World of Warships – Ranked Season 4

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Two ranked battle games, one in the Farragut and another in the Błyskawica. We fight with the Farragut on Fault Line and try to counter enemy destroyers as they appear. In the second game, we fight on Land of Fire and attempt to do much the same thing. Both games are some interesting choices that lead to good outcomes for us. Hope you enjoy the games and have a wonderful day!

Tier VI American Destroyer Farragut Replay
Tier VII Polish Destroyer Błyskawica Replay


  1. 17:40 Blyskawica is PROBABLY the best all around DD at tier 7, because she
    is similar to the US DDs, with a lower RoF, but more guns with much better
    velocity, and even better accuracy, at just 98 meters of dispersion at 12km!

    THEN she even has 8km torpedoes, which can be launched from stealth, and
    these torpedoes do a good but more damage than tier 7 and even 8 (IIRC) US
    Torpedoes do, per torpedo. AND they reload in 70 seconds stocks al, of
    which combines to make for an AWESOME all around package!

    What I say to EVERYONE regarding the Blyskawica, is that; IF you are both
    comfortable with, and do well in either US or Russian DDS from tier 5 up,

    Even surpassing the Murmansk, the long time reigning king of value for

    But as the Blyskawica is a tier 7, she make roughly the same money as the
    tier 8 premiums, while costing HALF the money! And while being one of the
    most FUN premiums in the game as well!

    Currently, I have been having a VERY hard time getting away from my
    Blyskawica and my Moltov! I just have so much fun in them, and earn so much
    money, that I tend to neglect my main grinds! But then, those are FAR from
    the only premiums I own that I enjoy playing so very much that I play them
    too much!

    Those would have to be: Murmansk, Molotov, Fujin, Blyskawica, Atlanta,
    Atago, and Kutuzov – ALL of those ships have distinctive play styles, and I
    enjoy all of them so much!

  2. WOT scales up to 4K perfectly. So information about all WG products is

  3. I LOVE, I mean really LOVE my Blyskawica! And I would probably play ranked
    in her IF I had at least Demolition Expert, but ideally that and
    Concealment Expertise – because with those skills, I can only imagine how
    POWERFUL I Will feel in my beautiful Polish DD!

  4. Any idea on getting good teammates in ranked? i got like 6 lose strike
    playing ranked…. :v

  5. LOL Notser, though I have the Blyskawica, I went through the tier 6 section
    of Ranked in your favorite Ognevio which was just killing it. Don’t tell
    anyone, but the Ognevio is the bomb after 055

  6. I have also seen a rash of stray torps that I take on the nose.
    I assume you play team battles in a clan. Correct? Also use Teamspeak or
    similar? Do you ever do missionary missions?

  7. Just Those Crafters

    How long is this season of ranked battle?

  8. ranked battle is not started for me

  9. Hey, Notser, do you think you show any videos of cruisers gameplay in
    ranked? i’d like to see what role they have, and if it’s any different than
    regular gameplay

  10. Notser… You appear to have 5 guns on your Farragut, not 6.

  11. No ranked battles at eu….

  12. If only you could count on getting a good team. I’ve been abandoned so many
    times by cruisers who need to sail clear around the map, while me, in my
    Warspite, gets taken out from behind by an invisifiring Farragut or
    similar. Ask for help, nothing. Ask again. Nothing. Ask why potato
    teammates can’t be bothered to come help the battleship being burned to the
    waterline by an invisible destroyer. “Because you’re being annoying asking
    for help so much.”


  13. I’m watching at 720HD and while it is a bigger screen, things like the chat
    box are so small they are very hard to read.

  14. Is this only for NA server? Can’t see anything on asia.

  15. geraldyn sanchez

    how can i join ranked battles? evert time i click is not availble my server
    is wow asia

  16. you say Ranked battles only take 10 minutes but it takes 10 minutes in the
    que to even get a game so i gave up on ranked

  17. GG Noter,i will try some ranked play

  18. Always entertaining and informative. Thank you!

  19. Jammer68's World of Warships Gameplay

    i was somewhat excited because i haven’t seen ranked battles available
    since i cleared tier 4 in some of my ships. if i remember correctly, the
    last season of ranked battles i was too low tiered to play.
    i took the Farragut out for my first round in Ranked Battles and did an ok
    job. for my second round i decided to take out my New Mexico. the round
    wasn’t going too well for me till the end. wound up with 4 kills, high
    caliber and dreadnought. here recently i seem to be doing a lot better in
    the BBs than in the DDs even though i play very aggressively in them. i
    posted it a little while ago.

