World of Warships- Rant

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Hey guys, I was rather extremely salty after this match so take what I say with a grain …….salt.

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  1. That was only one every tier 10 game I played yesterday had 3 Smolensk on the enemy team.

    Ships like this and the double and triple cv games in lower tiers there’s just no where to actually play the game as it was designed and secondaries builds are dead unfortunately. I’m actually contemplating selling the GK and going down to tier 6 Bayern or just so I get the proper German BB feel without dealing with the Smolensk.

  2. Branislav Radojevic

    I’m back on f2p account and have 0 will to play that game anymore….it’s worlds apart especially matchamker wise

  3. Mario Wasserwachtler

    Totally agree with you. I‘m playing at the EU Server and as soon as a Smolensk pops up at your cap everybody reverses and leaves the cap. This ship is destroying T10 gameplay. BBs stay even further behind (quite understandable), a dd is essentially lost if he is in a spot within in the range of a Smolensk and cruisers either don’t have the gun range or hydro/radar range to deal with this ship. You have to rely upon on positioning mistakes of the Smolensk or on RNG to get the once in lifetime salvo with no overpens to delete this broken thing. I haven’t heard of anybody who doesn’t think this ship ist totally overpowered.
    (Sorry for any possible mistakes, but English is not my native language)

    • Smolenks owner here – happy for this ship to be removed in its entirety (coal refunded for a separate rainy day and more balanced ship ofc). Unfortunately with the balance in this game the way it is and the CV rework over the past 6-9 months its very much either ride the power creep in OP ships or die in pathetically underpowered older ships raging as you go.

    • stefanos perivolaris

      Yes indeed well said wows 2020 is like this 99.9 of the mm

    • I can’t really grasp what all the rage is about. My fires in the smol are pretty.. mediocre, stuff can delete you just as fast if radar or hydro gets you, and you can be sure, given this overblown rep the smol gets, your priority target counter instantly jumps to numbers beyond 8. Smol life isn’t all sunshine and candy, you effectiveness is pretty limited to a very speciffic playstyle and specific spots on maps.
      The Moment your flank have to push or be more aggressive, you’re useless.

      Range on the smol is pretty abysymal already, and you have to invest skills and modules slots to extend it, foregoing other usefull skills for it. Personally i dislike the max range build simply because just sitting around and spamming HE is such a boring gameplay, in EVERY HE spam ship, smol isn’t alone with this, and just use the range mod if at all. I prefer a more aggressive style, which ofc has me die more often in it, but at least i had fun (and the enemy as well, because he got to blap me)
      But yes, if they decide to delete it, i hope they don’t do a WT E100 moment again, and just take it without any compensation, or force you to take a thing you don’t want at all (I’d preffered a full TD line refund instead of just getting grille 15)

  4. Greetings Sea Lord Mountbatten. Hello. A strange game. The only winning move is not to play.

  5. I’m stopping playing until something significant is done about the Smolensk. Preferably just deleting the dam thing and refunding peoples coal…

    • @Omegawerewolfx Smolensk is very easy to be killed by hitting the citadel, normaly i would wait for it finish the smoke and get out form hiding and give it a hard hit, few times from 20K out, use big gun with a good aim, just 2 citadels one alvo, and he is out of the game.

    • Nope, they are just doing a face-saving maneuver and hiding its removal with other ships they usually do. So have fun with HE spam hell.

    • @sneaky dave heh. did you play when dds could shoot in the open without getting spotted? gearings were so ridiculous then 😀

    • MotorsportsMania21

      @Michael Mai Ah yes, the range at which very few ships can reliably hit anything. Fuck off apologist.

  6. This is daily routine in the SEA server, I’d give it a “beginner’s level” on the salt scale.

  7. Smolensk needs to go!
    Not nerfed, DELETED!

    • Deleted, or nerfed to the fucking ground. It’s an absolutely toxic ship to play against.

