World of warships – Ranked troubles

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Had a pretty funny match on NA.


  1. In Actis Esto Volucris

    You are such a girl and it is getting worse and worse

    • In Actis Esto Volucris

      That’s true. It is still an observation how ever and a very intersting developement. Well maybe if i come back next year you would have gone through a gender transformation. So,interesting.

    • Were you the kagero that got wrekt, or one of the two bensons that didn’t the job?? bad luck man, ive been there…

    • In Actis Esto Volucris

      Solidslam, Thank you for sharing your shortcommings with the rest of the world,i appreciate. But it has pretty much nothing to do with the observation which i am speaking of. I am aware how ever, that it might be hard for you to understand,but that’s life. Speciaaaal as some might call it.

      You are welcome to keep guessing,though for the aware people,they know what i’m talking about

    • Well regardless of what you may think he is, at least he’s not a YouTube comments troll. I think we can all agree that’s the lowest form of life on the planet.

  2. Me: “Surely not…”
    Flambass: “Actually, its a “YES”…”

  3. That troll disappearing act you pulled and that Kagero are things of legend, hot damn.

  4. well, if their DDs could hit anything you would be sooooo deddddd
    but they cant, you lucky son of a B…
    glad, that it changed your mood

  5. HANSvonSPESHUL dat name xD

  6. youre having a streak of good luck with teams…now imagine u had been on the other side…and wouldve only gone 1 kill with 45 k …..that was a roflstomp, also u can thank neptune the dude behind the kagero was in a bismarck which just dice rolls on its main battery no matter what range and the dumbass benson didnt at least trade with you.

  7. ruined stream again with garbage music!! u av no idea what music is at all!! u think rock shite music is cool when its total opposite pff couple o tracks made sense but rok music worst music ever created

    • A lot of musicians are now probably turning in their graves out of despair
      May you forever enjoy your “music” whatever that term might be in your head

    • if u knew anythin about rock music u woudn’t listen to it period man! music just plain sucks nowadays best music scene is gone forever!! (1990 – 2010)

    • I’ll never get why people get upset over the music choice of other people. I more enjoy Power/Symphonic Metal (or other forms of metal). I don’t watch Flambass for his music choice but for his sense of humor and gameplay (and Hans of course). If he likes that kind of music, good for him. And I also enjoy Flamu for showing people how to get better in WoWs.

    • i cant stand rock music period if i wana learn i dont want garbage music in the stream etc i dont wana listen to crap if im wanting to learn stuff this goes against learning man and ofc rok isnt learnin music its total opposite why ruin good streams with trash music? dont make sense to me

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