World of Warships RARE Ship!

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How to Win Tirpitz & Marblehead premium ships?

Thanks for watching!


  1. Hey baron! Love your videos you do and always support.

  2. I want Diana, because love Warships….

  3. FAN LOVE! honestly can’t wait for the Kriegsmarine, unlocking that Bismark
    will be goal 1!

  4. the Diana is given with the world of warship bismark scale model kit sold
    by italeri

  5. Lasse Nipgaard Sørensen

    The Albany is a good little ship imo.. although the short range guns can be
    a little frustrating at times. Are the German ships gonna be released with
    the game on the 17th..? Cant wait to play ze germans!

  6. Patrick Grænge Hansen 1f

    it would be so nice i i would win the Dianan, it looks like a good ship

  7. £40 for the Tirpitz? Nah I’ll pass

  8. improve your aim

  9. low tier ships are the most fun 🙂
    and the green color on the diana look s great :D

  10. Ha, that was me speaking in chat and dropping my smoke early, was trying to
    type but forgot to hit enter first. Dropped speed boost and all sorts :/

  11. Tirpitz is love <3
    Keep the good work up
    greeting from Germany

  12. Thanks for all the great videos. Only reason I have any game at all is
    because of your tutorials. Hope to see you on the high seas.

  13. Baron if you press Z after fireing you can see your fire in the air, it’s
    kida cool if you do that in your videos. :)

  14. This is a comment.

  15. Hey Baron, I would really like to win the Marblehead because it looks like
    a very good allrounder and thats something that is very usefull in games.
    It also look pretty cool.

  16. if I got a new PC how can i get the ships that i hade?

  17. Great movies! Keep up the good work and I hope we can sail toghether one
    day :)

  18. Do you use mods?

  19. Really wanting to get into this game – I will eventually. Downloaded the
    installer. Do love watch watching you play though.

  20. Baron are you going to play in eu server today?

  21. Preferential matchmaking for premiums? Wow thats pretty awful. Hope it’s
    not actually a thing, way too p2w

  22. love the videos keep it up

  23. why do i not see these ships in my tech tree like the british ships etc :l

  24. playing low tier games is lots of fun, but you need to mind friendly fire
    from your team mates :-)

  25. i want the Tirpitz :D

  26. 11:02 That faceit tune tho :D

  27. sam Graaf van den Bergh

    I want to win because its a amazing ship!!!!!

  28. It is a prem ship but it doesnt make alot of money BUT its a sweet thing
    too have its special and it looks good.

  29. The Russian aurora please baron

  30. For awhile You can actually buy the Diana on the Asia Server (which is
    where i play)

  31. Please Baron, may I have any ships you have to offer! You are the reason I
    started playing this game and have watched your entire series or this game,
    I never miss an episode, and when I do! I dont…
    I have also become a massive Warships lover! all thanks to you bro! I would
    seriously love though, the Tirpitz or the Diana the most! I do not even
    mind if I miss out on your contest, as long as you read this that would be
    the best handout of anything! please never stop making videos ever! and as
    always, keep it tight ladies and gentlemen #o7 #BaronVonGamez

  32. Its fun to play the lower tier shibs when you play the hige tier shibs

  33. Baron first first of all your videos make my day whether it’s WoWs, WoT,
    War thunder (which by far is my favourite series.) and any other game you
    play! I sit there at my sub box waiting for your videos to come and when
    they do it puts a smile on my face. Secondly I see there is a giveaway for
    the tirpitz Battleship. I am British, and I find it so interesting in any
    ww2 axis tanks, planes, and ground unit weapons I.e the stermgeweher 44 or
    and rocket launcher, sniper rifle or or rifle I am just so interested in
    using and seeing what the axis units had against the allied forces in WW2,
    so I happen to have WoWs and I am currently using Japan but can’t wait for
    the Germans. Now I understand I was meant to comment this on the tripitz
    video but for me it says that there was an error writing message because
    apparently the comment section isn’t allowed sooooooooo….. ANYWAY I would
    love to have the tirpitz. But if I do not get it congrats to who ever does
    because it’s a very good ship.^^

  34. Play the Hatsuharu next, for Tenno Heika!

  35. i’d love to win it, though heads up if you pick me just send the code
    straight over to the mighty jingles so he can use it to raise funds for his
    tank restoration project. (I can’t play these games because ofa old

  36. Anyone else got a Diana like me and i didnt go to games con i live in
    Australia and it just got given to me xD

  37. Never tire of Shimakze games, Torpedo Tsunami!

  38. Imagine this in War Thunder 

  39. i think the Tirpitz was one of the 2 battleships Germany had

  40. why i want it? i like.. free ships, its that simple.

  41. dirty Diana

  42. Barron love your videos. Too bad I moved away from Tampa because I would
    have loved to meet up with you. Keep up the nice videos.

