World of warships – Ranked battles HOW DO YOU F*CK THAT UP

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Here is an example of what NOT to do when playing ranked battles. PLEASE to all of you BB players out there. DO NOT DO THIS ANYMORE. I keep seeing season after season BB players doing the same mistakes over and over again. For some stupid reason ppl push in with their BBs when they’re not suppose to do it and they do it on all the wrong ways and in all the wrong places and lose all their HP, get themselves killed and do NOTHING in the process. If you gonna push than do it properly, not like this.


  1. Just another day in Ranked Battle.mp4

  2. Stream Sniper!

  3. You sound like you need a break from wows man. 🙂

    • Yeah that’s why as soon as I get super tilted I turn it off and switch to some other game where I can chill but wows is my main thing

    • Keep up your great content, dont want you burning out. 🙂 love your streams and videos.

    • Forget games, go for the horizontal action, a bit of the old in and out! Chill man.

  4. Nice to see that i am not the only one getting matches like these

  5. Sorry, this is just riddiculous. Just ban people with stats below a certain degree from participating in Ranked, they have no buisness there anyway.

    • TheRobbiUno that would never work clearly getting R1 means you spammed it a lot and quite probably played well .. not you play like shit lose constantly so only have to fight people equal shite to rank up .. alternatively very good players would struggle as they would only face skilled player probably take them as long to get anywhere as the ass clown .

    • can’t have been that bad if they got to rank 5…..

    • Thing is though, this game was in rank 5. Which is pretty hard to get to, so if you ban these players from ranked, you ban over 75% of the player base from ranked. Probably even yourself.

    • I agree, Flambass, but at a certain point you just have to. I’d like to participate in the Olympics, but I’m not good enough. Of course, this is just a game, but then why even have ranked?

    • If you have a WR above 50% it’s because most of the players in the game are worse than you (excluding stat-padding etc). If you continuously cut off the bottom whatever% you would theoretically end up banning everyone but 1 player.

      The star rating system in ranked is good enough. The BB obviously didn’t do this every game. Your team is going to fuck up sometimes regardless and you don’t need some convoluted system for emotional protection.

  6. That Conqueror be like: HALLOOOO FLAMBASS! PAPIIIEREN!

  7. That was some serious stream sniping while you were in the C cap!

  8. Salt overload!

  9. And this is why i don’t do ranked, unlucky Flambass 🙁

  10. FlyingRedRocket

    Why don’t they set a limiting factor for higher tiers? They can try implementing a skill level cap for each tier that way if a player meets the skill for that tier they are allowed to move on to the next tier. Even if there skill level lowers over time they still have all the tiers that they have unlocked available to them without them being taken away.

    • FlyingRedRocket why?!??? Because money, those retarded noons will pay.

    • I guess no one expect people at Tier 10 to suck that much. The amount of players who don’t have the least idea of teamplay and can’t play the objetives seem to the rising. Seems like they think they can YOLO everytime and things will be just fine. Yesterday I was playing the Raptor Rescue scenario and for the 1st time ever I lost because the bots destroyed the CV (because except from me everyone else went for the 1st enemy CV).

    • The point of the star win/loss is that it IS the enforcement mechanism for skill. The BB obviously didn’t do this every time.

  11. That blind firing was blatant stream sniping.

    • It is impossible to list all the potential ways to circumvent a game and gain an unfair and unintended advantage. This is absolutely gaining an unfair advantage. The problem is that Wargaming are notorious for not doing much about bad behaviour. Issue number one is they don’t like banning customers. Paying customers in particular. Plus it requires effort and staff to investigate. Compounding the issue. The report system for example, basically worthless.

    • Highly doubt that as Flambass has a 2 min stream delay. Seems more like some sketchy mods if you ask me.

    • +George Ivanov
      <. It was his decision not to delay his stream, so there is that.>

      What about his TEAM? Did they choose to have an unfair advantage against them? (not everyone on his team was a derp BB, those Cruisers didn’t play too badly, do they deserve a loss too, because there is a cheating piece of SHIT on the opposing team??)

      Doesn’t matter, it’s RANKED and Wargaming have already decided it’s cheating, and banned people for stream-sniping in ranked.

      So enjoy your ban : )

    • Yeah, OUR *in-game* reports are basically useless, but iChase (another WoWs youtuber) has gotten people banned before by recording and linking his videos to Wargaming, and these 2 trolling fucks were banned for deliberate team-killing and pushing their own CV so he couldn’t sail away, also calling out their own CV’s grid-position in all-chat.

