World of warships – Ranked battles sneaky tactics

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As you may know Ranked battles have started few days ago and so I’m here to hunt that rank 1 again. Getting to rank 5 was rly easy and fast but OMG I have been stuck on this rank for days now. It’s just back and forth all day.


  1. Benjamin Schultz

    I got stuck on rank 15 the other day. Guess I should have another go at it.

  2. Destroyer Inazuma

    Wish I could play again, lately either my internet or my rig (or bath) have been acting up… GG man!

    • Well at least you don’t have to endure the bad teams

    • Destroyer Inazuma

      yup, left Battlefield precisely because of that. Granted, it was by fault to not care about joining clans or playing with pals on Teamspeak/skype. It’s always a joy to see you play in divisions and communicate. Looking forward to more Axis vs Allies 🙂

  3. Im at rank 10, but my only t10 is the Hindenburg and i dont feel like playing it so much in ranked cause i more like dds. Until rank 10 ive just played Akizuki with a 81% winrate and 1.9k average xp per battle, so i would like to continue it ?

    • Crooke HD ich glaub ich hab dich in den kommentaren von teamkrado gesehen also schreib ich das hier auf deutsch: der akizuki tech tree soll ja auf t10 erwitert werden da kannst du dich ja schon mal drauf freuen 😉

    • Jup,hab das Video von Krado dazu auch angeschaut, wenn das nicht doch Zerra oder so war…

  4. Played since beta and doesnt have a single tier X so ranked stopped for me there, they should have made rentable tier 10 since rest can be played in premium ships.

    • What were you doing since beta you said? How did u manage not to get any Tier X ship already? Sealclubbing 24/7?

    • sLim_krakow never sealclubbung ? just always considered tier 10 as endgame so didn’t bother. Besides tier 10 always seems to be played by backseat admirals in chat,.

    • Fair enough. Well, I’m too curious to pass the opportunity of bringing all the mightiest warships into the battle. 🙂 In addition, you won’t be uptiered. WG will make sure that until WoWs makes money there won’t be any endgame. Toxic people are everywhere, potatoes likewise.

  5. Always entertaining !

  6. Destroyers: Even in death they still troll.

  7. i see flambass, i see sneaky. instand like.

  8. Any recommendation for playing the gearing into all the radar yueyangs? It just feels oppressive at the moment and I have no clue how to contest caps when they can radar me for ~28 seconds with support fire from cruisers. Do I just need to pray my team focuses them harder than I get focused? Or do I try and just avoid yueyang entirely?

  9. Thank you Flambass been waiting for Ranked vids.

  10. I have the opposite problem, if I play cruisers or aggressive in DD I can score points and maybe keep a star but dont win often. If I play as a passive DD I shoot up the ranks but dont end up high on the board. I will take the ranks even though it is not how I like to play.

  11. Watch most of your gameplay vids for wows………for entertainment as well as tactics………love your music bro, ever heard of Buckethead? If not, check him out……you definately will not be disappointed?

  12. I dont get why did that conqueror and hindenburg went there. That was useless for their team and therefore you kicked them out with ease

  13. ez carry by the conqueror #hamipower

    by the way im the conqueror XD

  14. Oi flambass any idea when the new us cruiser line is coming?

  15. DDs have been really tough to save star for me in premier league. I dont want to switch to filthy Cruisers, but the save-star mechanic might pressure me to abandon my Z52. I was wondering if you’d have any tips for star save/carrying with z52?

    • Unfortunately I don’t and yes, as you may have noticed it is rly hard to keep a star and I very rarely keep it myself. So you do your best to win or you’re out, just the way it is I’m afraid

  16. Greetings, Flambass
    I want to ask, how can you switch torps when following them? Around 7:45 or so

  17. LordTyphoon WoWSasia

    Flambass, how come you are no longer in OMNI?

  18. it happen every season. ppl blame the team sucks when they are stuck in a rank. But in reality, it is more like the ppl are actually at a level closer to you, so you just can’t carry as hard, this is why you get stuck! you got to admit that ppl play better in the higher bracket

  19. great vid bro, can someone tell me the band playing in the background name and song please ?

  20. Michael Koerner

    Ranked was fast to rank 5… I can’t get past 15… I set the new record. 34 consecutive losses once I made it to 11

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