World of Warships – Real Warship Genius – Mr. Carrier Pursuit Destroyer Captain

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Today we pay a salute to those Captains who play in the most noble fashion possible: for themselves.

Need a cap? Need smoke? Don’t worry. That destroyer won’t help you. It can’t, because its 15 kilometers away chasing the last known position of an enemy .

You know who I’m talking about. We’ve all witnessed it. All he needed to do was cap for us to win. That’s it. But that carrier. Such an easy target. So many easy points.

Oh well. It could be worse. Actually, no, it probably couldn’t be.




  1. harsh ; p

  2. Ah…I love to hunt Carriers. C’mon, admit it , when you’re in a DD, its
    hard to resist. 🙂 ….Besides, once the enemy gets wind that you’re
    hunting their CV, they’ll break off a ship or two from assaulting your team
    to go after you.

  3. before the change to standard battles that turned the mode into 2 cap
    domination, the best way to guarantee that the game was a draw was to let
    the capping team catch sight of your CV

  4. This can be a very situational call – yes, there are many DD’s who get
    blinded by the carrier blood hunt, and other times when it’s just the right
    call to make.

    When a CV captain is using his planes to actively spot DD’s, it can make it
    difficult to cap without being highlighted for all those enemy cruisers. It
    can reduce/eliminate your ability to use torpedoes. As a DD captain, I’ve
    participated in many losses where the enemy CV didn’t get the kills, but
    was selfless enough that he enabled his team to kill the stealth ships with
    ease. My usual problem is that I can’t cap, can’t hunt and have no concrete
    leads on where the enemy carrier is and the rest of the team is melting
    like an icecube in hell.

  5. Need a “Real Warship Genius” for those slow battleships who insist on
    heading to the far side of the huge island, near the edge of the map, thus
    taking themselves out of the first half of the match due to their blocked
    LOS and inability to get back anytime soon.

  6. Pedal powered wheelchair… hahahah :D

  7. You should do a “Real Warship Genius” on the fail division that brings 3
    Kutuzovs into a game and breaks it.

  8. Less capable T-1000, practically sums them up right there and then X’D

  9. Weird isn’t it, Cap points are so easy to find on the map and they give you
    even more xp!

  10. Oh you have to do ranked players the rush to the enemy side of the map in
    ranked and get focused down.

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