World of Warships- Renown ’44 First Impressions: The Renown We SHOULD Have Gotten

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Hello guys, today we take a look at the new Freemium Tier VII British Battlecruiser Renown ’44! Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

Have a replay?

Music: Stranger Think- C418

0:00 Ship Intro
3:02 Economic Bonus & Camo
3:29 Ship Armor
5:43 Ship Stats
9:26 Ship Modules
10:18 Commander & Module Build
13:16 Gameplay Review


  1. I really wish they would allow us to finish the dockyard missions. I rarely play Randoms and would rather finish them while playing operations!

  2. Thanks for everything review sir. I was wondering whether it’s worth getting the starter packs or not. This sounds like it is

  3. MalteseKnight tried her with secondary build, got range I think he said to 8.6km. He was impressed with it

  4. I love how these newer ships look and all the details. It almost makes me regret quitting the game!

    • Aww shucks, if only there was a way to like, unquit… Dequit… No.. What’s the word…

    • Yeah. I rejoined a couple of weeks ago, because watching these videos made me miss the game. Then I had a game with two CVs and three submarines each side. Was as shit as you’d expect if you were another class. After that I deleted again. Still enjoy these videos and admire the ship models though.

  5. The ship I really want from this dockyard event. Thanks for the review.

  6. WG needs to figure out these grinds for these dockyars ships. Ships like the Atlantico were super easy to acquire, where as the Puerto Rico (and even the Huron) seemed to be an absolute slog.

  7. Yes – great ship – picked it up yest and played that and the Schroder (or should we call it the SHREADER?) lol Thanks for the content – the details are amazing this ship is fun! It feels like WAR GAMES ACTUALLY gave us something to play in T7 awesome ship

  8. More interested in this than the actual dockyard ship (I unlocked the Agir last week).

  9. Is it as good (for it’s tier) as the Repulse was at T6 last year?
    I love the repulse and feel like it could easily been a T7 ship. I like this trend of British battlecruisers for Christmas every year and look forward to next years. I bought the Incomparable because it looked to be a T10 version of the Repulse and it in fact acts much like one with drunken dispersion, the Repulse is great due to the accuracy 6/6 is something i see regularly . Do you find the Renown 44 to be like the repulse?

  10. Can we all agree that the Art Department knows how to make us happy and to make premium ships just absolutely gorgeous?

  11. They look so realistic now, thanks for the awesome review Sealord.

  12. best looking ship ever to grace the seas. a real stunner. wish they kept her as a memorial.

  13. Considering that the Renown was originally built in 1916 and underwent multiple refits I don’t think it’s unreasonable for WG to have an early WWII version and a late WWII version in the game. The TVI version isn’t necessarily a bad ship if you know how to play her.

  14. Love this ship! Paid for the dockyard, and this ship is a welcomed surprise; she looks amazing and plays equally well. Got my first Kraken in a while on her. I don’t say this often but “good job WG”.

  15. This ship is really awesome. I have played a few games so far and she is great at everything she does.

  16. Thanks for review. Feels like the Repulse experience all over again, but I do wonder if I’ll player over Repulse with the MM.

  17. Renown is a post battle of Jutland Battlecruiser that’s why she as thick armour. Historically her armour profile in thickness is similar to the Queen Elizabeth class, Revenge class and HMS Hood. as during her construction the Battle of Jutland happened which saw the loss of several battlecruisers due to having thin armour compared to their German counterparts, so the Admiralty ordered that all battlecruisers under construction have their design altered so they could be fitted with more armour.

  18. So i just counted the Ship building tokens, in order to get EXACTLY 19 of them, its going to take us 1 month (most of it waiting for the other phase to unlock). The First phase has 3, Second has 3, Third has 4, Forth has 4, 5th has 4, and 6th phase will get you to 19.

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