World of Warships – Red Ronie

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Introducing RedRonie, a Dutrchman in a British A-Class Destroyer which is definitely something I should be encouraging! He’s a lesser-known livestreamer who deserves to be better known, which is why I’m happy to promote this tier 6 battle he played in HMS Acasta.
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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. I approve this message….

  2. Jingles using Celsius like my American brain can understand his references

    • Randolph Phillips

      @Kurgosh1 To convert, type “what is 20C in F” in google. (replace 20 with whatever number is appropriate.) This is 2020 after all.

    • @2STEPSAWAY How do you suppose it is that I’ve memorized the conversion? Learned it, use it in my professional life, but here in the States we’re special little snowflakes so we also have to learn this ass-backwards system that nobody else uses.

    • @Randolph Phillips I could do that, but honestly doing it in my head is faster.

    • @Gabriel Odom “It’s almost 13 minutes outside!”

    • it’s easy – above 20C is hot, above 30C is very hot, above 40C is fucking hot

  3. “1 minute ago” and 7 views. Nice. Edit: as both a KMS DD and RN DD player (and a not very good one at that!), this was a very helpful video.

  4. I heard the bell toll from the mines, must be a new Jingles video.

  5. Destroyer Inazuma

    The ship is called Laeticia Casta? Harrison Ford would like to have a talk…

  6. 4am and about to hit the hay….*sees jingles upload*….welp guess im staying up a bit longer

  7. Kato Ho Ten Soeng

    G E K O L O N I S E E R D

  8. You should have left you AC running, the T-22 didn’t pop smoke when being shot at, he spent it way before…

  9. Load the Stroopwaffels. I approve of this replay.

    Thank you Jingles for featuring it. It is an absolute honor

  10. I’m not laughing my arse off, I’m freezing my arse off. It’s winter in Australia and it’s dropped below 20°C

  11. here in ontario, canada, we had a heatwave recently that put the temperature around 35-40* for a week.
    during that week, and only that week, i was selling my house so i had to be out of the house for 13 hours total for showings.
    that was fun.

  12. The Omaha just used his Torps to steer his mates into the right direction, a true 200iq strategist.

  13. As a Californian, he’s totally right about the cold. I visited my Canadian friend once in March. She was in a tank top while I looked like a marshmallow had gained sentience.

  14. I’m not laughing, I’m getting frozen, down here in Australia it’s winter and it gets down to below 10 in the morning…. Although, come over here at Christmas and you can feel the lovely 40 degrees Celcius.

  15. Impossible Jonathan

    Hey Jingles,
    I’m fro Germany and I’m laughing my ass off too. Because here in Germany it is warmer than in Britain but we Germans don’t bother with such expensive innecessities like air conditioning.
    And your winters are nothing compared to your winters as well. We get like -2°C and still wearing T-shirts.

  16. All Americans gasp aloud ” 2 degrees ” Dear God that’s 30 degrees below freezing. YOU’RE A MADMAN

  17. 2°C in february? Thats cute. Come to southern germany guys, where we have 35+ in summer with incredible humidity, and -15 in winter.

  18. 6:47 we were all ready to comment an “actually jingles”

  19. No one gonna mention how useless their Vasteras was? Just sailing from one side of the map to the other torping random islands?

  20. As someone who lives in Kansas and spent nearly a decade living deep in the Rockies, I get to laugh at you in any weather, Jingles. 🙂

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