time. Won my first Rank 10 match and hope I can continue this trend but won’t hold my breath. 🙂

  17. This is only my 2nd ranked season and it’s been utterly miserable. I guess it’s ok for an Unicum level player, but for the rest of us it’s pretty horrible. I’m a DD main, and the radar isn’t just something to contend with, it’s nonstop and unevenly applied. I just came from yet another game where the other team had 2 radar ships and my team had none. And this is the third such game today, and only once in the past week has the MM given my side radar ships and the other side none. Once you hit Rank 10, there’s really no incentive to go further if you’re only average to above average.

  18. so…
    “I hated the smoke screen meta – Im soooo glad its gone”
    “I hate CVs – I think its fantastic that I never see them anymore”


    “Radar meta is super strong in this years ranked battle… but because I rely on/abuse this meta myself everyone should just live with it”

    a bit hypocritical dont ya think?

    • I get the CV hate in NA because you literally see them like 1 in 10 games if that so when you do see them they can just dominate because no one puts any points into aa

    • I think the radar meta is way more interesting to play then either heavy smoke meta or CV dominated queues. Spoiler alert, I play DDs and CVs hard counter me so it isn’t fun to be hunted down without any response

    • There is no hard counter to you. That’s what you’re missing. There is NONE. And yes smoke was horrible. It was also an absolutely stupid game mechanic on the whole. As is radar.

  19. My first time playing ranked its been fun but man some players get sooo upset. Totally agree de-stress is good.

  20. Concise informative vid thanks for sharing, and indeed, the ego of Z-52 is clearly challenged by the Yueuang! I like your open mind Notser in which only a few videos back you (and I) thought Z-52 is the kind of ranked and then you show us that you (and I) were wrong in that idea. I also agree that the most important aspect of any game is to have fun. Life is short, enjoy stress-free games. That is what they are supposed to do to take stress away instead of give you more stress/complaints.

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