World of warships – RANKED NIGHTMARE

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This ranked season is SUPER hard if you’re a DD player cause everything is made and equipped to kill you. The radars are lasting far too long and the range on them is rather long as well, there’s torps buzzing everywhere and BB AP is just w8ing to touch you. Cruisers have a lot of rapid firing guns and everything is looking at you.
It is almost impossible to save the star so you either play for a win or you’re going down.


  1. When`s your birthday? xD

  2. Super unicum player?

    • It’s something like the top 5% of the playerbase (not sure), Super Unicum is the top player’s category on stat sites like
      Players over 1800 WTR are super unicum, your rating is calculated by taking every player’s kill/battle ratio, winrate, avg damage and comparing that average to your individual score.

  3. Flambass, even noob can have a wild torpedo to take down super unicum player. #edit Dont get me wrong, was saying about your talk on the start 😀

  4. Congratz! Damn your back must hurt!

  5. andreas pedersen

    WP Flambass… WP! 🙂

  6. Epic showdown!

  7. I love to watch how you keep your head cool when shit hits the fan. You keep this game alive man!

  8. Richard Hutchings

    Total Domination!!!

  9. Nice torps there, can’t believe u lived. Well done.

    • The living part was what surprised me as well 😉

    • “Gotcha b*tch” LOL. Looks like you switched from the Gearing to the Yueyang lately.

    • I would too. Spent forever to finally get a gearing, I hardly play it due to economics & all the radar. Maybe when I get enough free commander XP to get to a 15 point + captain on it (10 point now). My Fletcher w/19 point captain carries OK, but… all those other DDs with hydro or radar….

  10. Caught in the landslide no escape from reality

  11. also playing dd only in ranked… this season IS a nightmare for sure

  12. i reached rank 1 a couple of days ago, and when i jumped from rank 2 to 1 i thought i had to play 5 more battles, you can NOT imagine the backwards jump i made in my chair after receiving the reward, good luck fam

  13. I agree on the MM should balance the radar ships, it was a painful experience for any DD to encounter a radar without a counter radar on team, especially with Belfast still floating in line

  14. On Your Mark Get Set Drone

    New matchmaking solution. Add up each players rating and make each team have within the same TOTAL rating.

  15. Helleva carry Flambass, holy moly! Thought you were toast when enemy Yang showed up, well played.

  16. 50Sfumature DiNiente

    Oh my god! This is the best wows match i ever seen! Keep the great content flamb ;D

  17. Amazing match. Cool under pressure.

  18. NIIIICE!

  19. Destroyer Inazuma

    “Ranked game that seemed bez veze” 0_0

  20. What a game….well done.

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