World of Warships Rental Ships and Carriers in Ranked Gameplay

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Maybe a popular opinion, but I often try to show both sides of the issue. Rental ship players are getting a pretty bad wrap, and I have seen plenty out there that do really well. I think itR;s unfair to categorize them as bad players when there are plenty of other players with an abundance of Tier 10 that finish just as poorly. I also touch on carriers being in ranked gameplay and as usual, my take is somewhat centrist. IR;ll be interested to see how things look at the end of the season, if WG will provide us with some stats.


  1. thanks for keeping all of us that gave up on it informed to see – well whats happening in WOT

  2. Thnx for the unbiased opinion Zoup, but with Ranked as salty and toxic as it is turning my self-esteem into mush, I’ll be passing this Season. WG can keep its steel.

  3. What about the the new player who just started playing the game recently and decided to buy a T8 premium, and subsequently gets a T10 ships?

    • Swiss Army Knight

      They’ll be equally distributed between your team and the enemy. For every sandbag you’ll get a pinata on the other team. And its not like there aren’t broadsiding idiots in T10 non-rentals. I’ve seen some astoundingly XP-expensive ships doing some astoundingly questionable things.

    • @Swiss Army Knight That isn’t true. I have had 3 rentals on my team and only 1 on the enemy team. That wasn’t equal at all. My problem with rentals is that even decent players jump into a ship that they don’t know or understand. Without that they might not know some quirks or anything plus some ships just don’t fit a player’s play style which they would know after a decent number of games. Just as an example it took me a good while to figure out how to make Repub, Hindy and Moskva to work well while others I jumped into and did fine. I still don’t play a T10 I haven’t actually playedat least 20ish games, each, in the T8, 9 and 10 before doing competitive.

      P.S. 100% correct on the broadsiding cruisers. It is disappointing to see Hindy and Moskva players sit broadside at 14km and lost 50%+ health in a salvo and not understand they played poorly despite them not being in a rental.

    • Swiss Army Knight how about 5 rentals in my team and one only on the other? That’s….. crap

    • YES! I think rentals ships would be fine if you couldn’t just buy your way to them. So the T8 requirement must be a Tier 8 tech tree ship. Even make it so to unlock a specific rental, you must have a Tier 8 tech tree of the same nation, or the same type, or even the same line.

    • @Billy The Dog It wouldn’t be enough. Until you are thoroughly grounded in high-tier strategy and ship specs you are going to be a liability most of the time.

  4. “carriers can influence the game in a different way than we are used to.” Yes. Nobody is used to destroyers flying at 180-220 knots.

    • And nobody ever will as you can’t defeat them in the actual state of the game.
      I really don’t know what was bad with the old system, where planes needed time to get to a place on the map? “But planes are so much faster than ships!” Yes and this is an arcade game and aircraft would normally need hours to get to their target at least half an hour and more. Why doesn’t a CV player needs to wait before he can start again? All other ships need to wait until their guns or torpedo launchers are reloaded. No I don’t like CVs in the actual state as I think this fully RNG AA that is useless against a skilled CV player no matter how skilled you are is just bullshit. Why can’t a ship dodge the attack anymore as in the old system? No attack plane could sink a ship as fast as in the game. For sure not, Tell a CV player that he needs about 35 torpedo and 19 bomb hits to sink a Yamato and he will say you are an idiot. But that was the amount they needed because they made not much damage.

      For rented ships in Ranked. First of all I don’t think it is even when it comes to the skills of all player with rental ships. But that isn’t the biggest issue I see. Those ships have no camo, so they are not as good as the others. Then they are marked with big flag “I am a rental ship!!”. Why? To blame the players using them? To make them primary target? We have a lot of idiots playing in their own T10 ships, so these are even more. So if you want to have them in ranked then make sure they are evenly distributed to the teams from the MM. A battle with 5 rentals on one side and none on the other side will make people angry. And they are right to be angry. The chances that the team with all the rentals will have less to no chances are pretty good.

      The argument that WG keeps low tier players interested doesn’t count for me at all. First of all it is fairly easy to get a T10 these days. When I think what grind it was in the old days, without all this signals and camos. If WG wants players to experience the fight in T10 ships, why not in special events or in operations? In clan battles it is also ok, because every clan has to decide for himself if they want rentals in their team. In a PvP situation I don’t have this luxury. As I can’t say I don’t want to have such a player.

      But the basic must for rental ships is, that they can’t be identified as such! If they aren’t able to use camos, give them the standard premium camo of the ship without any bonuses. That way it looks like this player has a camo and no one can identify him as a player with a rental ship. And where is the problem that a player need to have a certain number of battles in T8 before he can get these rentals? All these things will make the gamplay better and less salty in many ways.

