World of Warships – Ranked Battles

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you scrub, how come you’re always playing with enough flags to colonise Africa? Well what else am I supposed to do with them? Play a few ranked battles and you’ll have more than you’ll know what to do with too!

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System Specs: Core i7 6700-K 4.0Ghz CPU, 16GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX970 GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

If you have a replay just send the file to the same address.

Just be aware that I get hundreds of emails every week and I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.


  1. They’re just salty

  2. some peoples say that WoWs is exactly like WoT. they haven’t played Steel
    ocean. Steel ocean is just WoT with ships… literally

  3. some peoples say that WoWs is exactly like WoT. they haven’t played Steel
    ocean. Steel ocean is just WoT with ships… literally

  4. you guys want World of warships with submarine and WoWp graphics? try
    “Steel ocean”. its actually fun

  5. How do you progress faster in this game?

    I played a little bit in the CBT, got to Aoba crusier; now went back to
    play the game, have been winning probably 90% of my battles (and not just
    getting carried, i pull my weight and more that that usually); and only got
    like 30k exp in 2 days (someting like 60 to 80 games or so games, 12 hours
    of gameplay probably) and the next ship needs 70k to upgrade.

    What am I missing? I average 500 xp per game winning and doing well,
    excelent games goes up to 1k, and bad ones goes to 200 xp; how am I
    supossed to go all the way up in the ship lane, does this get any better?
    Are there consumables.. someting to help with this? I dont remember world
    of tanks beeing like this.


  6. Maybe ill get into this game more now that you wont get paired with people
    who have no clue what they are doing

  7. I both love and hate ranked battles…what baffles me is how some people
    who go in to play it don’t realise that ranked depends much more on team
    work than normal. So I nearly lose my shit when some d’bag comes into the
    game in his Nurenberg and sails off to a completely different side of the
    map thinking he can hold it on his own, and the next time i see him is when
    he gets detonated by an enemy BB giving the enemy a ship advantage. It
    really pisses me off!! yet i love it when you get a competent team that
    absolutely demolishes the enemy, but those are few and far between

  8. What’s with the name change? I don’t think you mentioned it. Is it because
    of people targeting you?

  9. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Molotov or Indianapolis??

  10. Martin “Shifty” Watson

    That death at the end could have been avoided if you didn’t reload to HE
    after firing your torpedoes. :P

  11. i dont giveafuck

    jingles, I got myself a good gaming computer so I can play wow with you.
    don’t let me down as you got me to watch your vids and forsake my console.
    so please do play with me and let’s dish out some paddlings
    if you reply, I give you my wow id (I am a grown man by the way and yes I
    haven’t played this game before but after watching all your videos I am a
    better captain then jean luck picard…

  12. Jingles I’m pretty sure random battle team size is 12. Sorry for correcting
    you! Yet again another great video!

  13. The problem with Rank Battles is the level of stupidity from players who
    even at higher tiers haven’t figured out yet that you win when you work as
    a team! To many DD who shoot off and do their own thing or idiot BB
    captains who thing they are invincible and go head-on into a cap with no
    backup then everyone rushes in to save his ass but it’s too late and takes
    half the team with him! I’ve made it to rank 12 but too many battles and
    can’t get a break!

  14. Patrick Grænge Hansen

    ohh yes Jingles
    i have been waiting for you to do a ranked battles vid
    thank you

  15. Fujin: “That DD is bloody useless”. Said DD ends up top of the team.

  16. I liked to play with you jingles

  17. yes I have been on several teams where I have been an American destroyer
    and been obliterated by entire fleets of enemy cruisers. (yes I’m an idiot
    too) but. they go on ahead alone into the centre of the map. don’t manuver
    what do ever, especially when they have spotted trips, and then they all go
    on and die. which, by half way there the game leaves is at a 1/2 ratio of
    functioning ships….

  18. Hey Guys, read that story of an 12 year old who served on the USS south
    dakota in WW2

  19. Another awesome vid Jingles. Thanks for all the advice! Keep the vids

  20. You and so many others seem to spend so much time avoiding contact with the
    People ought go look at Notser’s channel on “how to ranked/WoWS” because
    they’ll learn good stuff there.

