World of Warships – Ranked SPRINT & top picks

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Here I walk you through the new upcoming ranked season called SPRINT.
We will go through all the important rules, prizes and requirements together, and then decide on top and best picks for this.
You have plenty of time to decide how you want to approach this season.


  1. Me before making this video:
    Okey let’s prepare everything so we don’t waste anytime, let’s be ready and do this fast….

    Me 45mins later: Hmm………

  2. @Flambass Forgot Giulio? Also Texas has 5 turrets of course, same as NY.

  3. Did you really just leave out the Giulio? Its the most OP BB at this tier.

  4. They should have removed premium ships from this… Imagine Kamikare R divisions…

  5. The great thing about it being in tier 5 is that you can literally pick a line, grind through it and test the ship before this starts up

  6. I realize it’s just another version of the Kamikaze, but you completely ignored the Fujin!

  7. I guess Emile will be opaf cause everything overpens

  8. I don’t see how this game mode will benefit most new, or new-ish players. Unless run at the same time as normal Ranked, highly skilled players will be playing this in high numbers. Players with low or medium experience could find themselves so discouraged they may give up on WOWS. I think it’s a good idea and worth testing, but how many dead guinea pigs is it worth?
    Das Bat

  9. 3 iterations…..Fujin.

  10. Just rebought my Nicholas and am retraining Admiral Halsey in her. Woot!

  11. Νίκος Μπρέστας

    The Konig will do well too. Solid AP, decent AA, with a ood 14+ survivability captain it will perform well and last the HE spam. Bertin will be the best cruiser option IMHO.

  12. iron duke is the most powrfull BB i think even stronger then GUILANO who is the #1 choice of the most people i think
    the reason people loved orion and not liked iron duke (who is basicly a little better orion) is just because u hit t7 ships with the iron duke and then it sucks but in only t5 the iron duke will shred everything xD

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      Yeah Iron Duke is the ship I set my high score, 6 kills. Scharnhorst and several others could only get me 5 kills at best.

  13. Man I got rid of all my ships below T6, at least I have enough credits to buy what I need! Maybe then I could switch some of my captains around, or just play them with minimal skills and see what happens!

  14. The idea is good but this “baby ranked” should pass ONLY simultaneously with main Ranked t-8 and t-10. And of course, the players that are taking part in “adult Ranked” should be prohibited from taking part in “baby Ranked”
    Otherwise, the skilled players, especially in a group of two in one Division will smash the new players so hard that they might even quit this game.
    The players that took part in the current 10th Ranked season on t-8 & t-10 ships SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED to take part in that “Baby Ranked”.

    • Wargaming most likely is testing the division feature in 6 v 6, and 8 v 8. They are making it way easy for the bad players to reach the higher ranks with the irrevocable ranks being half the ranks.
      The big issue will be how the top players in division effect these matches.
      And new players shouldn’t be in ranked… It’s supposed to be a competitive mode. The biggest problem in ranked is the bad players in your team. I’m sorry, but the main focus should not be in New players in a competitive mode.
      Enough of the catering to the snowflakes. Everyone can’t have a Stalingrad. If you can’t play at the level required. It is your option to improve or not.

    • in format 6×6 a division of 2 skilled players will tear their opponents to pieces

    • +asking_price the better players will rank out so quickly with so many levels where you cannot go backwards it wont be a problem imo . the people who moan will be the same sort of people who always seem to moan and they are the ones that think they are god like players and the only reason they lose is all the crappy players in their team lol

    • > Gary Mckeon > try to understand me, I’m not gonna take part in this “baby Ranked”. I’m playing t-10 only. I took part in 10th Ranked & got 2nd Rank (didn’t have time to get the 1st).

    • +asking_price i didnt mean anything bad in my comment , i agree with you that 2 skilled players playing against a team with no skilled players will beat a team of 6 , just as they would beat a team of 12 in randoms , my point is if a player is gonna quit they will do it when they get to tier 5 and get lots of tier 7 games and play against players in those games with much higher skilled captains than they have and in randoms its game after game , in this the good players will move up fast so the playing field will level out pretty quickly . congrats on rank 2

  15. Kirov or Furutaka, the end

  16. Am I the only one that thinks the Podvoisky will be good? It was my easiest t5 dd grind

  17. You forgot about Fujin ;D
    … so 3 old minekaze’s at tier 5 XD

  18. I definitly noticed you love the nicholas somehow XD you spend most time of ANY ships in this on the nicholas… From experience though, (and I know you don’t like torpedoboats) Kamikaze/Kamikaze R/Fujin is absolutely going to be the *#1 pick, period.* why? it’s the most nimble ship at tier 5, with the best conceal, torps that reload almost as fast as a BB when you have a 19pt capt (I use shima capt) but most importantly, it’s torpedoes can wreck *EVERYONE* . It’s the #1 easiest ship to carry your team in at tier 5.
    Let me tell you how.

