World of warships – RANKED is getting unplayable

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It is getting impossible to play ranked. Ppl have no idea wth they’re doing anymore + I’m being stream-sniped heavily. There were even where they admit it in front of everyone, and laughed at it. I say something on stream and they’re answering in chat in game. These ppl are ridiculously pathetic, and are gonna make me rank up without streaming (at least for the rest of EU), enjoy this “awesome” match.


  1. Hi, plaes open the mini map, thank you.

  2. Had 1 game of ranked when it started and been away all Xmas … if it’s bad for you I’m dreading this shit when I get back home . I usually get to rank 5 before I lose the will to live … with all them free bismarks given out this year added to the endless list of potato bought prem ships not sure my motivation will even get me there 5 this time . Think last season I reached ever rank between 9-5 about 10 times each .

    • I started the day with rank 2 and 0 stars and 4 hours later I end the stream on rank 2 with 0 stars -.-

    • Flambass can’t wait ?be back playing Monday might see you still at rank 2 probably crying if my computer doesn’t find itself thrown out the window before I get there ?

  3. Remove HANS from minimap next time

  4. Hans is needed because of stream sniping

  5. The people asking for Hans to be removed ARE the moron stream snipers.

  6. Could look at glass half full, on assumption you make $$ from streaming, if getting sniped heavily it means you are well known enough to have it happen (as opposed to streaming and no one watching).

    If you keep your minimap covered you could possibly bait them into focusing on you so much that they get raped by the rest of your team.

    Its lame it happens, but then a depressing number of people are very lame :-/

  7. I know you don’t want a delay Flambass … but ….. I think you may need to as this game shows .. it’s a sad thing but there are people out there ……….. sigh ……… Good luck

  8. The stream sniper was USS_Trumpet (playing Edi). He was spotted when he shot just before those shells hit your capping position and there was 12 AP shells exact number of guns Edi has.

  9. Switch your ingame nick to “Crying bitch”

    • Switch to another channel, somewhere where ppl care what you have to say

    • Hiarious, peasant, get back to mommy, where you can whine and bitch and hopefully she’ll actually give a fuck. You’re just whiny little monkey that is maining on a fucking DD and whines right from the start of the fucking match, you dumbass babboon. You had to be from NA. Enough typed.

  10. Report that USS Trump lover POS. He needs to not be playing online games.

    • The Edinburgh players playing under an alt account. It was created in July and has more Ranked games than Randoms logged on it. For ranked all he has is Edinburgh and Lo Yang. Don’t know if you saw it live but that guy actually pops up in the very next game on enemy team with the other little friend MrAnarchy(in the friendly Amagi this game) and both of them aren’t even subtle about what they are at. They start reacting to whats being said on stream in game chat.

  11. I rank 1 @season 4 and 5. I was thinking to do it again this season for the sake of Flint, but after watched these, they just remind me those same painful ranked sessions a year ago. I think I just stick to ‘random’ for fun purpose :/

  12. toxic game, just quit it.

    • It’s a great game even if it’s frustrating at times … but in any kind of competitive play particular when the games free to play and filled with peanuts that are to lazy to learn anything before they buy a higher tier prem ship with minimal lvl captains then inflict themselves on you…expecting you to carry them or blaming everyone but themselves when they die or lose .best idea in ranked is never speak in the chat use the F keys or click mini maps and assume your team mates are all keyboard dribbling cretins that way if they do anything useful at least you can be happy … then grit your teeth for a month .

  13. Church Automotive Testing Dyno Tuning

    Just put a delay on the stream. 2-3 min should be fine

    • I would put a delay on it which fits with the torps. something about 30-60 s. So if they watch the stream, they maybe don’t notive the torps when they arrive ^^’

  14. loose ten games in a row and this game is not fun anymore, wg should consider this, game should be fun not frustration.

    • So? You want them to just hand you wins? Or do you want skill based MM, which BTW is no guarantee of a win. If you want to win nearly every time, play coop.

    • crucisnh Well, I have 63% win rate so I cant really complain, but sometimes the match making is just unfair with one team being so much better than the other that its not funny anymore. When I then go and compare the players on I find that on the winning team there are a lot of good players and on the other team there are a lot of hidden stats and bad players. Thats very typical.
      Of course player skill is not everything, but it should be somehow taken into consideration in match making.

    • How do you loose a game? You can’t tighten a game…

  15. the game is full of these brainless idiots now and WG is ignoring the obvious problems once again – the game is constantly dying
    I feel sorry for the CCs who are dependent to make money from playing the game…

  16. Very sorry for your experience, just stop streaming. gaming should be about fun and not give you grey hair and steal your nerves. it’s just as good on YouTube man. I just watch it to learn. or try at least

  17. “WHERE’S MY PUUUFFFF???:))

  18. you do know that some ppl just give up ranked, because too many stress. I didn’t progress much further from my last comment. i played ten more game gained 4 stars from 50%WR. this season, i had the worst WR but i get the most top spot on losing. Just show the qaulity of player nowadays

  19. Also notice how the edi was very quickly on your position after you started shooting NC. Then he was there to spot you at the end. Literally I think all he did that game was watch your stream and counter you as much as possible from that info. Pathetic…

  20. Oh, Flambass, get off your high horse about stream sniping! All’s fair in love and war. You’re broadcasting intelligence info on your stream, for crying out loud!!! And you expect people to NOT use it? Give me a break. If you don’t want to be stream sniped, then don’t live stream!!!! This is just as stupid as the moron on the enemy team that put in ALL chat early in the battle that their Lo Yang was AFK. You NEVER give away valuable intel to the enemy team! NEVER!!!

    And just an FYI, I don’t stream snipe because I couldn’t be bothered to watch streaming stuff. I’m perfectly happy to watch these after the fact replays, thank you very much.

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