  21. The second game, I think you’re making fun of the Fujin without him doing
    something wrong, really. After all, the Fujin is an IJN destroyer which is
    not very maneuverable and the enemy Kamikaze R probably dropped the torps
    on your New Mexico, who was nearby as well. The Fujin just kinda stumbled
    into them. Your opinion of him might have been influenced by him starting
    to call you out later on, but still, it’s not that uncommon to get sunk in
    a destroyer by enemy torpedos.

  22. At games two, Fujin had a point. New Mexico didn’t need your help to pummel
    the Aoba, but if you stayed around B and harassed the enemy ships trying to
    cap, your team might have been able to fight the rest of the battle with
    enough flexibility from cap lead.

  23. In your first game, the enemy minekaze got 0 points overall because he
    rolled into the match and then either disconnected or manually quit out
    without even moving from where he spawned.

    Edit: Also each time people bring stock ships (battleships in your 2nd, 3rd
    games) to ranked, a kitten is kicked. Don’t kick kittens people.

  24. The first game team lists… Jingles, your Crap. You Can’t count XD

  25. James Noobmagnet

    Its very nice to see Jingles get better and better atvtjis game . Keep it
    up admiral !

  26. At rank 16 you receive The Second League flag, what gives you -5% repair

  27. Ranked … not sure if I should congratulate people for their patience in
    playing it, or if everyone who deliberately grinds it is simply
    masochistic, but the lonely four games I had tried to play I’ve seen the
    worst that WoWS has to offer condensed into 7 ship teams.

    AFKers, armchair admirals, foulmouths who only use their WASD keys to
    insult people in chat, knobends who’ll throw their ships away for no
    discernable reasons other that LEEEEEROOOOYYY JENKINS, the matchmaker who
    puts stock Omahas, Kirovs and Kongous in your team when the enemy team is
    stacked with Clevelands, Budyonnys and New Mexicos and of course everyone’s
    favourite: idiots torping from second line into their allies’ backs and

    Nevermind that on the EU server, you aren’t even guaranteed that everyone
    speaks the same language, so having three players of the team chat in
    English, three in Polish and one confused german trying to communicate
    isn’t helping anything other than the comedy department.

    Also, because teamwork is apparently not allowed, no divisions in Ranked
    … which wouldn’t be much of an issue if the matchmaker could actually put
    together evenly matched teams so individual player skill is THE deciding
    factor, but we all know how that one works out (thankfully WG is working on
    a new matchmaking system, let’s just hope they don’t make it worse …).

    I’d love to play Ranked, if not only for the rewards, but the supposed
    emphasis on teamwork and skill, however for as long as I’m not seeing any
    of that (or hear about it from the various other players who tend to have a
    few choice words regarding that matter each time they finished a Ranked
    session …) I’m not masochistic enough to grind myself through that with
    what I’ve experienced.

  28. you videos have been getting better jingles , keep it up

  29. Look at Jingles… talking about premium consumables and signal flags in
    the beginning and then starting a RANKED match without either xD

  30. Ranked battles are a good idea, especially now that they have that “you
    don’t lose a star if you’ve done well” thing. However, finding a match at
    the higher ranks can take some time, even on the EU server because Wows has
    a small community and most of the players aren’t even interested in playing
    ranked battles.

  31. Why do you not mention that you get a permanent midway commemoration flag
    if you reach rank 15?

  32. hi jingle, thanks for telling the world about ranked battles I have been
    enjoying learning from so good player and bad ones too. now every man and
    his dog Boo will be playing. Hope to see you in the game. thanks for all
    the great video’s. keep it up.

  33. rank 10 – rank 2 are really frustating

  34. Why don’t they add this into WOT and give rewards of free double xp or
    credits personal reservs.

  35. aaa.. thats why i dont play any ranked game in any game when one has to
    rely its teammates

  36. This is what world of tanks needs. Tired of playing whith hopeless idiots
    that failed their way into tier 8 and above.