  20. lee christmasgaming

    wish i could watch videos in 1440p 🙁 to bad my internet only allows 720p
    that can keep steady pace

  21. Glad to see ranked again! also if you want some more people to play with
    feel free to pm me

  22. ranked battles again yay! : )

  23. +notser I looks so easy when you do it and it seems you always have a good
    team to play with

  24. Have enjoyed several ranked battles, though some are still not getting it
    takes a team to advance.

  25. Will there be doubloons for reward this season or did they change it back?

  26. aren’t the farragut have 5 guns only Notser ?

  27. tldr he’s promoting ranked

  28. wich sort of game was this? (co-op? ranked?)

  29. Looks like fun. Keep them coming.

  30. How the hell do I play ranked play?

  31. I love how well known youtubers gets really good teammates and increase
    their ranks fast and easy…. I’m getting quite frustrated for the huge
    amount of baddies I’m getting on every match (a lot of AFK guys)

  32. one thing i learned in ranked was to use HE to burn people down. force them
    to use damage control and knock out as many devices as possible.

  33. Is the Simms good for ranked battles?

  34. Dick butt Nick butt


  35. sadly I cant play WoW anymore it crashed on me and even after I uninstalled
    and reinstalled it just does not work for me all my premium ships and my
    amigi i was just staring to like her got the hull upgraded and everything.

  36. Yep, best ships for ranked, in my opinion are the Gremmyaschy and
    Blyskawica and Zao or Gearing. Though, there could be a strong case for
    the Des Moines since there are only 7 ships a side and that rate of fire is
    great for getting rid of destroyers quickly and resetting caps, etc. That
    said, I had a good bunch of carry rounds in my Cleveland as it does have a
    pretty OP captain sitting on it and did well with it to move on. I saw a
    few CVs early on but I’m thinking I won’t later on…Maybe the Saipan??

  37. hey Notser, from Dasha i noticed the Błyskawica is pronounced as:

    i admire you effort to pronounce ships accuratly, happy subscriber here :)

  38. yeah they need to fix 4k font scaling

    its been broken since beta

  39. So planning to get rank one for that Flint? I have tried ranked before. my
    only problem is I just lack the time to get to rank one before the season
    ends unless I get super lucky and have some massive winning streaks like I
    never have before.

  40. Does anybody know how to submit replays for Notser?

  41. MeKanism Lastname

    Fuso is 2gud in 5-6 ranked XD

  42. Daniel Eriksson

    Ranked battles aren’t up for me…

  43. Great games notser. The enemy Blyska may have had the concealment expert
    skill if his detection was better than yours. I really enjoy seeing Blyska
    games, hope to see more on your channel!

  44. What? Has new season started? Perhaps I could be more interested this time
    than the last time (only 15 battles). 😀
    Naah .. random mayhem is much more fun. :)

  45. how you earn so much xp?

  46. Notser, what do you suggest as Lv 4 captain skill for a Farragut? Trying to
    use my Farragut for Ranking as well, hesitating between demo, AFT n

  47. TLDR: Generally speaking, the average player in a DD dies too fast to have
    a lasting impact in ranked.

    I think in theory DDs are definitely the most important class in ranked.
    But in practice? What percentage DDs can actually stay alive for 5 minutes,
    or 10? Most of the time I consider myself lucky if I’m with a DD that stays
    alive long enough to cap one base and spot an enemy DD long enough to be

    It’s not like Random- I’ve been surprised at the amount of teamwork I’ve
    encountered. It’s great, but the added risk of everyone agreeing that DDs
    die first means that the DD’s longevity in a fight fell down the rabbit
    hole. People who probably wouldn’t even bother with a 12km shot vs a DD is
    now firing away, might even land a hit or two. 7 people landing a hit or
    two adds up quick, and DDs are almost always the first to die.

