World of warships – Ranked battles A GOOD BB SUPPORT

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Welcome welcome welcome ladies and gentlemen
Step right up step right up and welcome to ONCE IN A LIFETIME show
Where I show you A GOOD SUPPORT player.
Sounds crazy right?


  1. Hey flambass

  2. The funny thing about the three BBs from last game is they weren’t bad players, they just made bad plays. I checked their stats after I made that comment on your last vid, one of them was rather good and the other two were also on the better half of the playerbase. None were what you’d call a potato. They just all potatoed.

  3. yea, he’s such a good player, even RNG makes his shell grouping perfect whenever he pulls the trigger…

    • Pudding yeah you can go from a very good game to complete garbage if your shells just disagree at key moments

    • RepaleoN Halo which is why I’ve gone from brawling with my BBs to annoying everyone with CA/CL/DD

    • RepaleoN Halo thats the only problem with the game, way too much RNG I’d rather it be angling your ship speed and so on to decide how many shells you hit lol

  4. Invite that Montana guy into your clan! Or at the very least offer him a few games in a division on a Sunday Funday. 😉

  5. I mentioned in chat at the time but just incase you didn’t see it, report/compliment system only registers the first one. Multi reports or compliments to a single player in a round just wastes them.

    • Two different compliments (e.g. “plays well” and “good manners”) count as only one as well?

    • The system will only register the first one. If you go “Plays Well” it won’t register “Good Manners”. It’s the same for reports so spamming “Plays Poorly” then going for AFK and Abuse is wasting 2 reports.

      Most auto report systems work this way from games to YT to Facebook. It’s to cut down risk of mass reporting and abuse of the system.
      Worth mentioning that !raffle command on Twitch streams also only registers once so next time Flambass has a raffle on the go no need to spam the chat :p

  6. In Actis Esto Volucris

    OMG CRY WHINE OMG MOAN OMG CRY MOAN CRY WHINE OMG OMG,life and sound track of flambass

    • In Actis Esto Volucris ok, you’ve peaked my interest and I’ve nout better to do. Does that selective reading thing you have goin on come naturally to you or did you have to train yourself? I mean its a true gift I’ve only seen from the flat earthers at that level.

      You take the time to post an opinion that you later try and pass off as some sort of hard truth. Someone who disagrees with that opinion points out you do have the option of just not watching the videos or turning the sound off BUT you decide in your little head they are some butt hurt millennial. Do you not see the problem with your position there?

    • In Actis Esto Volucris

      MoA I will say this and watch closely and think hard about it.
      Here let me ask another question
      *Does that selective reading thing you have goin on come naturally to you or did you have to train yourself?* what do you mean by selective reading? is it something similar to this *if it annoys you enough for all those*

      Too hard for you to compute i guess

      Oh and lad,remember i highlighted something i’ve observed,now you can go listen to the last 6 videos including this one,then count the OMGS that blaming,the whining,the moaning,the bitching and then come and tell me it is not true. And i limited it to 6 videos for your sake,because i’ve mentioned this long long ago

      Also remember lad,i just mentioned it,all the opinions and assumptions and shit started from you,you started that, not i. You also asked i answered,but when the other way around you just said same shit but didn’t answer,then you started to self contradict and here we are and you still haven’t answered,where as i have

      And you can disagree all you want,but in fact it is you who didn’t like the answer and now like a half wit try to turn it around and also try to grasp every straw you can.

      Touchê again

    • In Actis Esto Volucris oh for crying out loud…
      Q:”you don’t like the truth, eh?” A: not quite sure why your opinion is to be considered truth all of a sudden. All I did was explain you do have the option of not watching.
      Q:”who said it annoys me?” A: eh, you did. If you wanted to simply put an opinion out then just say it. The dramatical excessive caps kinda sounds like you’re, I dunno, really annoyed maybe?
      Q:”let me return the question, is that how you react?” A: I do get kinda salty sometimes and have been known to have some angry outbursts of frustration on Discord. People vent frustration in different ways so I’d have to say no, not exactly like that.
      Q:”what do you mean by selective reading?” A: if you don’t understand what is meant by selective reading or hearing then maybe consider more education. If you’re to old for main stream education consider night classes. Let me try and help you here a bit with just one example. I told you I am an 80’s kid. I’m actually a 37 year old Scottish guy and yet you insist on calling me “lad” so either you elected to disregard the hint on age so you could continue to try and discredit by insinuating lack of life experience or you just didn’t bother to read that part.

      Read the comments back in order. I replied asking what you expect of him and offering options. You jumped to the conclusion I was some butt hurt fan boy or something. As I said, 80’s kid…old fashioned up bringing. I tend to treat people as I’m treated. You disrespect and attempt to insult then you get it right back at

      Nice deflect with questions btw. Another flat earther special…you’re not a flat earther are you?

    • In Actis Esto Volucris

      Ok,i will from now on refer to you as half wit

      Q:”who said it annoys me?” A: eh, you did. If you wanted to simply put an opinion out then just say it. The dramatical excessive caps kinda sounds like you’re, I dunno, really annoyed maybe? No i most certainly did not,and half wit,this is selective reading,you just sit and make up one thing after the other,like “butt hurt fan boy” (<

    • Bran Tse Mallory

      In Actis Esto Volucris I agree with you completely, Flambass has become a moaning little bitch lately. Calls out other members of his team for not all helping him all the time while he ignores whats happening to them and does nothing to help when he knows full well he has the skill to do so. It’s got to the point where I only watch a few of his video’s nowadays… That plus all the CC’s seem to just be focused on the high rank matches with nothing whatsoever for the lower tier players.

      Since getting the boot from OMNI he has changed.

  7. It was a different guy from the same Tytan clan

  8. your reaction to those BB hits cracked me up 🙂 thanks Flambass.

  9. Flambass…..and the Wreckin’ Crew?!

  10. Same clan as the last one… not the same guy =]

  11. This is way i’m getting tired of this game…. to be “good” you of course need to do the right thing but also get a fuking good rng

  12. Hi Cntrlr o/

  13. John Chucky Tomlinson

    Flambass, find out this guy is and division up with him.. GG…..?

  14. Flambass, could you make video of how to BB in all Battle Modes? Flamu has one, NoZoup has one, but we dont have one from you (that I know of) and I’d like to see how you prefer a BB to play in All Battle Modes.

    • Jamal Al-Sulaiman

      I support this suggestion. I haven’t seen Zoup’s yet, but Flamu’s explains BB gameplay from the perspective of the BB. It would be interesting to see how each of the classes needs a BB to play for those of us who use a BB to figure out how best to tailor our styles to suit those needs.

  15. lol @Flambass your rank showed 5 again when you clicked next game

  16. Now next update Montana” neft cos’ too powefoool ship” haha
    I hope no….

  17. “Where have you been all my life?”

  18. LOL Flambass,
    Towards the end you had no idea what to do, you were not trying to carry the team. Did not have to try to cap to make the points, pretty funny watching you have no clue, because it almost never happens to you 🙂

    • Well if you look at the battle development it’s pretty obvious. After dealing with that DM I was so far away from anything that I rly didn’t have anything to do or anywhere to go. I was on the other side of the map, no caps near me to cap, no enemies near me to spot/shoot so yeah, just sailing around and w8ing for the match to be over 😉

    • You should recognize player lobuzjeden already. 🙂

  19. Wow BB carry, lol that doesn’t happen very often GG All

  20. Vaisakh Nambiar

    We should div up then. If 20k salvo-ing cruisers is what you need as support, I love doing that with Lyon. Almost an addiction to watch their HP bar disappear in a few seconds. And a few compliments/reports after that.

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