World of Warships Ranked Sprint – The Best Thing Wargaming has Done

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World of Warships and Wargaming hit a home run with Ranked Sprint. This game mode may be the best, and even the most important thing Wargaming has implemented. It has given players a reason to play, and its an obtainable goal for players of all skill level. Let me know what you think!


  1. Really enjoyed Ranked Sprint. Managed both seasons quite easily. 20 matches and 25 matches, Although the the second season I finished top in every single match win or lose. There was no frustration, no grind, no toxicity. It was a really fun game mode that was a step up from randoms. Loved that it was tier 5 too, especially as I had a Kami ;o) Looking forward to them doing it again. The thought of normal ranked season grind fills me with dread (although I have the Black and Flint plus camos, so I’m not sure if I even need/want to put myself through it again).

    • Tony Duffy, Ring Finder, Games and More

      Awesome stuff. What server were you playing on? What’s your game tag?

    • As a Kami owner you had experience and expertise, and a ship so OP they pulled it from sale. You had an advantage many of the players in this mode did not.

  2. Depends on server… on EU it was pretty stupid… unplayable until 10pm and in weekends… to many players with stock ships or kamikaze because they only cared about number of battles/stars…

    • Wierd. I am on EU server. Was nothing like that. In fact I love it. In ranked I struggle a lot, got rank 3 and lost star to rank 7 after week of play. Now I can say sprint was perfect and I love it.

  3. Loved it. I hope wargaming will repeat it in various tiers.

    • T4 or T6 next time please. Don’t choose a tier in which some people have elite ships that others can never obtain. Tier 5 was a horrific mistake.

  4. Ranked sprint is great! I just wish we got better rewards for reaching rank1.

    • 5,000 coal is reasonable, and certainly useful for lesser-talented players like myself. Now, if they bumped that up to 10,000 I wouldn’t complain…

      That 5,000 actually came in very handy for me. Let me close off the French and Two-Year Anniversary collections and throw that sexy New Orleans camouflage onto the old girl.

    • I don’t think we need more coal, but some credits would be nice.

    • +Boobash 15 Credits you can get, especially if you’re grinding out the Royal Navy missions or a campaign. But yes, I feel like a proper economic boost would be great. Though perhaps that should be coded into Ranked itself?

  5. YankeeAbrams here and I agree this season was based on player skill not pay to win for once

  6. Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

    Tier 5 is pretty much the right spot for this thing.
    – No gimmick on certain ships (German DD hydro, CL/CA radar, etc.)
    – Any ships will be punished equally (less overpens on broadsiding target, no steering gimmick to dodge torp easier)
    – The only tier where most of the ships came from the same era

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      +German-HEAT- I did not say there is no OP premium at tier 5. And the OP premium at that tier are just Kamikaze (R), and Fujin. The other premiums are still balanced by their respective class’ weakness like Giulio Cesare being sluggish which is common for the old dreadnaughts.

    • +Trejgon And this is the definition of being OP and Pay2Win ” they are better then the tech tree counterpart” .

    • +Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing I didn’t say all PREMIUMS on T5 are OP i said a lot of them are. Fujin, Kami, Kami R,Gremy = OP . Texas = maybe not OP but better AA then any T5 BB, and at least on EU we had a fair share of CVs in Ranked. Cesare = best performing Guns on T5 . And they were all removed from the Game for this reason( except Texas). And if you consider the Matchmaker is only matching types not ships , you end up with games were you team gets jianweis and the enemy has kamis… fun fun fun.

    • +German-HEAT- yes which is why they were removed after that nerf – but saying “were so OP they had to be removed” is still misleading – at their release they were carbon copies of their silvership equivalent – the thing that changed was silvership equivalent…

    • +Trejgon It is not misleading. The pre-nerf Minekaze and her carbon copied Premiums were OP , that is why they nerfed it . But since they don’t want to nerf Premiums ( they could they just don’t want to ) they simply allowed everyone who had it to keep an OP Premium and removed them from the shop and left the backdoor ” we might give them out as a event rewards ” so nobody can claim the have been fully removed.

  7. What a struggle it was, since it let less experienced players get into it.grinding it hard, and making it hard for more experienced players. In my case it was getting very frustrating. Even in the OP GC, but it suddenly got a lot better when i changed ship to the Furry-taco.Then it went pretty fast, since i used it as a flanking, harassing, souting and torping menace.

    • I ranked out with Nicholas. This season, I’m just playing Furious Taco for the fun of it. Honestly, I really like how Sprint has been. Nothing feels completely useless, though there are some obvious OP ships 😛

    • well, the whole point was that less experienced players can get into this


    It’s alright now that I can reach rank one but removing the steel from what resources you can get doesn’t make sense to me. As now the only way you can get is clan battles. Going to take forever to get Stalingrad now.

  9. dhanushka sachintha

    the t5 ships were a real pain to play…crusers were useless and you had to have a premium dd to have a good game

    • Premium DD my ass? All you need to have a good DD game in ranked sprint, is the Nicholas.

