World of Warships – Real Warship Genius – Mr. Shady Handshake Carrier Captain

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Time to lampoon carrier truces. These are the ire of just about every player, and Wargaming has done something about it. But I’m still going to roast it. Enjoy.

Whenever that happens. If you are subbed, you are entered.


  1. Never done this before myself but honestly can’t blame them, it’s not fun
    to have to deal with a nuking at the start of a match it took 30mins to get
    in, people do this kind of thing in general because the cruisers don’t
    support the CVs which would prevent it because there’s no reward. (this
    coming from a zao captain.)

  2. Any kind of truce in WoWS is bullshit, and should result in consequences.
    It diminishes the game for everyone.

  3. I have always likened CV captains to the arty players of WoT. They also
    make agreements not to use counter battery fire. Now it has been confirmed.
    The word, SCUM, springs to mind.

  4. Now for the scourge of the ocean, AFK captains

  5. How about one on those captains that feel the need to “test” fire their
    guns the first minutes of play

  6. the 6 people who dislike this video are shady handshake carrier captains

  7. lol thank you I needed that laugh

  8. Freakn scumbag hooker CV’s

  9. going to try carriers fairly soon. anyone offering me a truce will get my
    entire airgroup coming round for tea, biccies and a big surprise! (see the
    movie midway for details).

  10. They do this ? Hopefully it’s not too common …

  11. Awesome job soup, keep the great vids headed downrange man. I look forward
    to them every time

  12. well although I’ve never started one of these CV treaties, I am guilty of
    accepting the enemy’s truces during the days when CV fights required a 20+
    minute wait in the queue. Closest I have is setting up dumb matches of
    Secondary Battery Duels and “Ramming Fights” (Fun Fact: if a T8 CA rams a
    Midway it survives to be rammed by a Tirpitz)

  13. Oh that shit happens in Battlefield too 🙁
    2 heli/jetwhores never attacking eachother and just farming groundkills

  14. first like

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