World of Warships – Ranked Understanding the Meta

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Ranked season has launched and I take to the sea in hopes of glory and some fun. I take out the and show some scenarios that most are dealing with right now. It is important to work with the best chance of success, we explore the meta and talk about what will work against it. Hope this can be helpful and fun. Hope you have a wonderful day and good luck out there in rank play!

Tier VII Shiratsuyu Replay


  1. Sorry bud but its a total waste of time trying to teach monkeys to play
    ranked. The standard of play both on NA and EU is a joke. You have to be
    extremly lucky to get a run going. Sorry to be on such a downer but im sure
    you can understand how frustrating it is.

  2. 9.51 “The flood is sticking,muhahahahaha” :)

  3. Was a bit worried as I don’t have ijn or premium T7s, but had some fun in
    the Mahan, sure you have to turn to put all 12 torps in the water, but it
    has been pretty effective so far. I’m also running RDF, which seems pretty
    rare in ranked, but it seems to help me with the detection disadvantage.

  4. I hit T10 in the Scharnhorst with a Kraken :)

  5. I think that the inlfux of Colorados can be attributed to its inherent
    strength. Powerful and accurate guns (B and C Hull), fantastic torpedo
    protection, very agile for a Battleship (tight turning radius + fast rudder
    shift), very short in length (less likely to eat a full spread of
    torpedos), fantastic AA just short of the NC, and it can easily bounce

    It’s only inherent weakness compared to other T7 ships is the 21 knots
    speed, but it’s not that relevant due to the smaller play area of ranked
    unlike Random Battles.

  6. the meta?
    1. buy a belfast
    2. win

  7. Great tips for DD play. But all my DDs except My Blyskawika are tier 8 oR
    higher and I don’t have the credits that burn so I’ll stick with my BBs.
    Also the reason people use Colorado is because Colorado has the best Guns
    of the tier just not the range and almost no one Snipes in Ranked when I
    play, well and because Colorado is jus Awesome =3 Great video!

  8. Nagato with the spotting plane is also amazing against this smoke meta bs

  9. Wait a second, what’s going on with the torp reload on the shiratsuyu?

  10. @18:50 Not a he, a she. Femennenly is one of the top CV players on EU

  11. Jon “the chef” Hole

    Thank you for da “Meta” Notser 🙂 working a dream with the Thai beer and
    WOW in the ranking thing and my baby Shiratsuyu

  12. Hey Notser what’s your opinion on the “prizes” from rank 10 to 2? WG really
    thinks those new pseudo-upgrades are great.
    Even in other things, i finally got a supercontainer and got 1 of those
    useless Smoke upgrades that nerf your ship. Great stuff from WG.

  13. Shout out to Femennenly for providing the Sky Cancer on Notser’s team
    during this match.

  14. LOL @ Dude telling Femennenly how to play a Carrier.

  15. I think WG needs to find some way to address AFK or disconnected players in
    ranked. I saw 3 just today, including one who was a CV. (Yeah, our team got
    wiped in that one) Missing one ship in randoms is one thing, but missing
    1/6th of your team as soon as the game starts is an unfair disadvantage for
    players to deal with when the stakes are higher.

  16. may i ask how you change the view to different torpedo’s?

  17. “Poi poi, motherfacker” XD

  18. 5:30 is that Femenenly? :O she’s like the best IJN CV player on the NA

  19. Hello notasir.

  20. Somehow I’m not surprised in the least you’d have a bunch of rescue dogs in
    your house :)

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