    • sachintha I don’t agree with you on premium DDs. The problem I have is that I’ve ground out nearly every line and am long since past the tier 5 tech tree ships. And have no highly skilled captains to put in them, unless I’m willing to shell out a boat load of gold, which I won’t do. So that leaves me playing my premium DDs, which I don’t mind doing, but I’d love to have the alternative. Regardless, in lieu of a solution to my problem, I’ll keep on playing my KamiR or my Gremmy. (Actually, I’m playing my Gremmy more this season than last.)

    • I’ve done fairly well with an Omaha. Git gud…

      It’s a lot of fun in a tier V cruiser that isn’t facing down tier VII ships again.

    • dhanushka sachintha

      Ok maybe I tried the wrong ships…tried konegsberg , kirov and icurus only had luck with minekaze but then too you have to depend on team to support

  10. I agree on the Idea of Ranked Sprint I like it but its only not so hard and grindy because u have so many ranks where u cant drop below again but that brings us to the next Problem u have a lot of ppl that just dont care (because they loose nothing if they loose, they wanna try something or they just simply have no skill at all) Which in return makes it frustrating to deal with your own team.
    I sadly have no solution to this Problem but it made me Rank out in the first few days or dont play ranked

  11. Admiral Elo J Fudpucker

    I have been pushing for Ranked or Clan battles to switch around more to give us a chance to play these events with our lower tier ships, because… It Is FUN!… as I knew it would be… but the answer, when I got one, was always “we see T10 as the pinnacle of competition”.. and I was shut down abruptly… So.. it was quite the shock to see them roll out this watered down version … why they could not let it be like other ranked competitions I am not sure… but this is WAY better then nothing.

    WG seems to roll through Meta’s, but they don’t seem to see them coming and once they are here, they don’t seem to be able to work around them.

    This event has most definitely brought me back in, because things were getting very grindy with so many challenges coming down the pipe as to flood out the player… it was too much.. overload…. they need to back off as they are creating burnout by pushing so hard with so many possible activities. Now that I am a bit burnt I feel like I am missing out. I know they want to be motivated to take advantage, but there is only so much time in the day ( some days anyway).

    THE absolute BEST thing about this is NO RADAR. Radar has ruined the game for me… WG made huge changes last year in order to combat the camping meta, yet with the implementation and spread of radar, the game is once again a camping meta, with cruisers hiding behind islands… it is THE main focus of all the KOTS battles…. so getting a chance to compete without that aspect has freed up ships to interact and move around the map more. ( oh paaaahllleeeeeze get on with fixing radar.. .hopefully by making it so it does not see through islands. this one change could completely change the game.

    ..check out my own TY channel… 🙂 I support you, you support me… we a;l; support each other.. !!!

  12. Ranked Sprint was a good Idea that was absolute and fully destroyed by the terrible Tier 5 Gameplay ( OP Premiums, BB and DD dominated as all T5 Cruisers suck not gonna mention the CVs that had for once not to fear any AA as there is none on T5 ( premiums excluded)) , Rewards sucked and made it even cost more Signals then you could earn , Keep A Star System still in place ( they never will remove that) etc. So no matter how good the Idea was they turned something that could have been an amazing Experience into a pure pain and frustration UNLESS you had a Fujin or Kami then you had the time of your Life and farmed these Medals like crazy.

    • HEAT Sorry, I don’t think that it’s a question of the quality of T5 cruisers. I happen to think that they’re fairly decent for their tier. The problem that cruisers face is when there’s only 1-2 cruisers per team and there are 3-4 BBs per team, the cruisers will be the focus of attention because nearly everyone except for the noobiest of the noobs knows that they’re meat on the table. I don’t remember the gun ranges on all of them, but the Konigsberg is among the best at ~16.5 km range. The problem then is that at those kinds of ranges, cruisers are nearly useless as a counter to DDs, at least until the teams have thinned out some.

      Sorry, but good as the KamiFujin is, I don’t think that they’re invincible. For one thing, you often see many battles with at least 1 of them per team, so it’s not like one side has the advantage there. And if your team’s DDs do their job, they can keep the KF’s at arms length from your BBs with good screening. Also, not every Sprint map is KF friendly. I don’t particularly like Big Race in my Kami because there are no large open areas to use its concealment aggressively. And in areas where space is limited, your concealment is of little value, like the area in the middle of the Ring map where the B cap is placed. Concealment is meaningless there if an enemy DD decides to come in after you.

      Back to BBs and DDs. They’ll always dominate due to the nature of the various ship types. Cruisers are never meant to stand up to BBs. And when they’re outnumbered by BBs, life gets really rough on them. I think that about the only way that WG could make life easier for cruisers in Ranked would be to limit the number of BBs per team to no more than 2, or possibly even 1 on 6v6 teams. Of course, this wouldn’t be popular among BB players, but it should ease the pain that cruisers feel in ranked if there are far fewer BBs flinging their big AP shells at them.

    • +crucisnh at your last point, why not always 2BB, 2CA/CL, 2DD or with CV -1 of one of them

    • +Splashy Thing A Premium to Counter another Premium , Pay2Win much? J/K Sure can you counter anything but some Ships are simply not fun to go up against and sadly alot of them sit at T5 .

