World of Warships- Remember When WG Use To Make Good & Balanced Premiums?

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Hello guys, today we take a look back at the Tier VIII French battleship Flandres! Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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Music: Stranger Think- C418


  1. We do see with many of the new premiums have special abilities. WoW is definitely focused on the video game aspect of the game by doing so.

  2. I got that in last years Xmas boxes. It’s a really fine ship.

  3. I gotta say I disagree with some of your assessment of the flandres. I love the secondary build it’s one of my best win rate ships. Doing 200 to 300 plus pens on secondarys. It even kick ass in clan wars recently I have zero complaints about this ship.

  4. I dont remember being so frustrated by this game… Lost ALL games that i played today. Around 10 games… Yeahi fucked up with des moines few times but man, teams were colapsing like crazy as well. What annoys me is all of nothing in this game. Quite often i am either loosing all the time or winning all the time. Im just an average player and that just kills all enjoyment from the game

  5. Flandre has the same base secondary accuracy as normal cruiser secondary dispersion ie the worst in the game (it really is very bad)… might be fun when used against opposing ships who don’t realise how bad the secondary pen is

  6. Looks like a solid ship for operations

  7. My favorite Battleship with great sec battery, I live in Flandre ( Vlaanderen) in Belgium.

  8. The only reason I have this ship is I’m a fan of Flandre Scarlet, nothing else

  9. Its OK, but it has a problem that alot of other premium ships have. That problem being, its good at doing alot of things but not being excellent at anything. In my opinion, and being perfectly honest, it really needs its main battery dispersion reduced by about 10%. The reason I say that is because I’d just rather play a Tier IX ship and have a better all around boat. Its like its a Tier VIII 1/2, if that makes any sense. Either reduce the dispersion or make the heal better. One more thing and its driving me crazy. Why does this boat have depth charges? Really? Seriously?

  10. This ship got me on my path to picking up the bourgogne

  11. My problem with this ship is and I hate myself for actually admitting that Flamu is right on this, is the fact that you can play around having worse than average armor or worse than average HP pools by adjusting the playstyle accordingly but you CAN NOT play around having bad guns. They will always suck no matter how you play.

  12. Vanguard is another favorite premium of mine that has no gimmicks.

  13. Good video of a Premium ship that I had completely forgotten about. As another has noted Flandre might be a great choice for current Random Operations, tanky with good AA (fwiw) and maneuverable. But jeez, the chunks being taken out of her by the Azuma’s HE ! Ouch.

  14. I haven’t played my Flandre in a while, but it is a decent ship for what it is.

  15. the dispersion really is a pain in the ass, I could confidently say that I perform much better in the King George V and Vanguard, perhaps it’s because I play on the Asia server where most engagements happen at ultra long range (players are cowards here)

  16. In the beginning he mentioned the Bourgogne. I do terrible in the Bourgogne to the point I forget it’s even in the port. Yet I keep hearing it’s one of the best, which is why I got it to start with instead of something else (my only steel ship).

  17. Quite well actually. You see them regularly.

  18. stealthy ship with good HE and torpedoes has never not been part of the meta

  19. @x. su Still, its the oldest premium ship in the game. And its still good.

  20. Flandre is indeed the last balanced premium they released, i love mine but i had to admit gameplay can be very frustrating sometimes.
    Other ship is more forgotten is gascogne, outshinned by flandre in every way

  21. I am not as frustrated by the changes as I did not play the game 2, 3, 4, or 5 years ago . A specific issue I wasn’t around when WOWS did the all CVs AP bomb nerf by reducing damage 17% (June, 2020). Now we have the HMS Eagle with 2 types of HE bomber squadrons: 3 planes each with 6xbombs that do max of 6400; tact sqrn with 2 fast bomber each with 9 bombs that do max 7900. The new Japanese T11 carrier AP bombs 3 planes with 1 bomb that does max 6900. AP bombs are not the issue, HE bombs are. WOWS needs to look at this and balance it out.

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