World of Warships Ranked Sprint Gold League

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I didn’t want to play World of Warships ranked, but here I am. Loathing the Thunderer, putting up with the Meta… all for scraps of steel. Are we gluttons for punishment? Maybe. But so goes WoWS ranked gameplay.


  1. I don’t have the patience to grind ranked. Playing the same ship over and over (Jutland) isn’t that appealing to me

  2. Beated you reaching 40! Haha, in your face! (Depression insues…) 😁

  3. Sharat Hossain Shihab

    @NoZoupForYou what is your highest score given to a ship in review? Great video btw.

  4. Coolness! I’m a worse than bad player! *laughs* I hate to play the Thunderer because my poor 6 point Commander always gets focused and I end up back in Port before I can break 20k damage. At the same time 3 to 4 million in potential damage is great for fulfilling campaign tasks. 😀

  5. If they just nerf Thunderer’s HE damage and fire chance, it’ll help so much. You’ll still see ’em out there but their impact will be lessened. Speaking of Tier10 ships, why not just introduce researchable upgrades through the tech tree via XP?

  6. What do think of the blog saying we will get a special season of submarines in ranked? Haven’t been playing ranked myself last few weeks. Just been burnt out on it.

  7. Ranked this time around has been OK… a mixed bag. I’ve been rotating my ships for variety, although I do have a preference for CL’s.

  8. Brian O'Doherty

    Playing DDs in ranked, trying not to get to close 😉
    thanks for the great infomercials and great game knowledge.
    ships as rewards, that are used in the following season of ranked?
    Peace 😉

  9. I almost never have a stunning game in thunderer, never bad, but never great. I think I subconsciously sabotage myself because I feel filthy playing it. Give me the Georgia any day over a thunderer.

  10. Richard Hutchings

    Max rank achieved. Give that man some soup

  11. I love ranked because of the small teams, good prizes. And I do verrywell in the Friesland.

    • Well done! I like Friesland but find her quite challenging.

    • @Russidan yes she is but she is such a nichtmare for those T10 Battleships. I mostly get 150/250 K dmg. But it always depends on the teams. If they screw up you go down with Them.

  12. I haven’t even made it through silver yet. First match was a 180k game with confed,high caliber, 4 kills and like 1-2 solo caps and my team still lost. Was one shot from my krakken and my dd decided “hey, i have no health and this dd could one shot me, they only need 50 points to win…ima shoot him!” I want my Plymouth but its killin me getting there.

  13. Zoup! mate! it’s a game, you don’t need to sweat the small stuff. Personally I love the Thunderer even if I suck in it, one of the biggest piles of green steaming gorilla snot is the Des Moines, in particular the shiney ones, not cool!!!! See it’s not polite to stat shame or Thunderer shame, so deal with it……….. :-)))))))

  14. I played mostly my Fletcher this sprint, to Silver league. Didn’t lose a single star after reaching rank 1. What should change… get a star, you keep it. None of this up/down, back/forth with the stars. you’ve earned it you should keep it. That is what my clan is always complaining about.

  15. Steven Wiederholt

    I can’t get out of bronze, But that’s ok. I’ve decided to not pay attention to W/L, and just have fun try to do the beat I can.
    Stupid question time HOORAY! Udaloi better worse than the Tashkent? Any thoughts comments would be appreciated.

    • Well, I know you’re asking him, but I’ve tried both and I’ve had success with both of them, interestingly enough Tashkent seems to be quite strong when built and played as a light cruiser, it can also protect herself quite admirably from cvs with its speed and AA. I’ve had a lot fewer matches with udaloi, because it does not fit me that well, however I’d say it’s a good pick too, because it’s lot more versatile than tashkent. Personally I am in love with Z-46 this season, I’ve had many enjoyable games with her that ended up in a win.

  16. I’m with ya on the thunderer bit. On paper, the FDR is more broken. BUT the thunderer is easier to do well in more consistently, and at any skill level.
    On ranked, “steel-club”. I dig 8 and 9s more than most 10s. Sure, its less steel, but I’m a patient person and my clan is pretty active in CBs.☺

  17. gratz on the b-day young man

  18. Thanks Zoup. Happy 40th.
    Suggestion for Ranked: limit it to just Tech Tree ships. Of course, WG will probably never agree since whaling premium ships for special modes like Ranked is probably a nice income stream.

  19. I did not know that Zoup has an PhD in Medicin, Biology and is obviously an expert virologist! AMAZING!

  20. How about giving US DDs a little buff like radar or sonar?

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