    • I started first couple games with Kami and then switched for Texas until rank 1. Kamikaze success depends so much on stupidity sailing straight lines and lack of awerness which experience players dont do!

    • Well, in furu I could get ~2 million of potential damage. But 48mm deck is better than zaos

  13. Instant dislike. Now all noobs can show off with rank 1.Any idiot can take tier 5 with no experience in the game and totally ruin ranked matches. Nice experiment, mediocre rewards. Rank 1 now lost its prestige and sense of true achievement. I got it with 67% WR, many of them just seal clubbing tier 5 inexperienced poor noobs (no offence intended} In my opinion this season was an experiment to test 2 men divisions and they should be allowed in regular ranked season. With no names here I see now rank 1 a player who spammed more 1 thousand games to get to rank 5 in previous true ranks seasons. It just shows that with ranked sprint the meaning of true achievement and pride became a joke.

    • P Kucharski What an elitist you are. The entire idea being having ranked sprint at tier 5 was to increase the number of people playing ranked. You just have to accept that increasing the number of players means that you’ll see an increase in the number of less experienced players. If you can’t handle that, no one’s forcing you to play Ranked Sprint.

    • On the other hand – it did give those of us with limited play time a chance to have fun and achieve something. Given 1-2 hours of play time a couple days per week, I know that I could never rank out a standard season, not because I’m not that good, but because I don’t have the time to invest in playing a couple hundred games in a single month in order to achieve rank 1.

      Plus I see this as a fun experience, don’t care about how good the players on my team are (yes, I’m convinced some of them can’t handle buttoning up their pants unassisted!). There’s a whole bunch of irrevocable ranks, so it’s not like your progress is totally decimated by a run of bad luck. And if you’re that good, you can carry a sizeable number of games on your own. Admittedly that final point is easier in 6-teams than it is in 8-teams. It sure improves your experience compensating for others lack of skill.

  14. I’m not so sure about this being the best thing they’ve done. T5 ranked has been way more toxic in my experience. While I don’t agree with T10 ranked battles, T5 is just too low. Too many inexperienced players cause a lot of problems for this version to be fun. T7-8 would be a better choice in my opinion.

    • Joseph The idea is to get MORE players playing Ranked. By default, that will mean more inexperienced players. You can’t have more people playing ranked without accepting that this comes at the price of having more inexperienced players.

    • Exactly. The problem isn’t inexperienced players, it’s intolerant upper tier idiots that think the game exists solely for their benefit.

    • +AgAuNEWS actually, players with little experience are a problem in ranked battles. That’s common sense, not intolerance. My point is that a player needs have a good grasp on how the game is played before getting into a more competitive battle mode.

  15. The Guilo Chesare totally hurt ranked sprint because it is OP.

    • In some cases, but I’ve blatted so many poorly sailed ones of them in ranked,, it’s ridiculous. I think its effect is overstated. I’d certainly argue the Kamikaze trio are stronger in this mode.

    • Only thing she has is speed. In straint up fight I usually bust her A in my Konig

  16. Hey NoZoup, I really like this video and agreed with your comments. As someone that has been only playing for 6 months or so, i don’t have T9 & 10 ships yet so I wasn’t able to take advantage of the past couple of ranked battles (I “ranked out” my T8 ship in the last one). At T5 most of the player base can partake and it’s not a sweaty as the higher tiers. My only real complaint with this ranked is all of the top ships are premium ships, which I’m ok with, but they are premium ships that are not available to new players. Ships like the Kamikaze R in your video and Giulio Ceasar are dominating games and new players don’t have access to them…

    • As someone who is also a newer player, I agree that it’s frustrating to try and go toe-to-toe with Premiums, see how effective they are, and then realize you can’t get them. I’d love to get my hands on a Kamikaze, or a Gremyaschy.

    • Meh, the Kamikaze R isn’t OP. It can be defeated by a captain who knows what they are doing.

      Those Giulio Cesares though…annoying to deal with. Thankfully, most of the ones I’ve faced we’re wallet warriors.

  17. Gabe Aradi War Correspondant

    Sealclubbing at it’s finest.

  18. Totally agree. A highly inclusive mode with a mix of all standards of players. Very enjoyable and not too long. Full ranked is just too much of a drag. The last four seasons I’ve said I’ll grind it out, but I just can’t be arsed every time. This was short, fun and you can help out newer players.
    There’s always a group of players who think every element of the game should exclude poorer players, but screw that, this was good fun and it encourages newer players by giving them something to aim for.

    The submarines though – damn, they got boring real quick… 😉

  19. You nailed it Zoup. Ranked Sprint is exactly as you describe it, a less frustrating form of Ranked where the rewards (going up a rank) come quickly, aka the dopamine hits come more easily and more frequently, and players of all kinds and skill levels can participate and rank out with far less time commitment and skill requirement than full Ranked. I’m having fun and it seems so are many. many more.

  20. While I prefer the 6v6 format, I can honestly say every single person in my clan loves Sprint. They ONLY people I see bitching about this are those who are genuinely never happy about anything, ever. I hope this is a permanent feature. It’s so much fun.

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