World of Warships Replay Contest – Carrier Winner

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Today we’re giving away a premium to whichever Carrier captain made everyone else his bitch. And when you see who’s driving this carrier you won’t be even slightly surprised.

Unless you’ve never heard of him.
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System Specs: Core i7 4820-K 3.7Ghz i7 CPU, 16GB DDR3 RAM, 3GB nVidia GTX780 Ti GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

If you have a War Thunder or World of Warships replay just send the file to the same address.

Just be aware that I get hundreds of emails every week and I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.


  1. ▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜᴛʜᴇ ʀᴇᴩᴛɪʟɪᴀɴ ʙʀᴏᴛʜᴇʀʜᴏᴏᴅஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

  2. I hate carriers, they are like the arty of WoWs

  3. Why did this not show up as a new video for me until 21 hours after it was

  4. I think Jingles’ videos’ comment sections are some of the nicest ones on
    Youtube. I may be wrong, but it sure seems like it

  5. I belive this replay to be just silly concidering the MM. And also any
    comment invalid. Wargaming is also terrible to lead there gamers in to team
    play and there is more to be gained from just taking a chance leaving your
    team mate. I belive there are a lot of good gamers in WoWs, but if the game
    mechanics dont favor the right behaivor, you cant demand people to do the
    right thing as in a lot of scenarios, it pays better to be solo player. If
    you would like to show case sure, but this a replay winner? Concidering
    some fantastic CV players i see in the game and Twitch, i can only assume
    only 1 CV replay botherd to send in a replay, in this case iChase. And if
    that was mentioned this would make it a bit ok, but its still bad
    entertainment show casing whats wrong with a game, judge a gamer by that MM
    and then call everybody stupid. Nothing of this Jingles video makes sense.

  6. Are the team lists in the video being all flickery for anyone else?

  7. “Aircraft carriers are over powered”
    Jingles : Aircraft carrier are not over powered, it is your brain that are
    under powered.

  8. What I got out of this was Wargaming needs to FIX THE FUCKING MATCHMAKER
    still… will continue not playing WoWS because there’s still so much broke
    as fuck shit, thanks Jingles.

  9. “Your brain is underpowered” Too bad WG cant buff the brains of the player
    base XD

  10. 17:12 No Jingles those BB’s are not sticking together they just happened to
    be driving past each other at that time, if you look before and after this
    specific time on the minimap, they are nowhere near each other.

  11. That damm boat game again :)

  12. jingles why are you telling us bullshit? a battleship has a lot more hp
    than a plane so obviously it’s faster! jeez

  13. Pretty much like what arty did in WOT before the big nerf…

  14. I have not seen many high tier games, and it was interesting to see how
    this played out. It seems like the mechanics are trying to make it as
    realistic as possible, for an arcade game. In reality, it would be rare to
    see a battleship attacking on its own, and carriers are generally at the
    centre of their squadron. I guess this could give a huge advantage to
    effective platoons

  15. well its crap. like arty prevents camping so does cv prevents lemingtrain
    😀 gg wp :)

  16. As long as teamwork is not rewarded this will happen again and again.
    Lonely battleships. Atm I am driving cruisers because I lost the motivation
    to drive *after* the much faster cruisers for AA protection, never catching
    them. And getting too close to enemies in a bb…

    And with a cruiser ending with half the xp of a kamikaze cleveland while
    doing base patrol and lose the game because as the only one near the base
    being capped by the reds and hammered into the sea …
    Sorry to spoil it, but why iChase, a Youtuber and not a “normal” player??
    Perhaps for the next awards change the rule to “no (popular) youtubers” or

  17. Jingles I would like more carrier gameplay!

  18. watching this replay make me wanna play a carrier but im crap and only got
    the t4

  19. PrinceOfDolAlmroth

    Here is the proof that The Carrier is the most crucial ship of the fleet,
    and not the battleship.

  20. of course he got this 1 hes a carrier beast

  21. Highly educational on higher tiers.

  22. Yup – No surprise. I watch Ichase all the time and have seen some of his
    replays and ya, I figured he would take the CV class,

    Love your stuff Jingles.

  23. i think this video may have made me stop playing WoWs………….,
    seriously if top end games are like this i want no part of it. the
    only…ONLY way to survive is team play ….LOOOL good luck with that

  24. Hey jingles check out this furutaka mounting a fuso im sure you will get a
    good laugh from it,
    keep the great videos coming

  25. you know what mister jiggles I am tired of hearing you ragging on
    Battleship drivers, I’ve never seen ANY footage of you driving battleships.
    Try driver a low tier battleship I dare you. I’ll even offer myself up as
    a platoon mate. Then after this experience in hell tell me that the
    torpedo’s that do MASSIVE damage that you really can’t dodge if you’re CV
    driver is worth anything. Have you even tried dodge ship born torps?,
    yea that rudder at the back of the ship useless!, I mean sure you CNA dodge
    ship torps but it’s hard unless you can see the ship and cna anticipate the
    tropedo’s, however the spotters on battleships are near blind. So why not
    setup a session with a Teir IV battleship of your choice, I’ll even team up
    with you, then see if you still rag on battleship pilots that get the short
    end of the stick in the game.

