World of Warships – Record Breaker

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In which Soul_Ending_Depression (yes, that’s his name) earns himself a place in the record books, and not just for the most depressing name.

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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Just be aware that I get hundreds of emails every week and I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.


  1. Last time I was this early Jingles still made 45 min garage tank stat reviews 😀

  2. What is this a non French ship

    Smh jingles I got my baguette and the fromage ready for this video
    Get ur grip old man

  3. *WoW-* Hello, World of Warships customer service, how may I help you today?

    *Player-* My ship, eez broken. Please be fixing.

    Remember to please paddle responsibly.

  4. Sensei of Primates

    Did you just say “Ladys and genitals”? LUL

  5. 17:58
    Did I just had a stroke or did he really say “Ladies and Genitals”

  6. I love the beautiful sound of washing machine in the background

  7. 17:56 ladies and genitals!

    Ah yes, genital, that is me.

  8. i just thought yesterday watching ships in the armory: I‘ve never seen a replay with this DD. Maybe i‘ll go for it tomorrow.

    Now, today, a wild Jingles appears with a Neustrashimy replay in the sub box. ?

  9. Those final moments and reactions, though – 17:50 till the end. Sir, you are yet to fail to deliver! 😀 Live long, and prosper! Yes, yes, back to the salt mines I go…

  10. ‘Ladies and Genitals!’ Is that an RN term Admiral?

    • @Neil Newhall If I recall correctly, ‘genitals’ was used by Hawkeye, and I think Winchester was present as a character. I do remember the “germs’ variant. I use the ‘genitals’ version because of MASH, though only in company that would appreciate the joke.

    • @Neil Baird Anybody younger is in a PC generation. Wouldn’t want to insult anybody with a joke now would we.

    • @Neil Baird Baby boomers as well

    • Glenn Peterson Indeed. I mean, can you imagine casting a gay female lead in a TV show and then insulting a bunch of idiots who scream and rage about SJW, their precious dignity offended by this outrage…

      Oh wait. That happens all the time.

    • The older he gets …

  11. seriously, Jingles, I NEED to know where in the premium shop can I get the Completely Clueless Enemies consumable!

  12. Jingles, without your commentary this battle would be just good one however with all of your expertise and knowledge including jokes, this battle was elevated to the highest possible level. Thanks for that and all the best.

  13. Whenever I do a “tactical retreat”, unlike this GKF did, my (dead) teammates always think we lost because of the retreat from a battle I know I could not possibly win…

    • I’ve seen teammates complain about me running away from a flank and abandoning them…when there was me and 1 other teammate…against 6 or so enemies…with my teammate charging into them…while I’m in a Zao

    • As a Shimi player, I am constantly resetting, just to get some control freak telling what to do. Here is a notice, when they pay for my game then they can tell me how to play, otherwise STFU.

    • @Nutty31313 Same here. I had a triple fire today pushing a cap, backed off to heal, got targeted by the CV so had to dodge torp waves whilst knocking out his planes, and got called a camper lol.

  14. The user name of that Shimakaze player says it all, though: “I think I am lost”. Indeed.

  15. Oh cmon Jingles, don’t ruin my fun! Do you know how many times I surprise enemy DDs who charge my Shima and smack them with guns? The poor buggers must die of shame of losing to a Shimakaze in a gunfight.

    • I once won a gunfight with a Des Moines in a rental shima in clan battles, granted he was already on pretty low health and I was firing AP into his citadel at 2km, but I still won

    • Shima rocks with guns, as does, you won’t believe, sometimes a kamikaze, too ?

  16. The Dankest Ron Paul


    Ah. A man of culture.

  17. 17:57 did Jingles really say «and that, Ladies and Genitals….», that is what sounded to me and Youtube seems to agree because their voice recognition software subbed it the same way

  18. Chris_The_Autotech

    “Ladies and genitals” nearly blew out a rib I laughed so hard at that… lmao thanks Jingles

  19. Jean-Sébastien Poirier

    Shima name: “I_Think_I_Am_Lost”… yeah, name checks in

  20. 14:52 “you are welcome, my dumb @$$ fed you 12 torp hits”


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