World of Warships – Reign supreme with Clan Bases!

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  1. Barão André Renato Dalcomuni

    At last!!!!

  2. cant wait

  3. In other news, Shell and BP are starting a new joint venture to explore the possibilities of extracting oil from shipwrecks.

  4. Edward Harold Butler

    Who needs oil when there is nuke power and hydrogen power and steam power. Oil is so out dated.

  5. But clan wars tho…

  6. SS Obersturmbannführer Battleship Bismarck

    For 4 years they finally added clans seems good

  7. I Always play alone and by my self, So is this Clan ussles for me ???

  8. Just learn from the USA: Attack a random country for free oil.

  9. Para cuando seran los clanes

  10. Thank you.

  11. avelino nunez ortega

    Why can’t they make operations, but for high tiers, the higher the tier, the more difficult it gets

  12. I’m gonna name my clan TheMiddleEast for obvious reasons…

  13. Er….ah….where are the Clan Battles??? I have been asking for those for over a year!

  14. I’m a lone wolf cuz no other friends of mine play online games there more into just music, so plz no clan stuff make it solo too cuz I want the discounts from building structures or just make an option named Port where we build our Naval Base and get bonuses.

  15. how to create clan?

  16. When is this released

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