  5. I dont play ranked any more because of all the tier 4 to 8 morons that rent a ship. Ranked is Teamplayer focused and u get a lot of solo players. Lost countless matches with a 2 to 1 ratio because the hunt some player without caping and end up losing on points. Nothing against CV.

  6. From what I’ve seen and heard there are several reasons that this season has been rough: Rentals, CVs, Preserve a star play style, Huge gap of ‘safe’ ranks between 12 and 1, and the fact it is t10. The Rental ships should of required people to play the rentals in Random battles (5-10 matches) before hitting rank as well as add a base camo &10 point captains. CVs were not ready and skill balance is as bad now as it was before the re-work. Frustration is quite high as people bounce from all the way back to rank 12 repeatedly. Either switch to top three save stars or just remove it and hope this would help the team play focus. Many seem to want any rank other than t10..hopefully WG takes note and drops the next season to something lower tier.

  7. Would you put the lovely Mrs.Smith which is used to her 99´Camry in a race-car and depend on her to win?

    But why not, she is not a bad person, let her drive!

    Or to put it differently:
    Two clan-mates have left the game this week, guess why.

    Rentals may keep newish players in the game, but it drives veterans away.
    Zoup always tries to be positive, but in this case i am salty.

  8. all the rentals I have played with finish in the bottom or run to the edge of the map

  9. •_Lumia Art_•

    Some rental players are ok ish! Most are dead wait sitting at the back of the map or dieing way to fast.

  10. Space battles was essentially tier 10 and 99% of the time MM would throw all the players with no clue about how tier 10 works would end up on one team and all the skilled players at tier 10 on the other team and it was for this reason, I stopped playing space battles all together until the last mode where it was all DDs.

  11. ppls pumped up on ego trip lol
    if you ask them, we all have to take some kind of test like for driving, before we have been let to play game 😀

  12. I worry that you have not touched on the biggest issue in ranked, that being the ‘Save a Star’ BS we have to deal with… Please do a video on it.

  13. My biggest issue with rental ships has nothing to do with whether players using rentals are good or not, it doesn’t matter one way or the other. The bottom line, they DO NOT have a right to play that ship. I don’t care if they have other T10 ships and just want to try something different, or is player who just unlocked his/her first T8, neither should have the right to play in a ship they have not earned. Let them play their T8 or T9 ships in ranked and balance the teams based on tier. I know you covered this well in the video, but I don’t want to “exclude” players that don’t have t10 ships, just want Wargamming to address the issue in a way that makes sense. I feel the same with Clan battles. This would also create a little more diversity in the gameplay as well.

    I agree with most of you opinions, but think you are dead wrong on this one.

  14. zoup…players just want rentals to be team balanced so its more fair.
    i personally dont mind them…IF they make T10 at the final top league only so if u DO play rentals, it means u played really well to reach the top league…even in T8 pr T9.
    also add the fact that rentals cant put camo…and DDs get a MASSIVE disadvantage NO MATTER the skill level. this REALLY makes no sense

  15. I’ve been impressed with the play of some rental ship players in ranked. I can’t honestly say that I’ve seen games thrown more often by rental players than by others. There’s lots of shortcuts to unlock a T10 if you really want to, even if you lack the experience to play that ship well. We see this all the time with Premiums.

    I find the CV’s much more disruptive. When you play a match with a CV, you NEED the better CV player on your team to win. Rentals are not nearly as decisive.

  16. Thank you for bringing this up. I’m a perfect example of someone with Tier Xs, but I don’t have ALL of them, so I’d LOVE to rent one I’m considering grinding. I might need to get used to it, but I know/understand the gameplay and can adapt.

  17. I own T10 ships but I am not a good player, I just ground my way up the tech tree, I am finding this session hard. nothing to do with rentals or CV’s just not enjoying the games I go up and down between 15 and 14 cannot get any further. So have given up on Ranked the session. got 6500 games behind me but only a 46.5 win rate so as many would say Noob player. I am old and slow and sometimes I feel sorry for the teams I am on but other times I carry. ( not often) but we should ALL remember it is just a game and meant to be for relaxation and fun

  18. “Not a lot of damage.” “Not a great game.” – Gets top score on his team and devastates a ship for 1/4 its max health that exists for the explicit purpose of countering carriers with a single dive bomb run. Trashes a DD at the end which literally cannot fight back or run despite guaranteed win on cap.
    The real issue isn’t that carriers are ‘gimmes’ or ‘easy’ (some people think that, but they’ve never played ’em). The issue is the lack of tangible counterplay and the map-wide presence that a carrier exerts without risking its own ship. This video felt like a ‘carriers are fine because I get to play them too’ type of deal. Disappoint. :/

  19. If you don’t have experience in tier 10, you shouldn’t be playing them in ranked, period.

  20. I’m fine with rental and CV… not with Krelin and all French ships.

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