World of Warships – Razzamatazz

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Razzamatazz: Noisy, showy, and exciting activity and display designed to attract and impress.

Sounds like a job for the !

All music licensed from and


System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

If you have a replay, consider using a hosting service like

Just be aware that I get hundreds of emails every week and I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.


  1. Not first!

    Actually, Jingles, the Sims can choose between 5.5 km torps or 9.2.

    • Isaac DragonDerp

      i’ve used youtube for almost a decade, only now i’ve seen someone with the same profile pic as i do

  2. All hail the gnome overlord

  3. That bloody boat game again

    1/10 no drowning involve

  4. Hello from America!  The salt mines are at capacity sir, what shall we do?

  5. Howdy Didelly Do? You completely threw me off with that one Jingles.

  6. Uh all cruisers are tier 9? Isn’t the Atlanta tier 7 or did I miss something in the latest patch?

  7. Jingles, Raz-Rush-Aya, thanks for featuring my replay. Hands were shaking by the end of this battle.

  8. actually jingles the sims has 2 quad launchers with 9.2km range…. jingles?

    • Actually, most people run the knife-fighting 5.5 Km torps, because they actually have speed and damage.

    • ive never met a sims with 5.5km torps, and i never use them either

    • Jack I do sometimes have the 9,2 kms ranged torps on my Sims, but I do change it out to the short range ones. I just hate that it take longer to reload the short range then the long range

    • I run the 9.2 torps on my Sims, and I know at least two other players that do as well.

    • I’d rather use the long ranged torps unlike the inbred jack stewart because area denial is more important to a gunboat than suicide torping.

  9. 10:26 Sims can equip the Mahan’s and Benson 9.2 km torps Jingles.

    • they’re not even those torps. they’re 49 knots and only do 9000 damage. not the greatest weapons, but I use them a lot. normally I put my Gearing captain with torp acceleration on her and go from there.

    • Just Monika *shotgun pump*

    • Given how little damage this Missouri took from those Sims torps, they were almost certainly the 9.2km water mines.

    • wrong, dead wrong, holy fuck are you wrong. They can mount 9.2 km torps yes but they are NOT the mahan’s and bensons as 1: they are sloer and 2 they don’t hit nearly as hard.

    • well, the long range torps on the sims might be garbage, but the short range ones are outright deadly – for the sims itself. You dont want to be within 5.5 km from anything but a DD, and you dont need torps to kill a DD if you’re a sims.
      5.5 km torps just make you take unneccesary risks.

  10. Maths isn’t your strongest subject, is it jingles.

  11. You know it’s a Jingles video when Ibukis turn into Fijis, 4 destroyers magically become 5, and the Sims’ torpedo range dwindles down to 5.5 km.

    • Don’t forget the Devastating Strike award that suddenly grew a mysterious twin.

    • TehEpicDuckeh Gaming

      and also, he called the shiratsuyu that torped the friendly king george the 5th a sims

    • I think he does this on purpose..

    • Good one, Jonathan Guymon; IMO, that’s as good as “There are only 10 kinds of people in the world; those who understand binary and those who don’t.”

    • Fun reminder: the Sims has 2 torpedo options: the much more realistic 9.2km one they gave us out of pity, and the stock 5.5km that we got on release that are great at knifefighting and not much else. So he’s not wrong on THAT count. Technically.

  12. Battleship Nagato

    09:10 “And the Fiji’s got torpedoes away…” I don’t know, Jingles… looks an awful lot like an Ibuki to me! Oh well, if you say it’s a Fiji, sir, then a Fiji it is!

    • Aoba is t6 honey, Myoko is the t7.

    • Battleship Nagato

      I knew someone would pick up on that. Of course I know my ships better than that. I was doing an impression of whoever does Jingles’ ID drawings – even Wargaming picked up on that with their special signal flag, ‘It Looks Like An Aoba To Me’, although I neglect to remember when that was.

    • April Fool’s, and I suspect just last year. It’s the one I was quoting at any rate. And as for “Aoba is T6″… Yeah, but since when has that stopped Jingles? 😉

    • Zeydaan The Dragon


    • Battleship Nagato

      Yes sir. Sorry sir.

  13. This episode of subnautica was pretty weird

  14. That Fiji was cleverly disguised as an Ibuki. Sneaky brits.

  15. ShieldAgentBarton Gaming

    I was impressed by the chat in this game. Watch the chat, and even tho Mo carried this team, they worked together and strategized, and communicated well!

    • Yeah, once in 100 matches such a thing happens. After that it is back to destroyer players who managed to kill themselves 3 minutes into the match insulting BB players for not supporting them.

    • ShieldAgentBarton Gaming

      Un1qZ yup, so true

    • Karl the Barbarian

      Had a brilliant match in the Yugomo where a Z-52 and a GK started to actually work together with me and stomp the enemy team, it was glorious. Usually I just get a collection of insults when attempting it. Or people in border hugging BBs trying to order me to cap something alone and unsupported (and when I don’t they at times fire at me).

  16. Ahh the Fiji, my favourite Ibuki

  17. Between your counting and ship recognition in this video, and your… everything in the last Subnautica video, I’m starting to suspect you should put some of those salt mine riches toward a good mental health program.

  18. 5:46, I’m so bloody triggered right now.  He used his damage control on a fire that was only going to burn for another 1.6 seconds……….

    • Some random guy from the beyond

      And the miss opportunity’s he had early in the game

    • I’m very sorry about that, I was in the heat of the moment and not paying attention to the fire. I played pretty poorly in some instances in this game. I no longer use scroll zoom in the game, this was at a time before I had started to practice using shift zoom

    • TheRaptorOfGaming

      *smack* Stop selling yourself short! Jesus, most of us would have died several times over in that game 😛

    • Some advice, Razrusha: don’t use your radar unless your guns are loaded and pointed at where you expect your target to be. That way, you can get off two volleys with one radar.

      That time you used radar when near the island in the middle was also a waste. Your guns weren’t loaded, nor were they pointed where a DD might be. Even if you did spot the DD, you weren’t ready to exploit that. Evasive maneuvers to dodge torpedoes would have sufficed just fine there.

      And I don’t know why you didn’t fire at all in the beginning, especially considering the abundance of targets (especially enemy DDs) and the fact that you were already spotted.

      That said, your aim was superb.

    • SaltyWaffles thanks, will take that into consideration

  19. A Normal VidEditor

    A bunch of comments trying to make this replay seem more terrible than it deserves (welcome to YouTube). First off, put yourself in this guy’s shoes and imagine the pressure he had to have been feeling. You make those decisions in the heat of the moment and see how you perform assholes. Not everyone is Flamu.

    Sure, he made some poor decisions, but it worked out in the end. As Jingles has said in the past: In order for you to get a game like this a few conditions need to be met. Jingles features games mainly for entertainment. If you want skilled plays, go fucking watch boring clan wars battles where everybody camps behind islands and does nothing for half the game and fuck off.

    And well played Razrusha_ya.

  20. the enemy has 4 destroyers not 5. *claps*

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