World of Warships – Real Warship Genius – Captain Away From Keyboard

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A salute to those players that for some inexplicable reason are AFK for the majority of the round.


  1. LeonaTimberCompany

    I love the “I just loaded in” NO, if your guns rotated, you loaded in.
    Watch the AFKs, you will sometime see one who’s guns didn’t rotate, that is
    the guy who truly didn’t load in.

  2. HAHA Captain of USS AFK

  3. Yeah, but it’s usually their first match of the day when someone’s AFK. Not
    really sure why, but the BigWorld engine demands that game-critical files
    be loaded along with that first match, rather than beforehand.

    It’s not so bad with WoT, where less than 10,000 folders are waiting to be
    searched through when you hit the Battle! button. Warships OTOH, well check
    properties on the WoWs folder. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

    Okay, I’ve waited long enough. Notice how the file and folder counts just
    keeps going up? You know what has fewer folders that WoWs? Windows fucking
    10. Wargaming have created a file finding task of Sisyphean proportions.
    You should be thanking your PC for not simply refusing to run it.

    An SSD solves the load time issues, which would imply that these loads are
    being made directly from the HDD, unlike every other engine ever made that
    pre-upload to the RAM. SSD master race? If it still won’t load in time,
    maybe defrag.
    (Don’t actually defrag an SSD, you’ve been warned).

    Seriously, DON’T defrag. Just re-install once your file count hits 250,000.
    WoWs installer needs to hire a roomba.

    Jeebus, I just hit 275,000 files, AND IT’S STILL COUNTING.

    Goddamnit Wargaming.

  4. Hey, show some respect to captain afk … he was watch zoup on youtube for
    tips! ;o)

  5. Missing in action jackson :D

  6. Regrettably, this happens to me occasionally. There’s no such thing as
    dedicated gaming time in my house, so sometimes I have to go AFK. Hate it,
    but it’s life. I always apologize profusely to my team, but I hate being
    that guy…

  7. Is that Lord Manu? You described him to a T with this one.

  8. Should make one for the brilliant battleship / cruiser who goes down the
    middle of Two Brothers to find a destroyer waiting for them.

  9. Finally LOL

  10. lol. Potato pc. That would be me. Loads in 5min after everyone else started

  11. Haha these are very good man.

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