  26. Yes!!!!!! Chase :D

  27. Mats “Tland” Lindberg

    Funny. Before i started the clip, i was thinking that if “Ichase” was gonna
    send in a CV replay he gonna win this competition!!
    But then i was thinking that “Youtubers” can’t be that stupid that they
    gonna just swop ships with each others!
    I was wrong….

  28. Ichase dayum!

  29. good game chase

  30. that ending was just epic. “and he didnt win” muahahaha

  31. Well this video shows perfectly how broken the USN air dropped torp and
    Dive bomber spread and dmg is compared to IJN ones. But well played anyway

  32. “Aircraft carriers are not overpowered, it’s just your brain is
    UNDERpowered.” – Mighty Jingles 2015

  33. this bloody boat game again

  34. This replay is EXACTLY why battleships are a thing of the past and were
    obsolete before 1943. Aircraft win.

  35. of course it is OP if the game mechanics after the AA nerf way back allow
    such idiotic amounts of damage to be accrued by a class that has not to
    take any risk in doing so (other than destroyers who risk their lives for
    every damn approach they make if they want to land a potential kill,
    POTENTIAL)…and btw it doesnt really matter if you are bunched up together
    with some AA…if a carrier of this tier range wants to kill you…you are
    dead…he might lose a shit ton of planes but u will die no matter what.
    And that is a BROKEN game design.

  36. hows the t 10 jap carrier

  37. I hope they put USS Enterprise in this game, by far my favorite ship in
    real life due to what it done in WW2!!!

  38. That guy makes carrier gameplay actually seem fun

  39. Once again another sweet vid ty Jingles 🙂 . SKK.

  40. Oh my goodness… it is… outrageous…

  41. iChase’s challenges are pretty hard. I’ve enjoyed his videos for quite some
    time. :D

  42. Holy shit, I know iChaseGaming. I mean like I actually talked to the guy
    and even sailed with him once or twice during the closed beta. Haven’t seen
    much of him since I’ve been grinding Warthunder though. Didn’t know he was
    this kind of a carrier player or this infamous/famous

  43. Jingles, at what tier would you consider turning into torpedoes an outdated
    strategy for battleships?

  44. Thats why we don’t see battleships been made or used today how effective
    the aircraft carrier

  45. Jingles I actually went to go see that air craft carrier on a tour shown in
    the video

  46. I really can’t even bother with this one. I get it, he’s in a tier 10
    carrier smashing noobs using premium tier 8 bbs. Congratulations.

  47. And there is iChaseGaming ftw again lol. Not surprised at all. So Chase
    will be happy for a new ship :)

  48. It’s a bit annoying, but I have managed to avoid torps from Midway bombers
    in my Iowa. Not a whole set of them, but if you actually pay attention and
    see the bombs coming you can easily start turning long before they’re in
    range to drop. Just have to actually pay attention to your HUD and you’ll
    see most aircraft coming from miles away.

  49. OrbitalDeathCannon

    Unfortunately carrier gameplay is so broken and fucked up, it’s no use to
    play anything else except USNavy carriers. Japanese torps are seriously
    idiotic with that wide spread and don’t even get me started on the IJN
    fighters or the completely retarded decision to give US carriers one plane
    more per squadron. Of course the winning ships is a Midway. IChase or not,
    there wasn’t even a competition.

  50. Guys i could do with some help >< Since I've got the Aoba I've been finding AP to be seriously unreliable. Does the Aoba have really bad penetration on its AP? I just sort of can't imagine that I'm bouncing off of the sides of Clevelands... Didn't think i'd overpen either though....

  51. Nice replay but I’d have to say that any vehicle which can effectively one
    salvo an enemy is unbalanced. Imagine if you had a tank in WoT that unless
    you faced it as a group it would kill you with a similar certainty. People
    would be screaming.

    I’m afriad this is what kills WoWS for me. If there’s a class which out
    strips the others to that kind of degree then it just invites the same kind
    of gameplay as bunny hoppers and bush wookies. There should be elements of
    specialisation but the benefits it give should be balanced.

    Thus far I think that AW has better balance than I’ve found with Wargaming
    to date. Not because it has less diversity but because the diverse vehicles
    each have well defined roles and rely on their team mates equally. No class
    can out match another as long as each stick to their strengths.

  52. Jingles is Ichase gaming the same as the Ichase who plays Respawnables ?

  53. Jingles,jingles,jingles….you continue to impress.
    If I had a dollar for every time I learn something new from your vids..well
    lets just say we both would be rich

  54. Absolutely lethal? I laugh at people like that who spam torpedoes. I’d love
    to take him on but chances of meeting him are slim to none. Plus, i only
    play co-op thanks to the toxic pvp multiplayer.

  55. I’m beginning to think that War Gaming deliberately introduced a Tier VIII
    Premium German battleship to act as an analogue to the Lowe. It’s living up
    to the Lowe’s reputation quite nicely.