      When you do some REALLY douchey shit and it is seen by thousands of people and is recorded, then Wargaming will actually ban you lol

      I was thinking about making a proper ticket and inquiry, not an in-game report.

    • +Cain Lolsson
      As far as I know, he doesn’t actually use a delay most of the time. I think because he wants to interact/talk to fans who are spectating him, and you can’t really have a decent conversation with a 2min delay.

      And I know for a fact that he has played ranked before without a delay (someone asked him in chat and he directly answered saying that he wasn’t using a delay).

  12. 7:34 damn that stream snipe

  13. i think some of there guys were stream sniping i mean that blind fire was to accurate

  14. Just gonna have to carry a whole ranked fight by yourself.

  15. My team has 2 caps to 1 and a kill advantage, all we had to do is hold A and C but they decide to rush the 3rd cap, its like half of the team decide to go for the 3rd cap, i dont understand why and the fking BB is also rushing the 3rd cap, the worst part is when you warn them and explain nicely they called you noob, only if my keyboard fully functional i will be absolutely salty in the chat

    Then i decide to quit ranked once and forever, its just horrible

  16. They were using the force to guide those shells

  17. BB is the class for beginners, noobs and low brainers. You can see that in almost every random battle. It’s just annoying, especially when you’re sitting in a lowtier cruiser, and having high hopes in the toptier BBs and waiting for their carry… And these players made it to tier 10 already. That’s a sign that WOWS is old already when these players had the time to die up the techtree ?

  18. I’m seeing a lot of this random blind firing from some ships in games too. I’m not spotted, have not been spotted but random fire coming towards me and wrecking me like they have me spotted.

    • yah i get it to…. i suspect a dodgy mod to be honest….i’d understand if i was spotted then became unspotted…but no, pop smoke, don’t fire, get blind shot, once smoke is set, reverse and get blindshot…hell, even get blindshot when unspotted and i’m parked up somewhere ready to run….too many coincidences for my liking…

    • Yep. This happened to us multiple times last night playing, me and a division mate. While we were in DD’s and as well while we were in Cruisers.

      When we were in the DD’s it was the most apparent as I had never been spotted, but they kept wacking us while we were not firing despite us being on the move.

      Or the random shots coming after you while you have not been spotted for at least 30+ seconds.

      Kinda pissed me off. The one time I got wacked by a cruiser and 1 shotted in a cruiser. Like… really?

      I Saw some really goofie dispersion last night as well which was pissing me off. German BB at range = Shit dispersion. You mean to tell me you can land 3 or 4 shots from a bayern multiple times on my DD that you cannot see from 12 km away? GTFO

    • Wait… same here

  19. For the less experienced out there, what should the BB’s have done?

    • Stay back and keep good firing positions into the caps, and let the dd get back and cap.
      Enemy radar was horribly out of position, wich is why it was a sure win untill they charged.

    • What’s a good firing position? Many of the ranked game videos I have seen the BB’s have been called out for being forward like in this one, or back and get flamed for hiding. I just don’t understand what a BB is actually supposed to do??

    • D8 is a decent spot, you can shoot back at the enemy radar cruiser positions and break visibility with the island, and you can go to help out if the enemy rushes up the back of the islands aswell.
      You can also line up the little island at D7/E7 with the islands on either side of the cap, to obscure yourself from much of the enemy side, hanging a bit further back so you can shoot over the island, and support the other side aswell from there. Don’t need to be hidden, but be in a position to break line of sight if needed.
      Being called out is not necessarily a bad thing, remember many of these are just shouting kids that dont know better than you anyway. Staying alive so your guns can continue to contribute, and your presence can continue to hold back enemies, or make them try to rush you if you are low, can be exploited aswell. Once you’re dead you lose all this along with some points. And these poeple didn’t even accomplish anything in the process, because they can’t hide and thus get reset in the cap, and there was nothing of value for them to shoot at that they couldn’t have shot from further back.
      Generally you should consider where the enemy cruisers are positioned, and then get in a position to shoot at them, or prevent them from supporting others, and don’t get in a position you can’t get out of.
      You can snipe for a while till you see an opportunity to delete someone, get in and do the job take a bit of damage but get out again, if the battleships in this video had gone in the way they came out, blapped a cruiser behind the island, say F7, and went out the way they came in, they would be hidden and could recover, but their exit was straight into the open.

    • Interesting analysis, thanks for the info.

    • Anything but sailing full broadside to the enemy. Sailing to A1 and going afk would have been more useful…

  20. There is no victory against MR HESUS

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