World of Warships- Really WG? REALLY Now??

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CVs are finally getting restricted to 2D spotting!!!

on the Russian Client……



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  1. At this point the Russian and EU servers might as well be separate games. Russian servers are actually getting a lot of positive changes which are sorely needed on EU :/

    • Except the super subs. As an EU player I don’t want to ever see such a thing.

    • They’re needed on all 3 other servers. Being a bit Eurocentric aren’t we? lol

    • They legally are separate now.

      Russian ships is completely separated (legally) from wargaming in the rest of the world.

      So the Russian server is just the wows we had before the Ukraine invasion with it’s own independent development from there on out.

      They will have a ton of similarities because they would have had the same development road ahead but they can now alter those plans as they wish.

    • @professionalantichristhate528

      ​@@ninobixio6156I’d rather have super subs and not have plane spotting.

  2. Have to agree, minimap spotting is strong enough. But full information on the entire enemy cause I hit 1 + W? Nah man, even as a carrier main I know it’s broke.

    Congratulations Russia, enjoy your balanced game.

  3. I hope this comes across, it’ll make huge difference to the survival of ships early game without making spotting worthless.

    • Spawning mid with a CL in a CV game is almost a death sentence especially if there is a Satsuma in the enemy team because plane spotting doesn’t allow you to take any flank early and the middle cap is often a terrible idea in a CV game.

    • You wish. If you’ve seen flamus vid (think of him what you will, I really enjoy his deeper analysis of devblogs) you’d know that wargaming will instead add even more CVs with planes that are essentially consumables, so shooting them down will have effectivly no impact to the CV at all

    • ​@@Lt_Korois not like shooting down the own CVs airwing does anything to them anyways.

    • @brandonsheffield9873

      I disagree.

    • @brandonsheffield9873

      ​@@3men219you get points and XP for destroying planes.

  4. After experiencing what theyve done with WOT im not at all suprised WG is the shite force behind lack of good improvements in the game. I wouldnt even be suprised if all the bad “improvements” like subs were their idea which they forced on devs.

    • Lesta never wanted submarine’s… Lesta’s never wanted a lot of things, but sadly WeGreedy wants to push more pixels through people’s throats, since more pixel content means more exploitable ‘resources’.

  5. Lesta seems to know what is good for game itself, while WG thinks they know what’s good for themselves.

    This ingame mechanics reminds me so called “899” or so action, when 2 T9 BB (Musashi preferred), got into T8 CV game, getting enemy CV spotted, killing in almost instaneously, getting huge advantage for team.

    I had some T8 CV in last T8-9 ranked and I made sure enemy Mogador will get perma spot till his end. The guy complained some 3-4 min after game started, about cancer CV. Now I fully understood what it means. I just replied that I helped my team to get rid off most broken enemy DD.
    I did him just around 8K dmg with german torps, the rest did my spotting, my team didn’t complain, xd.
    (Mogador AA is pretty weak btw).

  6. i wonder if this will make interceptor’s be used more 😀

  7. I can’t imagine WHY this wasn’t implemented in-game in the last THREE YEARS!

  8. The last crop of improvements to the Lesta client haven’t materialised here. This is effectively just teasing us Sealord, shame, shame shame… 🤣

    Edit: As long as the pilot directed aircraft still have regular spotting, then that will be more than acceptable. Would be a brilliant addition to the game. But as I said earlier, shame on you Sealord… Shame.

  9. can we at least have fighters pilots being able to be planted any where on the map without using planes to travel over there to plant it……gosh that would be immersive

  10. Knowing WG out of the two things mentioned the one that will make it across will be Super-Subs

  11. This will be an interesting test, for all we know this might break CVs, If it works well maybe WG can be pressured to follow, and if it fails, we don’t copy it.

  12. Who would’ve thought after the Lesta split that Russia would get all changes weve been asking for.

  13. Wow. I’ve been wanting this change for years. Cruisers will also benefit since they don’t have to risk 50% or more their health just to get to cover. Some days I needed to walk away from the game after being dunked on hard before I would be in range of anything to shoot at.

  14. Alright Sea Lord, I’m just gonna say it… we need radar planes. Put it on a premium tier X carrier with a prototype “radar plane”. Single plane for the squadron.

  15. @broccanmacronain457

    I do think this will make a ship’s spotting plane not worth carrying it all they do is put it on the mini-map. I do not think there are very many people who can use the mini-map to accurately fire their guns. So ship-born spotting planes become a consumable version of radio location with the benefit of telling you what is out there. It will make the BB’s that sit in the back using their spotting planes to hit targets that are outside their spotting range have to get closer. It will also make angle shots a whole lot harder.

  16. Just make them visible but unable to be locked on to. If you want to take a shot you have to take one without aim assist.

  17. One other annoying factor of the mechanics, is the seemingly “psychic mechanic” of knowing that you are detected without being able to spot the enemy. Be it planes knowing they are detected so to start searching for dd or sub, or perhaps a less favorable point is ships also knowing when theyre spotted by dd sub whatever. Moreover this allows the “psychic” detected ship, to start to sail more carefully and use the last known position on map to already pre turn guns in that direction.

    + NOW on a side note, I hope this issue isn’t going to be a trend, as it appears to be developing.
    This being cucked progress in events with “free” rewards.

    Notably it would be with the “Heros” new collection where i was able to get 59/60 parts of the collection, well within the time frame and meeting the requirements, the containers stopped dropping, no last part, no many missed dupes to fill in and get the camo.
    Support corrected the loss of tokens in the same collection process, but 0 about the final waaaay over due collection piece, a hard and admittedly rare F for support.

    *Edit I met in CC games chat, another player who got 59+1 dupe of the Heros collection, before also being frozen at that point” So its not just a me thing.

    Now for the second issue, which is why I said i hope this isnt a trend, is with the Current mission to get the Cherbourg camo, for free after grind. At this time progress is cucked at under 300 base xp to collect the emblem and refuses to move.

    Battle pass still progress’s just fine, the free event items, collect and you can get it put in the time and grind the event stuff nope, that 2 in a row now.. F

  18. Fighter spotting is the most annoying thing in this game. Even if they just took that away, manned aircraft spotting is at least requiring human interaction to facilitate.

  19. Lesta and the Russian ships game is pretty much Russian only, on their server. A MUCH smaller community compared to WoWs internationally. They HAVE to listen to the community to stay afloat at this point. That’s why they are getting all the good stuff now. Meanwhile, for Wargaming it’s business as usual because we as a playerbase are still enabling them with our money.

  20. Well let’s just hope that wg sees this as a good idea and also implement it!

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