  43. What is Baron recording with?

  44. Hi Baron, I sure would like that awesome Diana…or Tirpitz…or Marblehead
    to add to my collection. Tks

  45. Baron I have a challenge for you: destroy a Maus with a t-34 85 D5T

  46. Plz give me a tirpiz!! Or anything! I am poor and homeless!! :”(

  47. Why do you have to insult my British self so!!! :'( Straight to Gulag for
    you, you nasty but MLG man you!!!

  48. like your video,keep going

  49. Sup I just came here for the world of warship content

  50. Hey Baron, Leaving my post for trying to win the contest. I dont get to
    purchase any of the premium ships because of my budget and my chief
    financial officer..aka the wife will not fund it. I have the Albany and im
    grinding my way up the tiers the old fashion way. No purchases ( . Anyway I
    like your channel and your vids..keep it up.

  51. but I’m happy to see the vid keep up the,work

  52. I sound greedy

  53. give me plus I love the German battleships

  54. Give me damn tirpitz already, TITS!

  55. Great vid, Baron – appreciate you including rare ship coverage and info.

  56. 54 minutes of premium rip

  57. Robert Huffmon (Hollow Voices)

    Er mah Gerd! I need moar ships because moar ships means moar SINKING OF

  58. More vids of rare stuff!!! Very cool! Plus I would love to have both the
    Tirpitz and Diana because its fun to collect rare things and let more
    people seem’em!

  59. A very rare pepe

  60. what so good about this ship?

  61. because the ship are awesome hype for baron!!!!!!

  62. An Imperial Russian ship? :o

  63. damn they needed to incorporate a bare-bones version of this game into War
    Thunder right now.


  65. Do it!! tell me the code! -Robbaz

  66. Would luv a Diana!! Wish they would make an Olympia, it’s so aweso . . . .
    . . . . . . ooo look, Cake!!!!

  67. I love the game and play it tones =) more or less why i would like this

  68. I’ll take a free one please.

  69. hey baron please upload black wake!!!!!

  70. I want it because….I play World of Warships and I like having ships????

  71. Its pronounced like (Deeana ) not Dayana.

  72. no fuddy matchmaking for premiums. They are getting rid of it, and said
    during alpha they would not have prem MM. too close to P2W nowadays. But
    they also said they would not keep prems at a disadvantage.

  73. Since they added a Danish warship to the game, I wonder if they’re going to
    add the Finish “Lighthouse Battleships” at some point…

  74. I want Diana, because…….. Warships…..

  75. richie thach (KidBricks 45)

    They say you can get the Diana by buying some sort of Bismarck model kit?

  76. barron needs a acuraccy buff

  77. and a code for this boat also if you please.

  78. Mikasa es su casa.

  79. Nice vid Baron!

  80. I want the Tirpitz because I love German engineering. I mean that ship is
    one of the most beautiful ships ever made.

  81. 7:30 “i need more visual ques” that is what ur mini map is for

  82. i highly doubt that we will see prefferencial matchmaking in WoWS since
    they did put alot of effort into getting rid of it in World of Tanks.

  83. This ship is just so troll. The plunging fire capabilities are INSANE

  84. The only reason I haven’t entered the twitter contest is because I don’t
    own the game, nor can my PC run it cause it sucks lol

  85. Mikasa es su kasa

  86. Really loving the 60fps on the videos Baron. Don’t know how much more work
    goes into it but I(And your fans) appreciate it.

  87. German battleships = Jawohl!

  88. I seem to enjoy the Tirpitz and Marblehead more, but the Diana and Mikasa
    also impresses me. But hey, collectors ships from a game are worth going
    for! :D

  89. One more month…

  90. hi i want tirpitz or marblehead

  91. Soviet green looks great on the Diana.

  92. Tirpiz, yes please!!

  93. james ward-gwilliam

    +BaronVonGamez i believe ships have been getting some preferential
    matchmaking although sometimes its hard to tell with amount of players. i
    do believe the sims gets preferential matchmaking usually when i play it i
    usually get top tier. only time i havent is when ive been platooned with
    fellow clan members. albany seems to as well. and i have the funny feeling
    my gremmy and yubari seem to get better matchmaking but like i said hard to
    tell sometimes

  94. So if I write this comment I am a cool guy who can win the tirpitz :D?

  95. MeowVonGiveaway

  96. why are half the premiums just omahas

  97. Maximilian Schlichtinger

    Hi there,
    just following since about a week but really like those videos mostly the
    world of warships ones but also the war thunder videos.

    Actually I started world of warship because of those videos and Im just
    trying to yeah get all those ships and this would be very helpful^^

    Anyway great videos and sorry for my bad English Im an Austrian guy^^

  98. Baronvongamers the reason I would want the terpits is that I would like to
    use to make my first wargameing video and it would be my first gaming

  99. Andrew Malliaros (Ambush)

    I want it specifically because I will feel special

  100. nice vids!!!

