World of Warships – Rebel, Rebel

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Rebel, Rebel, his face is a mess. And it’s all the fault of that guy who starts fights and stands back to watch the fun.

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  1. 4 people of the same clan in the same team, that is just wild

  2. Professionals are predicable
    Amateurs do wild shit

  3. What the hell? are you guys sitting just F5’ing his page in case he drops a new vid? Dang thought i’d be first.. but turns out (13minutes ago) is actually 2 years ago when it comes to this comment section 😀

  4. Reckless aggression is often rewarded in all those military arena games.

  5. Actually Jingles – Austin is not equipped with a radar – only hydro hehe

  6. ZERO.THREE SECONDS RATE OF FIRE, JESUS! Admittedly that’s with Bull Halsey as your captain but that is TERRIFYING!

    At least Forrest Sherman can be described as the pinnacle of US DD design: Rapid firing guns, not the best torps but they still hit hard (BTW those are apparently supposed to be ASW torpedos IRL but as we all know torpedos are useless vs subs.), American smoke, hydro and Def AA to support your teammates with. If your teamplayer this ship is for you.

    • Team player? Lmao you sit and smoke and farm with Sherman. You’re fire support, not a team player. If you want a team player DD get the Gearing.

    • Well, it’s only in this game that torpedoes are useless against subs, irl ASW torpedoes are VERY effective

    • @Paul Wood Maybe in the future. but yeah just depth charges for now.

    • @24Ufa Very true, still never hurts to lay the smoke for your team before blazing away with your BRRRRRRRT cannons.

  7. Both of them scored the Confederate award and reduced their reload times. Whew, we could have had two little gatling guns if they had more targets by then.

  8. My best games have been with my friend who recently started playing and dragged me into fights that we weren’t supposed to win but, we did.

  9. Sherman does depend on some of the team being vaguely in the same postcode as the enemy, as happened here a couple of times if the rest of your team hides being a smoke gun dd menas you’re basically useless… having the desmo and Ohio in the same div is useful.

  10. Your commentary on the gunfight with the Austin was hilarious!!

  11. depends if Austin have reload booster or not. Also most of damage deal Des Moines to Austin

  12. Stigmati - I'm also an Autist

    Jingles, my grandfather served on the USS Somers for her entire WWII carrier, he was an anti air gunner manning one of her Oerlikon 20 mm cannon, during the invasion of Normandy he received 3 purple hearts for multiple shrapnel hits which he carried imbedded in an ankle and shoulder until his death in 2014 when bladder cancer took him. Her name is pronounced so-mers not summers, just so you know unless it’s your accent in which, my apologize

    • Hmmm somerset, midsomer (somer is an archaic [old English] word for summer) eh … cant be bothered.

    • @John Buyer No. Stop it. Get some help.

    • Stigmati - I'm also an Autist

      @Andrew Dawson Interesting except the ship was named for Richard Somers, who was a commander in US Navy giving his life with an all volunteer crew of 12 to sail into Tripoli Harbor and detonate the USS Intrepid in the middle of the Corsair fleet during the first Barbary war, unfortunately the “volcano” ship Intrepid prematurely exploded killing Somers and all 12 hands. Since his death in 1804 6 ships have been named in his honor, as well the town of Somers in NY state. The town of Somers Point in NJ is named for his Great Grandfather where every year the town celebrates Richard Somers day in his honor. Thus all USS Somers are pronounced the way his family pronounced it, the old English pronunciation not the modern language version. Perhaps if his name was Richard Summers the ships would be called USS Summers but since that’s not reality of history it is not so!

    • @Antony Duhamel Actually *her* entire WWII career. Ships aren’t guys, they are always women!

  13. great job Jingles – it was a pleasure to watch this battle with your comments – well done!

  14. Austin: Aha! Mealtime!
    Forrest Sherman: Haha, 1.5base reload go BRRRRRRT.

  15. Jingles, I laughed throughout this video. I am the one, like that mate you knew in the navy, that starts the fights. Im older now, and the fights I start are at our VFW posts (USA) (Veteran of Foreign Wars) now. I get another branch to engage in an argument with me about service pride. Then I rope in someone from yet another branch. Get them going at each other and sit back laughing. Sorry to be that person, but damn it is fun.

  16. A great game and fun to listen to your narration with lots of laughter

  17. This was fun to Watch. Despite some newbie moves by Shadow shifter.

  18. Andreas Müller

    Yamagiri also has a 2volleys/turret burst fire mode, ideal for finishing off damaged DDs.

  19. David Chrysostom

    So place your bets how many double Sherman divisions we will see in Randoms tonight? Thank Jingles, lol

  20. Just a point of interest: The intro actually sets up a premise for fun in WoWS – that there’s no CV and no Subs… so basically if Wargaming removed 40% of the shipclasses we’d all have a game we’d actually want to play… Worst part about Jingles’ observation? – I agree completely..

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