World of Warships – Ranked season Belfast

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This ranked season is truly simple if you have a Belfast. It is by far one of the easiest and one of the most powerful ships to play. While Sinops are blapping everyone, Belfasts are spamming and radaring and getting everyone killed directly or indirectly.

This season would have been a lot better if it wasn’t for radars but Belfasts in aprticular. Atlanta and Indianapolis at least can’t smoke themselves up in the middle of ocean and spam you to death, it at least requires some level of team play to achieve that but Belfast has it all.

I tried a lot of different ships this season and my most successful ships were Haida (up to rank 5) and then Flint and Belfast.

Took me 88 games with 66% WR on EU to rank out in case you were wondering.

Any tier that comes in touch with radar is far less fun than tiers without radars., one of the main reasons why I enjoyed playing tier 6 and below so much.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. TheKillerpenguin

    First view cool

  2. Wow, I am so early I feel like Germany as it drives through Belgium.

  3. GreyKnight's Realm

    Still at rank 6 after 106 battles, but closing in, Belfast gets on my nerves (I don’t have one as I don’y buy premium ships) but I’m finding Fiji a good second, but it’s certainly true that one OP ships ruins everything.

    • Yeah, I played some on the first couple of days of the season and it was nothing but belfasts, fijis and atlantas with the odd indianapolis. Like playing t10, but in worse DDs >.>

    • You can’t get a Belfast even if you did buy premiums

  4. Gulaschiltis Män

    with this ship, the downfall started. Since Belfast WG started to release one OP premium after the other… Not quite sure if the Kutuzov was earlier or after Belfast… If it was before, then the downfall started with Kutuzov 😀

    • Kutuzov was a pretty early premium, like the third round of premium releases after first round & second round (Kitakami, Atago, Atlanta and such)

    • Gulaschiltis Män

      @Charlie Lynch Kitakami? Wasn’t it removed from the game for good? As far as I know, the Atago ws the first… But Belfast is pretty old already, but I rember Kutuzov and Belfast both being really op back then, just couldn’t remember which was earlier

    • @Gulaschiltis Män Kitakami was removed and replaced with Atago. Kutuzov came out a patch or two before Belfast if I remember correctly. It should say in the wiki though when it was introduced in the game.

  5. T7 Smoles with radar

  6. the only reason this season is so frustrating and sometimes stupid to play is this ship. literally even the smolensk isnt op compared to this. funniest thing is seeing players commenting its not op. like seriously playerbase is so out of their mind nowdays. Otherwise like the season alot.

    • Christian Anibas

      I had a game were my team was facing 2 Belfasts and we had 1 (or even none?!) and we crushed them! That was a damn good feeling…..

    • @Christian Anibas well yeah its not like you cant damage it by shooting and its not like the rest of the enemy team cant crumble but that doesnt make the ship less op in any way. But yeah it feels good when you fuck one up cause they made a huge mistake.

    • Christian Anibas

      @Teemu Hasu Yes, it is one of the OP ships in the game. Especially because it also can slot the concealment module as a t7. I mind the other things less, but the fact that as a DD you get caught at 8.5 km distance in a hail of fire is very annoying.

    • Christian Anibas

      I don’t buy a lot of Premiums, most of them I don’t really need in my port, but I am still a bit sorry that I did not get the Belfast. Not just because its so broken, also because of the fact that it is a historic ship still existing. But well, it is as it is…..

  7. 2:35, if that was me, i would have taken a triple underwater citadel and been devstriked. My luck is total shit like that. I’m seeing Atlanta being far more useful than Belfast this season, just shreds anything but Sinop.

  8. Belfasts are only really powerful versus DDs. For example Fiji’s can citadel you while your angled at 15 degrees.

  9. Well for me, this session is really pain in the ass. Mahan is by far i would say the best pick as a dd ( I’ve had the most success so far, such a good ship) with the shira

  10. i’m stuck on rank 10, couldn’t bother to play more than a few battles every day

    • Me too. Stuck at 10 with only Helena since it is the only viable ship i had for this ranked. It is hard.

    • @jay Vee I’m using Myoko since it’s better

    • @Chad Walker I’m still grinding the American line. I only have New Orleans, Helena, Mahan, Colorado and European DD Skane for ranked but i have better results in Helena.

    • @jay Vee I did the same early on, got to Seattle, Benson and Colorado (but couldn’t get myself to grind pensacola)
      also got skane from the event

  11. Oh the Skillfast. If only I had one, ranking out would have been so much easier…

    • Ehhh, it’s not free skill.
      It’s squishy as hell.

    • just because it has hydro, radar and smoke doesnt mean its skill less. it needs a heal too.

