World of Warships Ranked Season 8 Ship Discussion – The Good the Bad and the Meh

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LetR;s ranked. Let’s talk . Let’s talk about the ships to use and expect in ranked.


  1. Hey Zoup and other YouTube users! Got a question for y’all: a really good friend of mine gave me 16.000 Doubloons for Xmas! Since I’m in credit troubles, I wanna buy a T8 premium ship to get some more income. I am doubting between Tirpitz and Kii. I would really like Kii, because I like the Japanese battleships and the Kii would be a great crew trainer. I would like Tirpitz because all my friends got the ship and they say that it is a fun ship to play. The problem is that I don’t have any experience in German battleships and I don’t have a good German battleship captain. Its not that I don’t know how to play battleships at all. What do you guys recommend?

    • Best T8 to earn credits is Kutuzov. But between those 2 – go for the Tirpitz, much better and more forgiving ship than the Kii.

    • But I enjoy the playstyle of the Japanese – How do German bb’s play?

    • ElasticSniper
      If the play style of the Japanese BBs is what you love (ie long range sniping @ +15km) then you should stay away from any German BB.

      The true power and strength of the German BB armor layout (ie the turtleback) cannot be fully realized unless you are within 10-13 km of your intended target. Once you reach that range, German BBs become nigh impregnable to citadel damage. German BBs are brawlers not snipers.

      I have seen far to many examples of Tirpitz drivers who hug the back line “sniping” with gun ill build for the task. Only to see their team evaporate because no one was out front “tanking” damage for the team.

      I also have the Kii and love playing her. She is not an Amagi. Her guns are less accurate and her armor layout is sub par. Her AA is amazing. At range her guns will be more forgiving than the tirpitz and you will have a heavier broadside in her. Both ships have torpedoes, but the ones on tirpitz are more usable in brawling.

      If it is available, I would highly recommend you look at the Sharhorst. She is a very good money maker and will help you learn the German BB playstyle.

      Either way good luck and fair seas!

    • Michael Fouse Thank you for this great advice. I think in gonna get Kii. I only need 3531 more doubloons for Tirpitz. Maybe I will buy those and buy Tirpitz, because I also really like brawling

  2. I want Cleveland on tier VIII already!!! It would be the best pick for this season

  3. Anyone know when or if the Enterprise will be back on sale?

  4. I will be using prinz eugen because its my favorite ship so, good luck for you on my team

    • The Prinz and the Hipper have nothing special to bring to the table. Until it gets a serious buff, it’s collecting dust in my port. Very happy that I won it in a WG contest and didn’t actually pay for it.

      You’re gonna f*ck your team by using that ship and not helping the team be productive. Seriously. Not cool.

    • it was sarcasm

    • I’ve seen someone get to rank 1 in Pensacola when it was T7, so I wouldn’t be suprised

  5. U need another class video on how to play rank by class.. role of the ship… could be funny like ramit404.. use of a white board… could use one of them… lol throw some pepper in all that salt out there…. lol but keep up the great videos …. best of luck on rank.. be looking for you

  6. My go-to ships will be the benson and chapayev for this season. The Bismarck will be another one due to manual secondaries

  7. I always like your common sense approach to discussion of ranked etc. Play what you feel works best for you… always great advice. I am at a toss up for Kutuzov maybe the Benson, and am considering the Edinburgh as well. I am just not sure.

  8. I will be in my New Orleans with low 40’s success rate because it is the only tier 8 I have.

    • At Tier 8 I have the New Orleans and the Tirpitz so those are the only two ships I will play in ranked. You have radar and good stealth in the NO so make use of that. You’re not a DPM machine like the Kutuzov or the Chapayev or the Cleveland at Tier 6, so don’t try to play it that way. Your never going to get 200 shell hits in a game or do some incredible amount of damage; unless the other team is full of idiots, so concentrate on staying alive and helping your team. Use your stealth to get fairly close and radar caps and smoke screens so everyone on your team can focus fire that enemy Kutuzov or enemy DD. Disengage and don’t return fire if your are at or just past your detection range and starting to get focused. You only remain visible for 20 seconds after you fire your guns and are past your detection range. After that you disappear or you can keep firing your guns and keep getting focused. If all the enemy DD’s get killed off I believe the NO will have a lower detection range than any remaining enemy ships, but I’ll have to double-check that.

      When I played ranked (for the first time) last season I had just started with the Cleveland and ended up with a miserable 37% win rate in ranked games in that ship. (I did much better in BB’s.) However, I learned a lot from those games and I have about a 65 to 70% win rate in the Cleveland since then. If nothing else, you will probably become a much better player in the NO and American cruisers in general after this ranked season.

  9. Lo Yang, M Kutuzov, Monarch, and no CV.

  10. Everyone is gonna play the Cancerous Kutuzov.

  11. Mogami!!!!

  12. Ranked Tier 3 I would love to see, it would be hilarious.

    • I agree, and part of me likes the idea of playing the St. Louis or Konig Albert in ranked. Unfortunately, it would also be a seal clubbing fest which might not be good for the game overall. Imagine if you are fairly new player and have just got to Tier 3. You would be facing much more experienced players who also moved 19 point captains into their Tier 3 ships so they can compete with other experienced players. It would be pretty discouraging for many new players to get their ass kicked in almost every single game.

    • Vampire, Vampire everywhere

    • I just realized I was wrong. You have to have reached level 14 to play ranked games, so there’s really no reason not to have a season of ranked games with Tier 3 ships except there wouldn’t be any aircraft carriers; so Tier 4, while still unlikely to ever be chosen for ranked games, is a possibility.

    • Okay, so how about this… Ranked Season Nine forT-III, but whatever ship you choose, you just load in with a standardized Derpski and 19-point captain. Now, wouldn’t that be an ultra-competitive environment?

  13. Dude YouDon'tNeedMyName

    Fair enough, maybe not as in-depth as I was expecting but you’re not wrong about the players knowing by now what they’re up against. Thank you!

  14. Ranked starts off as fun .. but soon turns into a prolonged visit to the dentist ?. Lol your very diplomatic we all know that ranked starts as fun ,then after the first 10 games with teams filled with wallet warriors that never play anything above t4 and bought a T8 prem with a low skill captain and slightly less skill themselves ,doing bugger all but broadsiding or hiding all game it behind some random island the frustration starts to build and you know they will all be on ur bloody side ???

  15. Everyone knows the 203 Mogami is the best ship!

  16. NC/Bama will be my main. Might do some Tirp and Atago to switch things up

  17. I don’t play ranked, it’s too frustrating and I hate being limited to a specific tier, I’ve got multiple ships I need to grind and I’d rather do that then the urethral swabbing that is ranked (it’s about as painful to experience as a swabbing, that’s for sure)

  18. I’m a Kutuzov skipper, got three different captains for her all at 19 skill point, a DD killer, BB burner and a CV plane killer. Kutuzov has always been best girl.

  19. “Kutuzov has no downside.”

    Other than being a completely team dependent support ship, Yea. no downsides…

    I’m sure it will do fantastic and finish at the bottom, like cruisers tend to do in Ranked.

  20. TheGuardianofAzarath

    “You’re not gonna see a New Orleans” heh, right. I had a NO on my team during my first ranked battle today, also had a border hugging AFK atago that almost cost us the game, but yeah. :p

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