[World of Warships] Ranked battles funny moments

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  1. Diego Uziel Rojas Vazquez

    Sigue asiendo de battle of Warsip

  2. Diego Uziel Rojas Vazquez


  3. please keep going up Batle of warships

  4. i Love bohomam bjs

  5. Esta mejor battle of warships

  6. Josh2xProfile name Crizaldo

    You Play World Of Warship Thats A Online game I Play Battle of Warship so boring you live in france i live in philipines

  7. diana carolina Muñoz silvestre

    Nunca te habia visto jugr word of war ships

  8. i am enjoy it bohomam

  9. Welcome to World of warships

  10. Wow!! No entendí nada :v

  11. Bro how are you 🙂

  12. Who says you are not a good WoWs player? You are kinda good at this actually.

  13. First ime I saw a player truly brawling a German bb. Not a bad idea but they are hard to brawl because of their armor and fearsome secondaries.

  14. You should try to play French ships of level 8 and above from a distance because their bullets always move at the speed of the barrel.

  15. Geometry Dash Player

    Yeah you are a master at battle of warships but you have to try something different for your channel
    *KEEP IT UP*

  16. thank you bohomam i have bin waiting for this for a long time i am realy good at this game

  17. Sorry it is a pc game i think that it is Android game. I should checkout it

  18. see BOHOMAM playing the world of warship for the first time

  19. hey you can use your AA guns on priority for attacking enemy cv planes

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