  37. I don’t know about you guys, but whenever i played online game (WOT, LOL,
    WOW…), I turn off the chat to ignored all the salty on my team or enemy

  38. Shrek The Psychotherapist

    Shrek is love, Shrek is life

  39. Play how you want…also agreed

  40. Gaming mit Michi

    Hi Jingles, great video as usual. Just one small correction from me. You
    are going to loose star at the intermediate ranks (22, 21, 20, 18, 15 and
    so on) The only thing save is the rank. And be sure I know what I am
    talking about. I managed to get to rank 14 so far and since than I got a
    few teams that really sucked and a few times I also managed to contribute
    enough that my team lost. And I am now back at rank 15 without any star and
    now I need again 4 victories in a row to advance to 14 again.

  41. Very important to report abusive morons in chat… We don’t want World of
    Tanks chat toxicity in this game.

  42. The more i watch your videos the more i want to download WoWs .i also got a
    couple of codes for some loot and a ship , so of course just as i thought
    that i would finally play WoWs our new PC turns out to be a mac . F*** s***

  43. Bro, always nice to watch your videos. Keep laughing, mate :)

  44. Sanjuro Hanamizuki

    on the NA server I’ve actually been finding it impossible anymore to
    torpedo anything other than an enemy destroyer nine times out of ten , I
    blame you Jingles , and Notser .. and I know .. no rations in the mines for
    awhile , but it’s true lmao

  45. Jingles, you are playing Ranked and NOT using premium consumables? What the
    hell is wrong with you man? I mean seriously, you’re pinching pennies so
    hard that you’re turning them into copper wire. Get out of ranked if you’re
    gonna do that.

  46. Great game. Had to laugh at the BB and DD yelling at you. How many subs do
    you have now, more than half a million? Ha. I’ll bet neither one of them
    have found you yet. J Thanks for recording ranked. Please give us a few
    more. The commentary is quite helpful.

  47. Great to see you having fun and that you understand Ranked, Jingles. So
    many people seem to manage neither of those things!

  48. 〉〉SHADOW Gaming〈〈

    Just get to Rank 15, then you’ll start realizing how hard it is to win!!
    Not Saying that I can’t win because i m bad, No my team can’t win they just
    die & I end up in either being the Last One alive on my team having 2-3

  49. Sadly rank 18 is where it gets quite frustrating. You win two, lose two,
    win one lose one the teams are just so bad that high up. I can’t wait to
    get to 15 so at least the teams will be a bit better.

  50. what the hell is wrong with this video not playing… I just want to watch
    some jingles…. goddamn it I’ll excuse myself from the Salt mines and take
    a break

  51. Jingles, regarding 3rd fight: the catapult fighter is not useless. Start
    him, when there is a destroyer nearby and you dont know where exactly. The
    plane will probably find out, where he is :)

  52. Achim Hanischdörfer

    I remember a game on ocean. The enemy team had one member that accidentally
    posted in all chat
    “Right we’re going to B and C then”.
    Wouldn’t you know it, our team and their team aside from 1 DD all went to B
    and C. It was the shortest game on ocean I ever played because both teams
    almost annihilated each other in ~5 minutes.

  53. Did you know that you can buy the premium consumables for Kredits by by
    hitting the little arrow while changing.

  54. Are there no other maps in ranked?

  55. The real problems started at Rank 10 for me. Unable to get passed it as it

  56. Even if there is no carriers, your catapult fighter is still useful. It’s
    quite good at spotting ships hiding behind islands.

  57. 16:37 generalnoobington

  58. You call it “tactical beaching” I call it “using my sand brake”

  59. I love that WoWs doesn’t punish you for not having a premium account like
    WoT does. 10x the game imo

  60. OldSchool Gaming

    Well, these are the early ranks in ranked, and they are quite nice. Later
    on you gonna see a rage and hate-fest and ranked flooded with “Captain
    Dumbass” (or what you called him) and just behavior that makes you loose
    you’re faith in humanity. But the flags are nice tho!

  61. As a tip: use the Hydrosonic Scan to increase your torpedo detection
    options. DDs are the bigger threat, CVs are quite rare. And, you can help
    allies to use their WASD-hack instead of watching them blunder into the
    533mm love.

