World of Warships: Ranked Is Too Hard 3

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Ranked Sprint in the Nicholas is hard. Sometimes even too hard. The third video in the series.

World of Warships footage of the tier 5 American destroyer Nicholas.

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  1. Dangit. I messed up at the end: the patreon scroll by is too fast while the other one stays for too long. Mixed it up. I don’t think it’s worth a 40 minute rerender.

  2. god damn it you uploaded this video just when i started doing my homework… i guess school can wait 😛

  3. Torps hitting friendly are definitely your fault. You could have held your torps for longer and fired them safely. Whether your torps are detected for a long time or not, it’s your responsibility on where you fire them.

    • Agreed. Never torp into a BB brawl.

    • Well, no, there would’ve been no point in holding the torpedoes longer, because by that point the objective of launching the torpedoes would’ve failed anyway, which was to keep the König from dying. In fact, I should’ve launched my torpedoes even earlier for that. So if I had held my torpedoes for even longer then there would’ve been no point to launch them at all, as our König would be dead anyway.

    • +Aerroon you dont hit your target sr, you miss and hit one ally just dont torp your ally back…

    • +Aerroon Arrogant play. Bad torps period…they were a waste and unnecessary. You had the texas with guns easily and you failed to anticipate where the texas would turn. Stop trying to justify it.

    • Then that defeats the purpose of team play. I guess thats why some players just sit and watch quitely in concealment while the enemy team takes a team mate apart.

  4. I think that NY was largely on you. I do buy your argument that a high risk spread had its merits, but in the end I think I wouldn’t have done the same. The problem was that your torps forced him to move in a straight line, which was a wrong call. A sharp turn in front of the island would have kept him alive.

    Ofc; it could very well be that the NY player was going to make that mistake anyway, but your torps forced his hand.

    • Sure, but he could’ve also just slowed down. He wouldn’t have had to do any turns and would’ve been safe from the torpedoes.

    • Look again at the brawl. The NY have no idea what he was doing. I would have assumed he turn left because his gun were facing that way and a left turn would also prevent enemy BB get his broadside. BUT instead he turns right exposing his broadside and consequently move into the path of Aerroon’s torps.

  5. Sorry but where U launched those torps was flat out a noob move! Especially given if you would have waited you could have had a clear shot once you knew where your BB was headed! I blew through both the last ranks to 1 in 3 days. So if it is to hard for you maybe you should consider retraining and you can start by learning how to NOT hit your team with your torps!

    • +Kevin Morrison so 8k hp would help against 4 minekaze torps

    • +fokion leile Use your brain and stop being so ignorant! Factor this in before making another stupid reply! He knew that DD was there but there was little he could do to evade it because he was forced to remain on the forward path because his own idiot teammate threw torps his way and he was doing what he could to avoid them. If he had taken the necessary action to deal with the Minekaze he would have ate more of his own teammates torps. So by all means factor that in to your debatable reply!

    • +Kevin Morrison do you really think the minekaze wouldnt react accordingly

    • +fokion leile Why are you so obsessed with the what ifs? Fact is all either of us can do is predict but I think mine are far more factual than your what if is!

    • +Kevin Morrison well now you enter the zone of subjectivity. Plus the minekaze wouldnt have followed the same steps to torp the ny. Anyways, we’re both wrong. Good night

  6. I was like ranked? We have clan battles

  7. I really liked the ending with the little horn hoot while sailing into the sunset

  8. Notice how when you take a cap in a DD then all the BBs go there instead of pushing another cap. It’s like they feel they have to sit there for a while first.

  9. Knowing that torpedoes is coming for a really long time still forces your friendly New York to take measures to evade them and that also forces him out in front of the enemy torps. You can try to justify it how much you want, it was still a poor thing to do.

    • How does it force him in front of the enemy torps? He could’ve literally just slowed down.

    • BB made the wrong move. If he continued turning left, which he should have done, instead of turning right and exposing his broadside, he would be safe. No one seems to notice the NY guns were facing left. If he turn left, he would have his guns on the enemy BB without exposing his broadside and ofcourse turning left would also take him away from the torps and the group of enemy ships.

    • He might have been able to stop but having torps incoming surely limits his options in general since he has to evade and most probably took a bit of focus from other parts of the battle.

    • I’m not saying the New York did the best choices and that he could not have other choices that might have been better. I’m just saying that the incoming torps limits his options and that those torps were too risky to launch from the second line. That is my opinion.

  10. You had a tough game becoz your team’s 2 DD at B died. No idea how they died when the 3 of you ganged up on that lone enemy DD.

  11. First!


    Wow….youtube took 5 hours to post that comment…

  12. Seems like alot of jerks are trying to pick on Aerroon’s torps when the stupid NY was the one making the mistake. NY turned left, Aerroon drops torps. NY should have continued to turn left. It was the right move since his guns were already facing that side, but for some stupid reasoning NY counter turn to the right. This takes him towards the group of enemy ship and expose his broadside to enemy BB, and also takes him into Aerroon’s torp path.

    I often run into BB players like this who have no awareness of their surrounding.

    • Nah, they’re not jerks. They’re just not thinking of the reason the torpedoes were fired. I could’ve probably explained it better. I’m not blameless in the situation either, but the ideal was to sink the enemy BB before she sinks our Iron Duke. Unfortunately I fired my torpedoes too late for that to even be a possibility.

    • Maybe the”jaws” is a better term. They smell blood and they are coming in for the kill. No matter how right you are they will never see it. I doubt most of them are regular viewers.

    • When you torp your teammate, it is ALWAYS your fault. I prefer DD play, but when you launch, it is your responsibility to ensure you aren’t going to hit your own side. You know, play like a team, be a responsible teammate.

      I really hope I am never on your side if you have torps.

  13. Good effort Man! I loved the Nick in ranked.

  14. Christopher Jonasson


  15. Okhotnik will overperform

  16. Those torps where not ok.

  17. braindead teams are hard

  18. u pretty much locked ur new york and that was enough for him to tke enemy torps AND ur torps.
    it was reckless and the moment u shot them i thought wow thats a problem for a ship who is focusing in a brawlfight and cant maneuvre anymore.
    he even tried to avoid the enemy torps that why he ate ur torps but he ha no maneuverable ship like a dd.

  19. Admit it – you lost the game for your team when you torped your teammate.

  20. nice game…i dont have an issue with the torps…he was dead anyway….im more worried at 1:11 the minekaze was spotted and you sailed off instead of supporting your other dd, since the 1st died earlier. If you had stayed and peppered the minekaze battle might have gone differently.

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