World of warships – Ranked battles IT’S TIME FOR HEROICS

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  1. I watched this at work and enjoyed it thoroughly

  2. Flambass do you like Nightcore music?

  3. Flambass in the mix

  4. has someone seen the movie “Cube” ? 15:30 – i got it cold running down my spine.

  5. great game after the teams shaky start

  6. that voice at the end scared the shit out of me xD

  7. You Enjoyed that one then? lmao

  8. whats wrong with audio??

  9. andreas pedersen

    Have reached 5, but this time i will try to push further. . …but im not sure if i can reach 1. I see that the skill- Level here is so much higher than i’m used to. But had some good games, so we will see 🙂 Ty 4 great video which shows that damage isnt all 🙂

  10. Meme Merchant Freddy

    Nice work butt pirate!

  11. sometimes it sounds like you are possesed, its really creepy… is it Youtube messing with the vid?

  12. Celeb von Celebrus

    terrible sound at the end. GG anyway.

  13. I thought the title was “ITS TIME FOR HERETICS” and thought ‘yeah, that seems like a typical WG pub team…’

  14. Destroyer Inazuma

    Well at least this game still hasn’t jumped on the battle royale bandwagon.


  16. why is it that everytime i watch one of your vids i hear the chocolate wrapper in the background? and why do i want chocolate too now

  17. Karanzas Flyfishing

    Yeah I’ve been stuck on rank 9 for like 20 games hahah

  18. That audio sounds like you are slipping into another dimension. A WOWS Hell. Where it’s 12 vs 1, and everyone is sailing Conquerors, but you are in a Hood.

  19. The enthusiasm and celebrating is contagious

  20. Drvnwolf Wolfie

    nice dodge on CV torp run

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