    • @Zachery Detweiler They need to do something. It needs a reload nerf, it needs a fire chance nerf really badly, and probably a massive range nerf. Maybe not all of these but two at least would make it more tolerable. Or, maybe, just maybe, make it so we can damage the damn thing. Why is it so manoeuvrable? Why is it so fast? Maybe taking the smoke away would make it better, who knows! But the thing can’t be allowed to stay this way.

    • give smolensk 12km range, 20mm HE pen and 4% fire chance and problem solved.

    • I think a 6 second reload or a lowered fire chance and reduced range would balance it good.

    • @Gtifighter yeah, if was like an Atlanta with more hp then it wouldn’t be such a game breaker.

  8. no, don’t apologize. cos it’s what we’re all feeling. I even own and played smolensk, tbh it bores me and I find it a dirty ship. I got the colbert, another poisonous ship, it’s much more fun to play, harder to play and I do way less damage than the smolensk. I’m a cruiser player, but smolensk is just a bad addition, and the overpens you score on a broadside smolensk is just silly too. I do love deleting smolensks in my colbert though. So don’t apologize for what we all either feel or believe, there’s too much crap in WOWS right now that is so frustrating.

    • Same I barely play mine. Braindead, non-challenging ship. Yawn Smolensk Yawn

    • I love annihilating Smolenks in my Venezia, I can get juicy 20k SAP volleys on them with little effort. But if I try to shoot them in my yammy I rarely get anything but overpens

    • Mech Franka T. Lieu

      You find it bored cause you do not try to spec and play the ship as it could be , yes the ship can be abused to be range fire spilling but that does not mean you cannot spec and play it differently

    • Mech Franka T. Lieu

      @Zachery Detweiler very well observed and here the grip no ship should be all able to power through all other ; big guns had their own nemesis and Smolensk had its own too , its not OP as many think its so just that big guns is on the other side of the food chain on this pair and the predator that should be hunting the CL (& not just Smoley) are either hiding not doing their part or simply not there ( cause people are all into needing to had the big guns but never wanting to be that CA doing the tough non rewarding dangerous support duties )

    • @Mech Franka T. Lieu I find it boring sitting in smoke melting BBs, actually I feel bad for it. now I dont play it much any more, I cant stand playing against smolensks which there are usually multiple per game. Atleast colbert offers more of a challenge with alot of butt clenching moments. how else am I to spec it anyway, you advise using no range mods and play it like an atlanta? I built and played the smolensk the best way it can be, which is quite absurd really.

  9. three fires in ONE salvo thats COMPLETE BS and yes this does show many things that are wrong with tier x in wows right now

  10. I have no T10 ships and stopped at my Iowa b/c of the inequity of premiums and the HE hell. So I play mid tier for the most part.

    I see little reason to push much higher as the HE firestorms are silly and utterly frustrating. BBs should be feared, not made into kindling.

    • Get Montana she’s much better ship. When you play Montana, you don’t ever want to play Iowa again

    • Yup stopped at Iowa as well!!!

    • @W B I don’t want to play her now. 🙂 If they could give her secondaries the German range plus radar she would be fun.

      I can’t decide what to go after next. Bismark and Vlad are next higher tiers I am grinding. Tried CVs but not as much fun as the BBs. Maybe cruisers next, dunno.

    • @M. S. I can’t quite pull the trigger on a premium yet. Would love a Bama or Massa.

    • Love the way u said that..i too long for the days when BB,s were still the studs….now we get to burn like a pine knot

  11. Sorry to hear that you had a “Character Building Session” at Tier X. I’ve watched enough Tier VIII, IX & X game play on your channel and others to know that I am quite content not to not advance passed Tier VII, regardless of my Clan’s encouragement to the contrary. Thank you for reinforcing my resolve.