  62. No premium consumables in Rank?

  63. Is it me or does that New York in the second battle sound like the Violet
    Stet Pedder who uses the Lowe in World of Tanks

  64. at rank 12 with 54% win rate ^^ thanks for all the advice and help Jingles
    and also the people in the comments! keep creating awesome content mighty
    gnome overlord

  65. Roy aka Maximus from Tyria

    Just wondering, as you do, which crosshair do you use? I use no7 and no8.
    Is there a better one to use? Informative video Jingles, thanks.

  66. When I take my clothes off in the bathroom, The shower gets turned on.

  67. I encountered “noob teams” at rank 15. Only lost 2 games lol. Then that

  68. Holy fuck, that last game was like something out of a movie, I swear. I can
    just imagine the captain of his ship saying “we don’t have to survive to
    win the battle. Godspeed, New Mexico.”

  69. you are much better using hydroacoustic in ranked than the AA consumable.
    more DD’s than CV’s in ranked.

  70. Ranked is full of salty bastards

  71. So basically the ranked system from Hearthstone

  72. You would still have that konisgberg if you bloody hit that Nicholas!

  73. Sir i say there are BBs drivers out their that can pay attention and beat 1
    nay 2 DDS at once and come out ontop at close range Dont believe me i have
    proof! Just to show that you to can drive
    and not be overpowered by close range DDs! Enjoy everyone who checks it out

  74. Most laughs are annoying but Jingles’ laugh makes me wet

  75. Don’t worry about the flags and premium consumables. Don’t feel forced to
    use the although I do use premium stuff in ranked

  76. Should be a virtual keel hauling for afk players in ranked. If you sit idol
    more than say 5 minutes, 24 hour ban for 1st offence, and get stiffer till,
    your account is banned from ranked for the season. My PC is on the old
    side, but even I can do a full Window’s restart and be back in the game in
    under 5 minutes. Not saying full account banning is needed, but afk’s can
    GTFO. I understand queue times get long after rank 10, Netflix in windowed
    mode is your friend. Don’t be that guy that screws the pooch, cause your on
    the john.

  77. Premium consumables don’t change the statistics of your ship, and everyone
    has them (that has 22,500silver).

    Flags change the ships stats (like capt skills) and you compared your
    flagged&Captain’ed ship against unupgraded ships, telling us how it was
    bettter than it’s upgrade, just not accurate, and that’s why people wanted
    you to go over the Base stats.

  78. I wonder if WoT will get this kind of ranked battles at some point

  79. Ohh how i like this Guys who write shit in the Chat,dies First and then
    want to tell me what to do(RAGE)!!!

  80. 3:00 AM? Time for Jingles

  81. Ranked is so frustrating, if you get a couple of retards in your team you
    have to very lucky to win. I’ve lost multiple battles with up to 5 kills of
    my own and I’m not a great player, I see more idiots in ranked than in most
    random battles.

  82. Why have I never heard of the Fujin class before?

  83. Hey jingles! Just wanted to say I noticed you were shooting HE at the BB in
    the Molotov which is safe, but I was playing my Kirov today and noticed
    that the AP on the ship out performs the HE in raw damage even on BB’s like
    I was scoring 4K hits a salvo XD… Just wanted to let you know :P

  84. XxTheGingaNinjaxX

    Download the vido app and you will get to see video comments on YouTube!

  85. XxTheGingaNinjaxX

    This is a video comment posted and viewable on the VIDO app #VideoComments

  86. World of Tanks Related: Why aren’t the flags of every country in the game
    and only a hand pick few? Please upvote this so that it comes to the
    attention of more people as i would really like to display my national

  87. dear jingles,

    please do the community a favor in ranked battles, try to use premium
    consumables. It is very good for your own team, because the games are quite

  88. Some of these guys that rage in game sometimes makes me wonder how much a
    punch to their face would hurt my hand.

  89. In NA defensive AA in ships is becoming useless at least for me, I’m so
    close to take it away from my Cleveland, because I fight maybe 1 CV every
    15 battles…

  90. So basically it is like wot blitz, if you suck then you’re gonna bring your
    whole team down

  91. Destroyer stealth is pointless when the game tells you, you have been
    detected. DD torps for killing AFK/bots/noobs only.

