World of Warships- Ranked Rage Quit

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Ranked got the better of me this time, two wins against 6 losses.

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  1. how to be good in ranked battles… CV, kremlin, stalingrad, smolensk… thank me later

  2. The Budgie Admiral

    Ranked has always been a team gamemode in a singleplayer game, with questionable mechanics and too much RNG, and it shows more this season than ever before. I recently got my DM, and while it’s fun to delete Stalingrads when they mess up or citadel Smolensks from max range, it never is enough to reliably win games. Saving a star is good in concept, until the end of the game becomes a race *against* your teammates who can deal the most damage instead of trying to win *with* them.

    I’m not enjoying Ranked anymore, and, as cool as Neustrashimy sounds, the frustration just ain’t worth it. Flint will do.

    • You got that right, in Ranked, you have to communicate and be 100% sure of where you’re going.

    • @U.S.M. Valor I am not bad at communicating and my stats don’t put me in a bad light either. However, WoWS is full of design decisions that hamper and actively discourage teamplay, such as sacrificing a smoke to keep an ally alive as a DD. The reward screen will rate credit and XP income mostly on your damage dealt still, with a few exceptions such as caps or, paradoxically, fighter takedowns in a CV. As I laid out, saving a star leads to your teammates actively becoming your competitors in the endgame in a ranked match.

    • @The Budgie Admiral i’ve been saying since CBT that as long as this game gives MAX rewards based on damage dealt vs everything else; you can forget about any assemblance of “team” in this game

    • @U.S.M. Valor communicate with fuckin usles idiots in bb bihinde island and nobs with 40% wg. Its fun

  3. The 5 games ive played so far were all wins with 100k+ dmg but wait for it…. i was in the hakuryu

    • IJN Dive Bombers are Love

      IJN Dive Bombers are life

    • @Travis Boutell I couldn’t agree more

    • @thegibbs The rocket planes are so paper thin they should just scrap the rockets altogether and just make them kamikaze planes, it would suit their purpose better

      I think the spreadsheet would say this is balanced

    • @Travis Boutell i feel like rocket planes are decent, 31mm pen, decent dmg, fast, you should always drop one round, you can play around the paperness, i still think the haku’s combined package is the best of the t10 cv’s

  4. That was quite a mild “rage” quit… mine would have my keyboard fly to the other side of the room…

  5. that must be the most calmest rage quit I’ve ever seen.

  6. Here on YouTube I always see matches where there is a kraken, 500-1000k credits and 2000 baseXP and I never get that. I never see those GD losses that I seem to be having regularly. You know, my whole team wiped out and enemy only 3 ships down… like that.
    Somehow its is conforting to see that even you (and manyfar more better players) have these also… thanks for sharing.

  7. Same here, im not that mad at the ships like stalingrad or smolensk except CV. I more mad at my team mate 🙂

  8. Ranked needs skill based matchmaking

  9. Life in ranked:, win lose win lose win lose repeat

  10. The use of rng to largely determine damage has turned me right off this game and the horrible MM really finishes it. I’ve never played a game that has so many negatives to overcome. I played since the beta and could care less about supporting it anymore.

  11. I absolutely feel your pain, I haven’t played ranked this season but In random I lost 12 battles in a row before getting a fning win. It was horrible, like why do make bad plays and not help the frickin team???

  12. Hey, at least you didn’t have a friendly Gearing smoke up an enemy Zao that was about to come out broadside to your GK at 8km…

    Yep. That happened.

  13. After getting teamed up on in the chat because I was the sole surviving Yamo with over 200k dmg, while my team mates systematically threw away their ships, I’m done with ranked. I refuse to play it. It’s toxic and it’s doing nothing to enrich my life or the countless hours I did just to get to rank 6. It’s ain’t worth it. It’s too much grinding, for what? Steel? I don’t even like steel. There’s nothing I want for steel. Ranked is terrible because the ranks mean nothing. Terrible players can make it far into the system relying on good players to get them there. Then these terrible players make it onto your team and ruin your star count. Over and over and over. It’s a constant tug of war with no real way to sway the win even if you play your heart out. I would greatly appreciate a 1v1 more as this is practically a single player game disguised as a team game.

  14. Im glad I dont have a T10 yet so I cant suffer alongside you

  15. 1:15 best strategy would have been to rush him and blap his broadside instead of falling back and shooting turrets, broadside is Kremlin’s only small weakness

  16. ‘Ranked’ is just another form of the word ‘rage’.

  17. They made American ships armor very weak! That’s why I hate this game!

  18. i have been really lucky it seems.. rank 10 in 19 games 🙂

  19. Danie Jansen van Vuuren

    Got to rank 5 with my Wooster. WR of 60%, and I’m a 55% player. The teams were sometimes rough though, plenty of snowflakes out there

  20. That YY was baaaad. But it’s nice to see im not the only one with people like that constantly on my team.

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