    • @Sarin Highwind you have to see it first to kill it. But it has all it needs. It can SPOT YOU WHILE HIDDEN. That’s cancerous.

    • I hate this ship in ranked. Most of the time he gets away or burn me to death.

    • @jebes909090 : Nah, just find a friendly (team oriented) DD, and you can sit in a smoke and farm dmg to get #1 in a loosing game. That combined with a 50% win/loss ratio will get you to rank 1 pretty fast.

  12. ranked season payfast*

  13. Owner Of All Deathly Hallows

    I am stuck at rank 4. All you see is Belfasts and Atlantas. All it really comes down to is how many Belfasts or Atlantas your team has. Every single map is small with a lot of cover, perfect for all these HE spammers.

    • Saw a team with 3 radars vs none get crushed. It’s an advantage, sure. But hardly an automatic win.

    • There’re really good players in ranked … and there’re really bad players in ranked. Could tell you a story or two. Match Making decides which team will win, the key to get to rank 1 is to save the star almost every battle.
      And because of that, op premium ships are the key. Flambass is showing exactly that in this video with the Belfast, which can just sit in his smoke and farm dmg. The higher you get in ranked, the more difficult it will get to save that star. Above rank 3 there are mostly Sinop, Atlanta, Belfast, Indianapolis, Haida and Z-39.

    • @BigLBA1 True, but premiums aren’t the only viable picks. Fiji and Jervis are monsters, Gneisenau, Shiratsuyu and Mahan, Vacquelin can do very well.

  14. Oh?just a maid passing by😂

  15. Sinop can citadel you through the rudder (unless there was desync)

  16. I ranked out yesterday and one thing is sure, smoke meta is not a thing anymore, I got pounded everytime I sit in smoke in belfast by Atlantas, Flints, DDs, BBs… it was frustrating because even when I didn’t do bad I felt like I didn’t influence the match that much and was hard to save a star, you had to play very safe even with the smoke-radar stuff (you didn’t really had that sense of safeness), you are bigger and have more armor than atlanta class so you are more likely to eat pens and citadels… so I decided to not use it and go for Hydro DDs, it worked perfectly, 110 battles with 70% Win rate on DDs, 50% WR on Belfast, 61% WR overall.

  17. I Stop playing ranked at 9 with 3 stars, too much extra stupidity from players that just ruin the win at the last minute. I have Belfast, but its a cruisier I cant control. Too slow to start, too fast to stop while smoking.

  18. Tried a number of ships in ranked. I seem to have the most success with Belfast, Ashitaka and Leningrad. Sinop is good but I find it is too easy to be flanked in that. It does not maneuver well and is incredibly vulnerable on the broadside. I raced to rank 11 with no problems. Top of the team most games, hardly any losses. Been stuck rank 11-10 for a week. Just got to rank 9 now. There seems to be a skill and ability wall around rank 10. Too many games with no teamwork, an AFK ship or suiciding players. Cruiser players firing in the open giving full broadside. It’s just facepalm every game.

    • > suiciding players

      Or players that make no sense. Like a DD last game ( only 2 DD’s ). I go to C, the other DD starts … where? … Where are you going DD? Literally goes border humping near A… Aka, this guy thinking its a good idea to flank the enemies by driving 5 minutes to the border, to stay out of any detection, without doing a darn thing! While i need to cap and hold the caps and hold the enemy DD’s and FFFFFFK get killed doing too many tasks at the same moment.
      Later in the game the DD finally moves into A, when the enemy team is pushing towards my team at C. He gets a lucky kill on a beached BB, that almost torpedo him ( yea … BB almost torps a stealth DD ), to only die on focused fire from the enemies. You know … YOLO right into the enemy group, who had nothing better to shoot at but him because our time was actually using the islands as cover ( what was the smart thing to do because of our advantages ). He dies and then starts yelling at our time to move in and other crap ( when we had 2 caps, 200+ points and 2 more ships!! ). Guess what? Our time moved in and got obliterated because the enemy focus fired our ships one at a time as they moved past the islands. And still he was bitching in chat about useless team, trowing the game etc. While he did jack/shit the first 5 minutes and only got a lucky kill. Ranked 12 … That was the moment i closed WoW and not played anymore. God this guy pissed me off and he was supposedly a clan player *haha*.

      Most games are ok in regards to team work. Most people stay together but its just frustrating to rank with losing stars. You can not play as a team that wants to win but you need to play for first position so you do not lose a star ( too many people do this ). Its just frustrating. Especially when a lot of games are you rofflestump them, or they do the same to your team.

  19. Will you post a video of how to counter Belfast? 🙂

  20. immediately changed the likes from 666 to 667, your welcome.

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