  101. Cool free shit :)

  102. I should get one because i love warships with a passion, and I can do bad
    things with one of em.

  103. i want one!!!

  104. Here’s my post for a chance at the Diana! I love the look of the ship and
    would love to win it!

  105. Baron, the Diana seems way too much powerful but then what Russian ships
    doesn’t even when they are cast offs from the US navy – see Omaha and
    Aurora. How does the Marblehead stack up in there? (post for the cruiser)

  106. nice game man and beauty marblehead , like videos so more upload’s

  107. Good to see you playing un the EU server! 

  108. would love to win that but no pc so i can’t play. 🙁
    world of tanks on 360 is broken and wargaming won’t fix. #sucks

  109. PLAY Mutsuki!!!!

  110. I have that ship 🙂 there is another way.

  111. Baron I wanna c u battle with the Cleveland please 🙂 it a my favorite ship
    but you don’t do to many tier 10 battles

  112. potato, gulag, beard, ill smack your tits with my Diana (if i had one)

  113. Please like so he doesn’t butcher my city :’c.

  114. What are ze sinking about?

  115. it allways good to watch baron play games like this he all ways know what
    he is on about and a funny guy

  116. Here is my garage just bought this new Lamborghini here.

  117. Can you equip this ship with torpedoes?

  118. You know WG is gonna add a Russian ship with so many primary and secondary
    batteries that it makes the St. Louis look like child’s toy in the sense of
    the amount of armorment

  119. I hope when war thunder releases ships that this is one cause it looks cool
    but would probably be easy to kill with light bombers or torpedo bombers

  120. Play the Montana plz

  121. o7 baron 🙂 I’m from germany and I’m learning english with your vids 😀
    Giveaways are always nice ;D

  122. I really would like to get a premship as I would love one.

  123. good good nice nice would please 10/10

  124. wow this looks pretty cool, good guns too lol

  125. tripitz pleas

  126. play the Myogi on the next video and pls I want the tirpitz

  127. I am a bit jealous that you’ve played the Diana and Mikasa. I would love
    those ships, being a big fan of the Pre-dreadnought era.

  128. Hey Baron, the way to judge the speed of a ship is to watch the smoke
    coming from the stacks. They literally act as a speedometer, Straight up =
    zero speed, back a little = 1/4 speed, 1/2 way back half speed etc and of
    course flowing along the back of the ship is full speed. Hope this helps :)

  129. A player confuse BaronVonGamez for BaronVonGrumble(motovlog) at 1:06 its
    funny because normally people dont know both of them even if they have
    almost the same name.

  130. Yo baronYubari has prefferencial matchmaking:)
    And I want Diana … hahahah bcause its from you YouTube star

  131. hello good day there baron love the videos big fan of your channel .

  132. Play New York!

  133. Yo man I love ur videos and I have wows too. I watch all ur videos and I’m
    a loyal subscriber

  134. It’s a beautiful little ship!!

  135. lovin the vids baron keep it up :D

  136. Need the Diana to add to my premium collection … that and so I wont have
    to listen to my buddies who already have it.

  137. Russian ship with a Finnish flag? Seems legit~

  138. [Jet-Powered]Jake GnaV M.D

    This comment is totally unnecessary

  139. german navy

  140. Chemistry´s the best!

    why twitter and not fb?

  141. Hello YouTube peeps need a hand, how do I enable the time till the shots
    hit and distance under the corsair? Is it a mod pack or is it in the

  142. Sail the Nagato

  143. premiums are allways welcome on my wargaming account ;)

  144. hi baron

  145. your my favorite youtuber

  146. just watching your videos

  147. Hello Baron, you are awesome

  148. Play the New York battleship

  149. first way, watch the video and leave a comment. (see i left a comment) I
    want the marblehead since its name is my head, i already follow you on
    twitter soooo. ye

  150. ahh baron I really would like a premium ship well im kind a collector also
    in real life I have close to 1000 model of cars ships war machinery and
    planes ummm I know Russian and I think that the trip its is just a amazing
    german engineering I really think it’s super sexy and I have depression and
    you really make my day better


  152. I’d like to get my hands on any rare ship. Because, I’m a big fan of both
    world of Warships and World of tanks, even if they’re low tiers high tiers,
    ecs. I’m also a big Military fan as well, family and friends pretty much
    all served and I am also thinking of becoming a war historian as well, and
    I love the videos you do and I love how you take the time to be yourself.

  153. Baron random question but have you ever seen girls und panzer ?

  154. Baron, I got the code in an WOWS newsletter.

  155. Woo hoo

  156. play the New York class battle ship

  157. what’s up

  158. Barón im first yes

  159. How to Win Tirpitz & Marblehead premium ships? What ship should I play
    next? Let me know!
    ●Tirpitz Tweet (Follow, favorite, retweet):
    ●Marblehead Tweet (follow/fav/rt):
    ●Tirpitz Giveaway Video:
    ●Marblehead Video:

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