World of Warships – Rate My Battle #2 – Hard Fought Comeback

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TheProfesionalNoob sends in a Scharnhorst replay, with me as a guest in HMS Hood, fighting on Trident. Not too long after, our team is in a hole, cue awesome comeback 😀 Enjoy

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  1. Hi iChasegaming, question, what are some good gaming laptops that are not too expensive? Going to college so I am looking for a gaming laptop to go along with my Mac Book Pro.

  2. Joeseph Hunnicutt

    Wow I’m really early…

    Great video Keep them up! =D

    Ps when will the next Know your ship be out?

  3. DarkLordofHistory

    Cute little images for the ratings. I like them. ^_^

  4. I hear Montreal flooding :/

  5. Uzzgub Facebeater

    I have just got back in to WoWS after the beta, love you vids they have help a lot with getting me to play better, im trying to watch them all when its quite at work to keep me awake.

  6. something in current year

    I am so triggered about him not using fighter planes even once and yet dropping below 1/4th of his life.

  7. oh good god will you launch your catapult fighter alraedy?!?

  8. Sunny in Toronto! hello from Thunder Bay watch your vids all the time.

  9. Risheen Mukherjee

    with the upcoming buff to the turret traverse, all that it needs now is a buff to the calibre of the guns, 381 to 481 or even 581mm, and a 4.5 sigma, with a 80m max dispersion. XD Its so unnnecessary! It really didnt need anymore buffs.

    edit – I like the system you have here, but about that RNGesus factor… I did see Professional Noob fire a full salvo at the broadside of a ship and score 2 overpenetrations. I think we can put that score at 2, haha!

  10. I was in this battle…it was very instructive to shadow you guys.

  11. Warner Moczulski

    Oh wow I live in Mississauga. Lol yeah it’s been raining but it smells nice xD

  12. Can you make more nautical fails and epic battles? Thanks, love your videos.

  13. More nautical tales plz

  14. Joeseph Hunnicutt

    Also I rate the battle 8/10

  15. More know your ship videos please

  16. Destroyer Inazuma

    Some textbook play here at the end! You benefit from an ally drawing fire yet you keep supporting him too. And firing at the enemy carrier even at max range was a good move. First who knows you can still land a shell or two Second the psychological effect of not one but two ships firing at him must’ve played a part

  17. My toddler kid was really digging your outro melody! Awesome stuff!

  18. @TheProfesionalNoob “this battle was fine”

  19. Boo pity bloop I’m a middle aged man watching wows ?

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