    Minekaze before the change was always meant to be a high risk/high reward ship. The rest you could stay back a bit and torp, but the Minekaze has that amazing torpedo speed for a reason: get as close as humanly possible to that 5.4km mark, launch torpedoes (don’t care, just fire when you can, since the reload is so short) and if you’re on target, the enemy really doesn’t have much of a chance at all to dodge them unless it knows you’re there. Even then, I’ve faught most BBs even when they know I’m torping them and their turning is simply not fast enough. Even some of the DDs have serious issues (in my experience, I’ve torped a LOT of nicholas’s with ease) dodging them if your aim is good and you launch from optimal range.
    And kamikaze HAS everything it needs to – as long as you’re a good captain with the ship – ALWAYS decide what range you want to be at.
    Next to that, it’s reload means that you can fire torps again *AND HIT* before any BB has repair up again. This means you can easily cause permafloods.
    Only way not to get torped by Kamikaze? Run away. It’s hard to torp a ship that’s running away because of the 7km range. otherwise, I don’t concider the 7km range a disadvantage, rather an advantage.

    ALL the other DDs struggle to actually deal consistant, high damage (except okhotnik, but that has other balancing factors) while trading it for other things.
    Because let’s not forget – Kamikaze’s torps aren’t just amazing to get to hit, they hit like a TRUCK. One of the highest/highest torp damage and overall *biggest torpedo dpm, BY FAR at t5*
    Kamikaze *simply has everything* (except guns, kinda. They’re still decent, but just treat them like BB guns)
    I can’t think of a single case in which a different DD would be better than Kamikaze in this ranked.
    *Change my mind.*

    • I absolutely agree with what you’re saying, and I can tell you a funny story… I’ve actually had one game (late night) where there were only 6 ships on both sides…
      … and I got a kraken with my kamikaze XD that just goes to show how absolutely savage that thing is in the hands of someone who really knows exactly how hard he can push it. But you’re right, I don’t ACTUALLY even really concider it overpowered per sé since it’s so skill based. If you torp from max range like most, it’s a very underwhelming ship. If you try to use the guns conventionally, it’s the worst. It gets you out- but ESPECIALLY into trouble INCREDIBLY quickly. But find the right balance and it’s the most dangerous ship in the entire game. THAT gameplay made me fall in love with the IJN DDs and makes me HATE radar with a passion. Because that’s the one gameplay it simply nullifies. Can’t ride that fine line between god-like torp drops and getting spotted and killed when they radar you from 10km away. F3 torps on shima would be the best thing ever if there wasn’t radar.

    • yep true. I’d love to run F3s on the shima. T5-6 the last bastion of DD torp play 🙂

    • ABSOLUTELY! They’re my favourite tiers to play still… only ship that ruins it is Atlanta ;-;

    • Nicholas is going to be a monster and the go to at tier 5. I know Kamikaze is strong, it has a lot of positives… but this isn’t an up tiered 5-7 match, where you can play back. It’s also not a tier 4-5 where you just club like a monster. It’s tier 5 only. If a Kamikaze meets a Nicholas… goodby. Nicholas has 5.8 concealment, if he’s spotted… there is only one possible culprit. He outguns you like no other. With BFT, 3.6 second reload on 127mm guns… plus increase in HP of 1750,… it’s a beast. I’m betting we’ll see:

      DD: Kamikaze (all variants), Gremyashchy, and Nicholas.

      The one underdog I think is being left out… Emerald. Remember, no radar.

      BB: Guilio Cesare, Konig, Kongo, maybe Texas.

    • I wholeheartedly disagree. Yes, nicholas has superior gunpower… but that’s the only thing it has over kamikaze. Nicholas is slower, less maneuverable, probably won’t have speed boost, smoking up DOESNT favor it at all because kamikaze can spam torps it’s way at crazy rates, all of this meaning that Kamikaze can choose it’s engagements against a Nicholas, and Nicholas can’t force engagements back. And let’s not forget (I’ve used this in several occasions to actually out-gun nicholas) that Kamikaze has really scary alpha strike guns. A lucky shot can easily chunk off 3k health, if not more.

      And when Kamikaze wants it, it can just close the distance to get torpedoes off that Nicholas simply can’t dodge, whereas N’s torps are so slow that Kamikaze can dodge them at about any range.
      But here is my *MAIN* argument why Kamikaze is objectively superior to Nicholas: carrying potential. Yes, Nicholas has great guns for it’s tier. But does it give it the kind of DPM required to carry effectively? How fast can a Nicholas take out battleships *consistantly* ? A kamikaze on the other hand, can carry *any* game with ease. It’s an absolute monster against BB’s, CV’s and even cruisers at that confined tier.

      There is, however, one reason why I do agree with you that Nicholas will have a place, but it’s got nothing to do with it’s gunpower or it’s health pool.
      DEFAA. Nicholas is a really powerful anti-plane mobile AA platform. And having a relatively stealthy DD that can disrupt a CV’s drops… in 6v6 will be really valuable.

      Also, who “plays back” in a kamikaze, ever? XD It’s a KAMIKAZE! You need to be in the thick of things, stalking BB’s and cruisers at 5,5km range, unleashing torp hell!

  19. The good thing with furutaka is the 25mm armor, you can’t be overmatch from everywhere like other cruisers at this tier.

  20. Thank You Flambass for the ” Quick ” rundown on possible ships for the is Fun Ranked Sprint thingy . Flambahuggs

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