  12. no you are absolutely correct, that ship is completely OP. Anytime I get stuck in a tier 10 game, I know exactly what is gonna happen. WG needs to introduce an over heat mechanic to the game to prevent this from happening. I know its a major game change but considering the changes they are making and intro duction of submarine mechanics, I don’t see why they don’t allow for changes like this. Barrels overheat after constant usage and you run the risk of damaging the guns or loosing them completely if you keep firing after over heat. In real life those guns would be red red hot and ready to burst after 2 to 3 hundred rounds fired.

  13. Insane. If it takes the concerted efforts of multiple tier 10 behemoths to sink a tiny cruiser, at the cost of what? 200k HP or more? It is way OP.

  14. I think they need to, take away the smoke, lower the range and HE chance.

  15. yep played a tx game today , took my kremlin out , full speed towards the nearest island. got halfway there before a smoke screen opponed fire , dead before i got to the island, got 9 hits blindfiring before i died 6 over pens 3 bounces.

  16. I quit playing over the last two weeks. I logged in and played 4 matches. All blowouts. Like they lost 1 or 2 and my team lost all. 4 games in a row. So I said enough, I’ll try again later. Logged in that night and lost 4 games, only one of which was at all competitive. Logged off and haven’t been back since.

    Something is wrong with the game when the damage sponge battleships have to hide this much now. If one of these HE ships sees you, and they will, it’s miserable. Rainbows of shells hanging in the air.

  17. Edit: oops, it became waay longer than I expected/meant it to be 😀 so Wall of text alert! A little rant of my own.

    I nowadays play WoWS basically because I’ve become what is in economical terms called “too big to fail”.
    I’ve spent so much money (too much) to just quit playing.
    And because I don’t have a life and friends ?

    But WoWS has become just a massive clusterfuck of unbalanced ships and classes and bad game mechanics and and a meta that changes constantly.

    When I started playing, the selling point of German BBs was the secondaries.
    In this days meta, they are virtually rendered useless.
    AND, that would be fine BUT IF, AND ONLY IF they would then completely re-design the whole line and make it viable again.
    Because now it is absolutely not worth to play German BBs, from tier VII onwards they just hopelessly underperform and that’s almost entirely due to the fact that they couldn’t hit a barn if they were inside it and they are never gonna get to secondary range because they get burned to death. (Imo tier 7&8 German BBs are only fun to play when top tier, and FDG and GK are just absolutely not worth even glancing upon.)

    This maybe an unpopular oppinion, but I really liked the CV rework. It is now absolutely more fun to play as CV. Because let’s be honest, if I’d want to play RTS I’d just go and play one, not play in RTS style class in arcade style game like WoWS.

    The problem seems to be, at least imo, that those greedy Belarusians are pushing new stuff all the time with dollar signs in their eyes, and that completely messes up the balancing and constantly changes the meta.
    I do realise that new content is needed and money needs to be made, but with what cost? The losing of old, loyal player base and fucking the mechanics up?

    They need to slow down with all these new tier X coal premiums. They need to listen to the community more.

    And FFS the bias towards Russian/Soviet ships are so fucking obvious at this point that they can’t be considered as “just a joke/meme among the player base” these days any more. Just look at Smolensk. Or Kremlins values and their so called “nerf” to it.
    That only highlights the fact that they do realise that it is op but they did the absolute minimum and just patted themselves to shoulders and said “well done boys, we nerfed Kremlin, now its balanced! What’s next on the agenda? Oh, Kleber is OP due to its gimmicks. Let’s go and nerf it’s stealth to hell then!!”

  18. I’ve been playing this game for over 4 years and have been watching CC vids just as long, in the past 12 months I’ve noticed none of the CCs seem to be having fun with this game anymore. And some of the CCs have stopped making vids. This game IMO is slowly dying.

  19. 4:15 lol the smolensk is called “SPAM_HE”

  20. I have a Smolensk. Played one random game with it. I felt dirty, just doesn’t feel right to play it. I only use it in coop to knock off directives. I’ve gotten so frustrated facing them I’ve broken one mouse.

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