World of Warships Ranked Sprint and Making Meaningful Ranks

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I’m going to come out and say it. Ranked Sprint is the best game mode in World of Warships. It’s fun, it’s quick, it’s enjoyable and you get to use some skill. It is very much the opposite of everything ranked traditional is. One might think it to be hard to make it better than it is, but I think there are plenty of ways. For one, I think that it could be the basis for true and meaningful ranks.


  1. Removing the star loss/save mechanic would be really helpful in getting any current ranked format better. +2 for the top x of the winning team, +1 for the rest of the winners and the top y losing and +0 for the rest would reduce the chore and toxicity of ranked.

    • StArShIpEnTeRpRiSe

      That would make ranked too easy if not lose a star.
      But I agree remove the save the star option would be fair to everyone.
      However I would put fix ranks to Rank 5 and Rank 10 (and not rank 12 as right now) so it would make it less annoying.
      Because if you are now Rank 6 you know you must win tons of battles to earn the fix Rank 1, but if you start to lose from Rank 2 you still can end up in Rank 12.
      So it would be better to not lose rank 5 and 10.
      But not lose a star would make the whole thing stupidly easy.

    • Even better option: losing team everybody loses a star. If you have enough irrevocable ranks as an anker point, you can still rank out in a reasonable number of games (say about 50).

    • StArShIpEnTeRpRiSe

      @John Vdk I agree with the first part.
      But think about it.
      On both Rank 10 and Rank 5 you earn absolutely nothing.
      You has a chance to lose everything and fall back to Rank 12 but you get nothing for Rank 5 or Rank 10. Those 2 rank simply not worth the effort to reach them. This is why most of the players who play ranked stop at Rank 10, earn the doubloon from rank 11 and stop in rank 10.
      But if these 2 rank became irrevocable they’ll give something.

  2. Zoup, I happen to agree with you. As a casual player, I like ranked sprint, it doesn’t feel grindy and I’m having fun with it. I don’t have a lot of time to play, primarily because of RL and working in the NOVA area, which I’m sure your very familiar with. I like the league system you mentioned and not bumping it above tier VIII. Shoot, I think it would be interesting to do something similar for Tier V, because it would be a great intro for the lower tiers to the ranked game portion of WoWs. As for Ranked, I can’t speak to as my highest ship is the Tier VIII Graf Zeppelin.

    • MadFalcon i agree with you very much on the T5 to help newer players along. Ha i would like to see T3 and T4! I am a ship collector as well as a player for almost 3 years up thru T10. Each Tier has its own strategies which to me is part of the fun to play. Great comment you must be a wise sailor of the seven seas.

  3. Totally agree. Ranked sprint is fun, normal ranked is terrible.

    • I haven’t even tried it since “ranked” was in the title. I hated the times I played rank and was never going to have enough free time to get to rank 1 so why bother. I’ll have to try sprint to see how different it is.

    • @Yeahsure do so, I feel it is nowhere near the grind of normal ranked.

  4. rank sprint is awesome division or solo, better rewards like steel or non rigged super containers

  5. regular ranked:

    17 tier X ships (including all 3 tier X carriers)

    200ish battles

    highest rank: 3

    ranked sprint: 7 tier 7 ships, all premium rank 1 within 2 days

  6. This is a great idea Zoup. I hate traditional ranked and I’m a purple player. Long ago in season one I saw that rank 1 really had very little to do with skill and more to do with time. One thing I would add is like the save a star, you can also not be granted a star if you place last on the winning team and did not meet an established minimum XP. I think this would eliminate alot of below average players from exceeding certain ranks irregardless of the time or bot program they used while sleeping. If you place last but are over that minimum xp, you get a star. If you arent last and didnt met the minimum xp you still get a star. You have to meet both requirements to have your star withheld.

    In this last season of traditional ranked while I was at rank 4 i got stuck with a bot for about 6 or so matches, not in a row. It was a Yammy that reversed from start, spotter plane up and shot from the map edge the whole match. Didnt respond to convos, didnt respond in match, didnt say anything when a team mate tried to TK him. Placed at the bottom of every match win or lose. It was at rank 3 and probably with whatever script the player has on their game to just keep dropping into matches, the bot, and time, it made it to rank 1 and that player got the rewards without demonstrating any game skill at all.

  7. if you want to be competitive then everyone gets the same ship like the DD event going on now. your team will still make or break but MM giving all the radar to the OPFOR wouldn’t happen. make it 3 or 4 levels, so 1st is Dd then CA then BB and lastly CV. can you master all the classes? but you are only playing against the same ship as you have.

    i also like ranked sprint.

  8. Why not use the tiers as part of it too? You start out at tier 1 and the final matches happen in tier 10. Also, WG please give steel for rank 1. I’m only asking for 1,000. I have the same feelings about regular ranked, and miss out on steel. Always ending rank 5-7. But I rank out in sprint. A small amount of steel makes sense for those who do finish.

  9. I love it!!! The game is taken too seriously sometimes, even in random. This would help alleviate this some…. I would hope anyway. Thanks Zoup! Good stuff.

  10. I love the idea, the only thing I would change would be the removal of premium ships from ranked and make rank seasons possible for ll tiers.

  11. I Love Sprint. It is fun. I ranked out in 18. I was actually sad it was over. I agree 100% with your idea.

  12. Zip_Zip Reviews

    Hate normal ranked. I don’t have time for the grind. Since I always play to win the number of players playing to save a star creates situations where a win slips away because of the random team mates selfish goal of star saving.
    Sprint is way more fun but ai find the rewards too low to get super excited about it.
    Imo sprint should remain and offer low end steel payout, roughly half of regular ranked steel payout and do away with the save a star gimmick altogether.
    This will allow player who don’t have the time for regular sprint chip away at the steel wall for the steel ships. Regular ranked can remain but increase the steel payouts and eliminate the save a star.
    I like Zoup’s idea as well.

  13. Thank’s Zoup… I don’t even know what sprint is LOL

  14. I don’t mind normal ranked but your idea is much better even putting the leagues at different tiers is ok for me. Sprint is definitely a better format.

  15. Why didn’t you torp him?? And yes. GET RID OF SAVE A STAR.

  16. will wows listen.. I have a idea but deaf ears is all I find great video keep them coming … #ramit404

  17. Joshua Chalmers

    Plus, it doesn’t cost WGing any money to give out any type of rewards! Loosen up WGing!!!???

  18. Yep, I gave up on Ranked many seasons ago. It isn’t fun to play and takes up too much time.

  19. If they’d add better rewards, keep the division play and maybe some ladder based on those on other competitive games we have sumthing gud.

  20. Regular ranked is nothing but pure cancer and skill is not important. Ranked sprint was fun and you can bring a division friend.

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