World of warships – RANKED IS OVER

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  1. The MM gods smiled on you that last match, not only no radar on enemy team, but from the looks of it, not a single RPF either.

  2. skeletaur skull night

    Nice match meaking 😂😂😂😂😂😂 2 radar 😂😂😂😂

  3. Madcap Magician

    Nice one Flambass, well deserved as always.

  4. Well done. Do you think you could have done it an any other DD? What would you say are best to worst DDs Tier X in ranked? To be honest I don’t see how the Shima really had a chance.

    • Gearing and Yueyang are the best but you can try with whatever makes it work for you although I wouldn’t go for DDs these season cause they’re super hard to carry in

    • It has a chance and if I had time I might actually rank out in it.

    • Gearing and yy (Pretty much a gearing) are the best imo. The have the stealth and the guns to take care of themselves. Z52 probably next because of the hydro, but it has worse detection than gearing and yy. Shima now has the best stealth so can scout well. Just don’t get caught off guard and be ready to run and dodge.

      Khaba is a good distraction dd and defender but can’t play objectives as well imo.

    • Thx for the info. All I have is a Gearing (Tier X) and this is my first ranked so good to know I have a shot. At least I have a 19pt captain.

  5. Palle Gantzhorn

    Gratz Flambass! 7 rank 1s, does that award any special ship or award?

  6. Mate, when you get excited ,you sound like a sheila. But next to jingle, you’re the best.

  7. Lemme help you give a middle finger to all those nonbelievers 😀 Congratz Flambass, you crazy crazy man!

  8. John Chucky Tomlinson

    CONGRATS Flambass, my wife and i have been supporters, since August of last year.. So happy you ranked out for this season, and we love your skills and your content.. Your very entertaining.. Thank you as always…..🚢💯

  9. Congratulations to rank one 👍

  10. Congrats, i am rank 2 now, hope it wont take me as long as u did xD

  11. andreas pedersen

    Congratz m8)! Have (just) reached rank 4 after falling from 5 to 8 1,5 week ago. I have hopes for 1. but need to be realtistc too 🙂 Have a Nice weekend! -Ansepe74-

  12. Alexandr Abramovsky

    Well, grats, Mr.Flambass!:)

  13. Congrats man, you deserved it o7

  14. GG Flambass!!! Congrats

  15. So ranked is over now? I can start watching your channel again?

  16. Well done, Flambass. I’ve loved the videos. Such a fantastic learning opportunity for me and some great plays by yourself.

  17. Gratz Flambass … I chickened out again 🙂 I have the ships but I lack the dedication … and skill I’d say as well …

  18. Meme Merchant Freddy

    Congrats you little glass cage of emotions! The me and the gf had lots of fun watching your journey. It was funny as hell to hear the joy in your voice at seeing your radar superiority 😀

  19. I agree… In this season in a DD you have 2 choice. Either you do what is necessary for the team to win, and carry them hard, but in this case you loose your star if the game is lost, OR you can be a selfish a**hole, gather XP like mad, save your stars, and hope for an occasional victory. I prefer to do the first, because that is more fun for me. That is the reason I prefer DD play. But that also means in this season that I will never rank up to the top.

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