  92. Ranked random battles on Asia server for me: ok guys we have a plan? “lol
    go f yur self” “let go A!” *team goes C* “omg u nub u died so quick why u
    go A!?!”

  93. posted 1 hour ago

  94. molotov is perfect for ranked battles if tier 6 is max. kamikaze is also
    nice :)

  95. wrinkles it been so long

  96. Thx and funny as usual, and more rank battle will be fine.

  97. It’s no comfort to me……guess I better stick to sucking in arcade.

  98. Ranked is pretty fun this time since they’ve made the highest tier 7 which
    allowed my full participation. Currently sitting at rank 8, hope all of you
    are doing good as well.

  99. Watching this while playing Ranked (in the salt mines of course) +1

  100. Damnit, my replay didn’t got selected where I show that WASD hacks also
    work against shells…

  101. Ah. I had wondered why wasn’t losing stars for every loss… Didn’t realize
    the first of the losing team gets to keep his stars.

  102. Not enough torpedobeats.

  103. JINGLES!!!

  104. What time do you normally play?

  105. I have just started playing. I am rather crap at the moment. Killed a
    friendly cruiser with torps. Idiot.

  106. Yes! An African shoutout! Have a like from a fan from Namibia :)

  107. Great video. Never having played ranked battles, I knew nothing about it –
    very informative.

    On torps and bbs – ships sometimes change course/speed to counter torp
    threats only to maneuver back into their path.

  108. I like ranked battles. I have a much better win rate there. I just want the
    pirate flag lol.

  109. Ranked battle in WoWS is really where the most fun in the game are…
    pretty often there are actual team play, people talk to each other, the
    enemy team is often good, making the battles more challenging, and it is
    actually rather easy for new players to get into the game…
    Why it took WarGamming so long time to start a new season I don’t know…
    But I am really glad that they got it started!

  110. Awesome! Way to go to that bb at the end. That was great! Great job to you
    too Jingles and thx for the video!

  111. when you get to rank 10+ tell us how you like it then…

  112. GenerationVideoGamer

    You better believe I use 8/8 flags. Love ranked but it’s a pain.

  113. Hey Jingles, or any other competent destroyer captain, could you give me
    advice on smokescreen usage? I mean, I know how to use it per se, but I
    have this problem where I end up *losing* the smokescreen- I drift out of
    it and get detected, and then I have no idea where it went off to (please
    note this isn’t the smokescreen dissipating, this is me getting out of it
    then being unable to find and duck into it again). Also, yes, I do slow
    down drastically while popping smoke, so it’s not me just steaming ahead of

  114. Tamás Kerecsényi

    Ranked is nice and everything, my only problem is i can’t play battleships
    because then the queue times are horrible, and guess what i’m atm rank 10,
    and even playing cruisers, i get queue times of 10-20 minutes. So i just
    quit ranked, i’ll never reach rank1, not because i suck, it’s just that
    nobody plays around rank 10 and below 😀 also i don’t have time watching
    the queue for 20-30 minutes 😀 and i imagine below rank 10 is even worse.
    Just watched Aerroon’s video about a queue time of 1 and a half hour lul
    Btw i always thought WoT has a retarded, idiotic, toxic community, then i
    played Warships and WarThunder :D

  115. ugh ranked where all the assholes congregate

  116. I was giving Jingles a golf clap as soon as he launched those last
    torpedoes. I knew he’d sink both. That’s why he’s a goddamn Admiral.

  117. I should do more Ranked Battles, but then again, I’d be stuck with so many

  118. WOWS has 12 players per side in random not 15 as in WOT!

  119. Akari “Furutaka” Akaza

    just when I need to sleep Jingles puts out a vid

  120. did the same in aoba :v rammed the new Mexico, and torpedoed a numberg at
    2km range at around the same time. if only I believed in the heart of the
    human torpedo might have gotten a double strike

  121. Jingles idk why but I really don’t like anything other than co-op. However
    ranked battles look like a smaller, less hectic version of random.

    Would you recommend ranked to a co-op player?