    I love my mean little US gunboats. I just got my Benson fully upgraded and
    it’s an absolute beast. I’m an above average player, but I am a liability
    in a DD in ranked, and from what I see, most other people are too. More
    often than not it seems like a battleship’s brute force wins the day. Knock
    out a cruiser or two in the early game and it’s extremely hard for the
    enemy to come back, no matter how many DDs they have. /essay

  48. Ranked for me is great, having only 7 ships to worry about, is amazing. You
    pretty much know where everyone is, and its jut so much more enjoyable.

  49. I’ve witnessed a bunch of Cruisers going off by themselves. Mostly molotovs

  50. 14:48 An advice from a pro(gets notebook). (writes in notebook)Make your
    battleships and cruisers crap their pants and have heart attacks otherwise
    WOWS will not be fun.

  51. 1440p too much detail… Too much, it blinds me. DX

  52. at 1:00 why don’t they hit your ship? when I play these guys have no
    problems hitting me while undetected.

  53. Always nice to hear Blyskawica spelled correctly :)

  54. I’d suspect whichever team has the most USN BB in it would lose every time
    if tier 7 or lower and ranked battle. That abysmal speed is just so
    crippling; even IF you can read the map and anticipate, you can’t do a damn
    thing about it.
    Reminded me of the T-95 TD.
    USN BB are under-performing across all the servers; in fact the USN
    generally compared with the Soviets – big surprise – and IJN.
    I’d be suggesting all players I encountered in them to stop, unless of
    course they manage to show up as enemies all the time, lol.

  55. Alessandro Calame

    Do you get any flags if you lose?

  56. Would the Hatsuharu be a good ship to take out with tier 6-7? or is it
    better to take a US destroyer for the guns?

  57. I play the game in 4K without a problem. I only have a 4G internet
    connection but I still manage 70-80 FPS every game

  58. why i cant join the ranked battles
    it says that ranked battles are not available

  59. what?! being the best on your losing team doesnt drop your rank?! omg im
    going to get to have a pirate flag finally! bout time a few seasons ago was
    so frustrating

  60. Tanker Dude (Tank3rDude)

    Nice work Notser!! That Polish DD looks like a ton of fun. Guess you have
    succeeded , I am now going to try out some ranked battles!! Keep up the
    good work, and if you EVER need a division mate I would be honored to sail
    with you. Good day sir!

  61. You know you’re in the wrong ship, Noster. Should be a Blyskawica. Haha!
    Had to give you a ribbing, since it seems every team at my level has at
    least 3. :-)

  62. Thank you Notser you have given me the nudge i needed to try ranked battles

  63. George Tselepis

    Notser do you know when ranked is going to be available in the European
    servers? I wanna play :C :P

  64. I’d kept the Farragut and Benson from season 3, so had some fairly
    experienced captains from then. And season 4 top tier is 7 – so no Benson 🙁
    I’m kind of torn on using the Kiev, or selling the Benson for a Mahan (but
    then captain needs trained).

  65. there is no season 4 in ranked at the moment?

  66. Wildes_ Walross

    S4 is started at NA Server, but not at EU, or am I wrong?

  67. Another great video Notser. I must try ranked see how many times I can run
    myself a-ground or how many donuts I end up doing.

  68. argh, now that I have the Benson and the atago, ranked Battles are only up
    to Tier 7 🙁
    nice vids as always, but the farragut only has 5 guns :P

  69. I don’t have any tier VII DDs. I only have one tier VII so far, the Nagato.
    I could get the Myoko in a couple of days probably. But not fully upgraded.
    Are either of those alright for ranked?

  70. Did you see many CV so far in ranked?

  71. ;-; stuck with a 1080p30 system at best…

  72. 1440p, nice!

  73. Ranked battles are too tryhardish for me

  74. “6 127mm guns”? Sometimes I also wish my american dds had that much soviet

  75. first time i hear proper pronouncement of “ł” :D

  76. Hello everybody have a great time and enjoy the video :)

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