World of warships – RANKED whole match on low HP

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What if you nuked at start cause of , or bad positioning, bad luck or bad RNG.


  1. What are your Commander skills? I don’t think you’ve ever said this Ranked Season.

  2. U jebote tek sada skuzio da si iz Hrvatske xD

  3. I totally get why you dont wanna show the minimap, but why is Hans so sad?! Did you take away all his ship? I get sad when i see Hans so sad, can i borrow him for my Tirpitz for a couple of days? I promise i bring him back!

  4. at 5:10 you are now an ijn dd

  5. nice one, 516HP yet still stalled enemy push 🙂

  6. Flambass, could you please unmask at least for your youtube videos? Or are you really playing the game without the help of a minimap even for yourself?

  7. Not having the minimap to look at feels very unnatural.

  8. still in ranks 9 and 8.getting mad to see ppl wasting games that are won

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