World of Warships: Ranked season 5 review

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of is coming to a close and I finally hit ranked one this season. This is my review on the season and what I thought of the past season compared to this one.


  1. I’m pretty happy with my ranked season run made it to rank 10 and it was
    above my goal given that this is my first ranked season i have been able to
    participate in. I played the Bismarck for T8(given I am predominantly a BB
    player) and she did really well I even got a kraken in one match. Although
    I never really ran into many cruisers and I don’t think I had a single
    match with a CV in it. Next season I will for sure be aiming for rank 1.
    This was my trial season to see where my skill level of playing is at. I
    did notice that the matchmaking always seemed to pair up German BB’s. Me
    and my friends even made a joke saying that which ever team had the least
    number of Tirpitz’s won. There were a few matches where there was a ship
    miss match such as my team getting two Benson’s and the enemy team getting
    two Fubuki’s. Other than those small things all in all it was a fun season
    for me. I exceeded my goal with it and I am happy with the outcome. Next
    season I will be rank one and get my Jolly Roger!

  2. Hipper mostly got me to rank 6 at 59% wins and 49k damage. It’s tough to
    play though, but I had much better luck using the Hipper than the
    Bismarck. I got the Takao unlocked last night and it got me to rank 5 today
    at 72% winrate.

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