World of Warships – Rejected Ranked Battles Season 3 Announcement

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The rejected announcement video for Season Three of World of Warships ranked gameplay. I have no
Idea why they left it on the floor of the cutting room…

Monster Truck Style. Thanks to Tohoseiryu for the idea and script.


  1. No….No….I no play ranked battle.

  2. i love this :P


  4. Harrison Frede (slai47)

    I need to add this somewhere to the app in the ranked season area.

  5. thats awesome xD

  6. Fucking zombie atagos. Give my mogami a heal you bitches!

  7. ah yes. the torpitz. but wait dont forget the Noob Mexico skippers down in
    ranks 21-16

  8. Zombie Atago fucks me every time.

  9. BLEEEPing hilarious.

  10. Hahhaha, glorious! xD

  11. lol, these vids keep getting better. This was freakn great, I feel like Im
    going to a Monster truck show on Wednesday now.

  12. “The ship with no citadel!” haha german cleveland anyone?

  13. “EU, you’re on your own as usual”


  14. well .. since ranked in this game is playd only by those stupid and
    ignorant enough to think they’r good …:) ……

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