World of Warships- Removing Smolensk From The Match

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Outro Music- Stranger Think by C418

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  1. First

  2. First comment on the spot

  3. Seeing a Smolensk melting away is so therapeutic!

  4. I once had an interaction similar to yours vs Smolensk, but in Z-52. Imagine your scenario but with German AP. I was smoked with hydro up, there wasn’t a damn thing he could do. 🙂 Felt very very good.

  5. Matthieu Xagorarakis

    So happy melting down a Smolensk, hugs first island around ! XD

  6. At first I only saw the thumbnail and though it was getting removed from the game! Got a little excited

  7. More Ohio video

  8. Even in a bad/poor match the Smolensk is about as much Fun as you can have with your pants on.

  9. That Chat, laughs in Dutch…. I am Dutch and it made me laugh.. ???????

  10. Not sure if anybody would even consider this but BB caliber HE also citadels Smolensks. I’ve managed to Dev strike 1 before using BB HE.

  11. Had an awesome battle with my son (in the Massachusetts) and me in the NC in a X battle. At the start we saw a Smolensk dumping shells at our ships to our far left, so I told my son to follow me in. (can’t recall the map name but it’s the one that has the giant ball island near the center). The Smolensk was sitting behind the large island on the left of the map with a MO behind him. By the time he realized we were pushing up I had him broadside and exposed at close range. Most my shells over-pined with a lot of damage, but my son, at my port stern promptly deleted him and got first kill. With us at the vanguard most this battle (we wrecked the MO who only reversed as we flanked), by the end of the battle we finished 2nd and 3rd above all those Xs and survived the whole mess. Teachin the boy right! lol

  12. The Okhotnik would be an absolute terror if it had longer range torps.

  13. Wait… you’re still under 5k subscribers? Dang!

    I catch every one of your videos. They are a lot of fun.

    keep up the good work!

  14. I was in my Yueyang with a radar doing a hard flank we a few team mates following me. We wiped out two of the enemy ships on the flank and a Smol was sitting in his smoke firing at our BB who was still detected after firing. I popped my radar since I was within 7.5km of him and watched at my team went ham on him. As gimmicky as the radar on a DD is, I’ve been doing this to a lot of Smols lately since they all strictly just sit in their smoke.

  15. Ugh I was hoping this meant they were removing it!!!

  16. Q best tier to get in game cash ?

  17. They should remove smolensk,smoke ,range of a bb,fire rate of a dd,over pen armour,even in the open it’s hard to hit,had one dead broadside at 10km with kremlin5 overpens

  18. I got this ship and I notice that she can’t handle high caliber HE and low caliber AP, especially that semi AP shells.

  19. Hows Friesland? I enjoy Daka boats like Daring/Khaba/Harugumo. should i wait for Seigfried or instead just get the Friesland?

    • Sea Lord Mountbatten

      KAD Friesland is pretty good imo, but it’s not worth the purchase as it is also an ASW ship but it’s ASW weaponry isn’t active in game yet

  20. Cant belive how good your content is. Just as good as the big channels

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