  122. ah warships…

  123. And with players like that Fujiin & New York is why i quit WG games they
    just suck the life out of the game for me. Such a shame as i did enjoy WoWs

  124. The ranked battles have become my favorite game mode. The mode encourages
    more active teamwork than any random battle. Unless you end up on a team
    filled with window licking morons, which does not happen as often as it
    does in randoms. Keep up the great work Jingles. And plz more ship reviews.

  125. started the vid at 98 views and ended it at 1,792

  126. Have a final exam in a few hours, and Im still awake.. HOLY SHIT JINGLES
    UPLOADED… screw u sleep. Ya scrub

  127. Going to give these a go.

  128. WoWS was OK mechanically. It’s just WG just seemed to forget to add the
    “fun” part of the game. I’m guessing that’s a good part of why there are
    massively long ques when I decide to actually play. Sever in NA at least is

  129. You will lose your soul trying to grind your way up to Rank 1.

  130. Morning!

  131. Seriously, fuck ranked. It’s a bigger salt pile than randoms. And somehow,
    even more acidic and caustic than any other game I’ve played.

  132. I am a 48% player in normal circumstances but plowed through to rank 15
    with 76%.
    Was kind of terrifying.

  133. should be sleep in the us

  134. Lol gonna be dead today but it’s worth it!

  135. 24:05 – “At this point there is no reason to turn off my AA”
    24:08 – Turns off AA

    lol classic Jingles

    lesson man… I’m trying to sleeeeeeeeep

  137. Why do we hef to be mad

  138. damn it jingles it mid night and I’m eating Cooke’s

  139. Can’t sleep. It is a little before midnight here. Wait, it is Monday night,
    doesn’t Jingles occasionally upload a video early for Tuesdays his time?
    Check You Tube… WHOOT!

  140. I’m early, gotta make a joke…

    No joke, I just wanted your attention you slut seeking bitch.

  141. Hey jingles would you mind showing how to land shots in your ships i sail a
    kongo and am so tired of my shells landing around the target and not dead
    on leh sigh -.-

  142. Stayed up till 2am, was about to go to bed but decided to check my sub box
    one last time.

    God d*mnit Jingles, I’m tired but I have to watch this…..

  143. Wow uploaded 23 minutes ago and already 1000 views!

  144. jingles what is your opinion on the state of the game? BBs are a little OP
    and cruisers are a little useless in ranked?

  145. I love you Jingles

  146. its 1:13 am, i just worked a 6 hour shift, i have to work an 8 hour shit
    tomorrow, and what and I doing-playing World of Warships and watching
    Jingles vids after i get sunk. And you know what, I really can’t think of a
    better use of my time right now.


    Jingles this is longer then mingles with jinles :-|

  148. it’s that bloody boat game

  149. If you manage to make it to rank 1 you’ll have gotten:

    2095 signal flags of various types.
    3 temporary flags (2nd League, 1st League, Premier League)
    2 permanent flags (Midway and Jolly Roger)
    3500 doubloons
    110 Type 5 camos
    100 Type 3 Ranked camos
    7,000,000 credits
    1 day of premium

  150. Assatron McOverlord

    never seen a video this early, jingles! release more like this

  151. I like the Video 1st, then I watch it.

  152. this video seems a wee bit early, it’s only 11 here in the southwest

  153. Oh I’m early, wanna hear a joke? I have to watch this 38 minute video on 36
    minutes of battery life.

  154. Dammit jingles, it’s 3am I need to sleep!

  155. I knew that I only had to wait till 11 for Jingles video!

  156. That was quick.

  157. eyyyyy

  158. Memes are my dreams

  159. eyyyyy

  160. love the vids keep them coming jingles

  161. I’m early, gotta make a joke…

    Armored Warfare

  162. Pussy destroyer

  163. holy crap… 1 minute and already half a dozen comments.

  164. wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  165. Big boobs

  166. There is no “i” in team but there is a “u” in gulag. A message sponsored by
    Gaijin Entertainment.

  167. View Number 3, Like Number 2…. Another great Jingles video!

  168. I look in early, and hey look, no one cares!

  169. cool

  170. It’s 2 AM and I’m suppose to be up at 6…

  171. first

  172. Ayee

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