World of Warships – Remember me?

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I know it’s been a while since I uploaded a YT video featuring World of Warships but I was getting sick and tired of the game and the crap we have to put up with, with WG.

There were and will be more changes. Some things are going to be different and finally making that decision has given me more energy, as I’m sure you’ll notice here 😉

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. I’m sick and tired of Wargaming too, even though I have never even played this game. xD

  2. I’d love to see Flambino try something different, hopefully that’s what changes are coming; the rage from playing WOWS isn’t good for anyone

  3. I’ve played the game on and off for a few years so I’m still “new” compared to a lot of people but I enjoy the game. I still consider myself new/casual as I still don’t know what a lot of ships do and how to play certain tech trees. Personally the game is fun and I enjoy it BUT I agree that WG is completely out of touch with the community. People wanted updates so they add CVS, they want a new map and they give Russian CVS and subs, people want the old Missouri and they get a gambling chance at getting a highly nerfed Missouri. I like the game but this track is worrying for the future of the game.

    • It’s not that they’re out of touch, it’s that WG doesn’t care. Literally, they will not care unless it hurts their immediate bottom line. Hell, they’ll turn the game into a pathetic mess so long as it continues making them more money in the short-term.

    • Exactly, like heck we tired of old maps and f two brothers gives us two sisters now fking Damn wg

    • Seems to me they have a VERY authoritarian management structure. They refuse to correlate poor decisions in the past modifications to the game with the suffering RU server and lackluster other servers. They, instead, double down on BIG NEW things. Grasping for new players instead of retaining players and bringing back past players by bing responsive. They cater to the LCD.

    • I might add the constant cut down of our rewards for just playing the game.
      Elite captain XP gain = crushed into rock bottom
      Flags for achievements = removed
      Ranked rewards = nerfed

    • Well I was a little bit more dedicated, even trying my hand on some KOTS tournaments. But I smelled it half a year ago and did it then, it is time to place this game to the side, uninstall, press F in chat, crack a beer open and lets wait if something reasonable can grow from the ashes or if this is not a phoenix, but just a chicken on fire.

  4. AP stands for ‘accuracy penalty’ and HE for ‘hopeless efficiency’. 😉

  5. Was just checking your channel a few hours ago wondering where you’d gone since I didn’t remember seeing a video for awhile and I usually watch your vids right before bed. Glad you are back!

  6. Damn it’s great seeing you actually laughing and smiling again. I am sure that many would agree – we missed this.

  7. I saw the Youtube post. I can’t blame you for losing your love of WoWs. The WGing devs seem to do everything in their power to make the wrong choices and make the game worse at every turn.

    Nobody wants CV’s in clan battles, WGing ignores and forced them in(and of course will fail and find a way to blame it on the playerbase)

    Nobody wants subs, They’ve already wasted 2 and a half years of testing them to only show that just like CV’s they will be IMPOSSIBEL to balance(WGing will never admit this because their pathetic pride keeps getting in the way)

    Nobody had an issue with secondary build ships(except WGing who ruined them so they could save the next stupid pet project the subs from having to suffer any sort of danger from being caught by a BB)

    Nobody had a problem with AA(besides the handful of losers who couldn’t bother to get good in any real ship and just kept rolling their faces over the keyboard with the floating Cancerwagons)but that didn’t stop WGing from going “Hmm gee how can we make the game worse and a total ballache to play?”

    Torpedo bug that causes them to miss thanks to spaghetti code? Yeah that’s gonna take us 3+months to fix. Hmm? A bug with AA that actually let ships defend themselves from the skycancer idiots? MUST HOTPATCH THAT SHIT IN 48 HOURS!

    Save yourself Flambass. Drop this dying mess of a game while you can still have good memories of it.

    • Nhật Nguyễn Đình Minh

      No one complains that dd shouldn’t be hunted by cv, wargaming makes cv forced to hunt bb because dd is too hard to hunt.

    • Nhật Nguyễn Đình Minh

      It’s funny how bb was created with the purpose of making naval battles revolve around them. While in wows, the naval battles will revolve around the little dd. If your team loses all of their dd before the opponent’s dd loses, you lose.

  8. Since the old comnuities become quite uncomfortable for WG, they try to get new “fans” who believe their bullshit.

  9. That was literally the perfect ship in the perfect position against perfect potatos.
    Des Moines is really really strong. Well played

  10. Me playing the game for more than 4yrs without paying a single dime is so fun. I owned alaska, thunderer, pommern, smolensk, and jean bart. These ships I earned for playing hard and loyal to the game, then WG change a lot and these changes loses my motivation to play and eventually leaving the game. All I can do is watching these streams. This is so stressful that WG did this to us.

  11. Droid Motorola 388

    I haven’t been watching streams lately but nice to know the good ole bgms are back.

  12. Tyler was a real G that game actually came and helped when he was needed it’s so rare

  13. Pro tip-stop playing this cack and find something else to promote, I’m sure plenty other developers would appreciate it, wg don’t deserve it.

  14. Shawn Christensen

    WarGaming just lost Little White Mouse. The company just caused one of their most prolific NA CCs to exit the program after more work put in for the game than any other CC combined. And with LWM’s departure, they’re going to bleed even more players than they had been before. I feel they’re starting to get desperate for gullible people willing to blow some cash.

    • Some random guy from the beyond

      they also lost Ichase

    • @Some random guy from the beyond Yep, just watched his video too. Sounds like even old man Jingles is walking away too. even the newer CC’s like SeaRaptor are starting to question themselves as well.

    • The starting to get desperate has already come and gone. Loot boxes were the sign of that for me. How far will they go? That I don’t know…

  15. I’ve played since open Beta so about 6 years in. For around 2 years I’ve only played Co-Op because of the toxicity and game mechanics being so poor. Today I stepped out of the game for the foreseeable future with the last straw being the whole Missouri debarcle and the introduction of subs. The only reason I havn’t uninstalled is because I intend to log in for fee daily drops and nothing else. I’ve been a premium account holder since day 1 and buy a new premium probably every 3-4 months ie I’ve spent a ton of money on this game. I’ve got almost 300 ships. I’ve stepped away for a few months about a year ago and since coming back have struggled with committing to my clan in just playing. I’m done but will still watch the streams from time to time but in my view this game is done. Stay well Flambass and thanks for the content and specially for telling it how it is.

  16. Ain’t nobody going to be able to drag their friends into a grind-fest like this game.

  17. Way to go man. I’m happy for ya for standing up to WG’s bullshit. I hope you find another game you love dude. I will forever remain a forever view.

  18. Seeing Flambass actually laugh and have a good time warms the soul!

  19. When someone finally redeems Montana could you please upload the gameplay on YouTube flambass?

  20. maybe we should just charge strait forward in Randoms now, say were imitating WarGaming and ignoring everything XD

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