  56. Jingles when will you go back to what made your channel great?? By that, I
    mean you rarely show videos of YOURSELF actually playing anything these
    days. You used to say this was your channel and the videos are about YOUR
    game play not others, but here we are video after video of OTHER people
    playing. If I wanted to see random players playing I would sub to them ,
    but I am here for your gameplay and not some random dudes. Please go back
    to what made this channel great…with you actually playing.

  57. I love the fact that this battle plays with camera angles rather than just
    top down view. Carriers are actually interesting to watch when you adjust
    the camera a little.

  58. How do you get advanced graphics that shows each individual plane? Mine
    shows a plane per squad.

  59. Jingles can you do a review of the new Elite Dangerous CQC mode? <3

  60. Jingles and iChase MUST either face off in a celebrity deathmatch or join
    forces for an epic smackdown

  61. well by the gods thats alot of damage my jaw dropped at the grand total

  62. Is it just me, or did youtube fuck up his video again?

  63. Well no point in Battleships in the game, Crusiers have almost as good
    guns, they can move turn and have AA. if you’re in a battleship your a
    target and you’re about useless after about Teir 6. Harsh fact of the game.

  64. Hisssssssssssssss

  65. Gotta love Thunderbird

  66. jingles wheres the battleship replay

  67. Your brain is under powered

    Mighty Jingles 2015

  68. No runner ups for the CV category?

  69. Certainly that was one of iChase’s best games, but this has to be one his
    “The Great Tirpitz Migration!”

  70. Would it be possible to do a quick video on WOT mods?

  71. Carrier has arrived

  72. I’m glad +iChaseGaming’s replay wasn’t *just* sealclubbing stupid
    battleships. There was enough of that, but that enemy carrier did seem to
    actually be a challenge. It was a fun game to watch, and congrats

  73. jolly good show, old boy!

  74. You cant get away from Torp bombers cause of the broken manual drop
    mechanic they STILL haven’t fixed. No way CV’s should be able to drop torps
    that close to ships…PERIOD! So yeah guess you are right, but the reason

  75. Well, they gona nerf Midway, maybe Essex anyway so fuck it.

  76. Midway, we meet at midway. NAAAVAL WAAR

  77. Ty for posting these WoWS replay contests
    Ty for posting your carrier replay contest winner directly and *not*
    teasing me with runner up carrier replays ; )
    Ty for honoring iChaseGaming one of my all time fave WoWS YouTubers – and
    btw he is absolutely lethal and usefully instructive in *any* class ship
    *coff* gunboats lol
    Ty for your humorous, wry and entertaining informative WoWS posts in
    general – and btw I heard a rumour you also fight in tanks what’s up with
    that?! ; p
    Please keep posting : )

  78. i guess no the good the bad and the ugly today because we are getting
    another boat clip people that love your channel for wot and other games are
    getting a really short end these days. i like your content been watching it
    for over a year now. i know you worked in the navy so i do understand the
    hole ship crazy thing. some of your vewier are carving for fun content like
    why you heff to be mad the good old fun content not only ships

  79. CVs at tier 9-10 are ridiculously OP. This gameplay was honestly disgusting

  80. wow, that was fun to watch. didn’t think Jingles would ever really be
    showing interesting carrier replays. kinda like arty replays in WoT. but
    there are exceptions…

  81. What if your the last ship in a BB against a CV? No such thing as avoiding

  82. Jingles, do you really think there’s any sort of normal coordination
    between random teammates in WoWS? There isn’t. Rarely do friendly carriers
    cover you, and rarely do friendly cruisers stay with the slow battleships.
    That, combined with the stupidly short arming range of carrier torpedoes,
    makes life hell for battleship players. You’re right when you say there’s
    no way to avoid them. You’re wrong when you say that it’s always the fault
    of the battleship player. There’s often so little help that it becomes
    impossible to shoot down torpedo-bombers in time, especially in games when
    there are only one or two battleships and the cruisers scream off in one
    direction. Even more so with lower-tier battleships that have next-to-no AA
    firepower, go 20 knots, and turn like a small moon.

  83. I always find myself alone after realising everyone I thought was coming my
    way either died or ran off

  84. Edward Cuttlethwate III

    Wow this seems like a very balanced ship.

  85. “Your brain is under-powered.” -Jingles 2k15
    *Oooohh!* *GET REKT*
    *Airhorn x3*

  86. So how to start…
    Yeah, its a very well played Game from iChase. No doubt about it.
    But for me it´s a bit unfair that he gets the premium Cruiser.
    Not that I am jealous or that he didn´t earned it for his efforts.
    But over all, he is a very good player and make use of the abillity, he is
    runnning his own channel, he is streaming and making some Kind of profit of
    I think the streamers and Youtubers get enough benefits of the publishers
    itself to provide Matrerials to show off in the way of press accounts i.E.
    And next, guys like iChase, Quickfingers and yes the mighty Jingles himself
    benefits of their Community enough in form of little Gifts, may it be
    vehicles or premium time or just Dubloons/Gold/ golden Eagles or waht so
    ever, that in my oppinion people like iChase/Magz/Jingles/Quickybaby
    shouldnt be able to win such Kind of events.
    It just looks not fair for other participants for me, so yeah hard to
    explain for me. And cant find the right english words
    But i think even the unknown person with only the second ammount of damage
    had more deserved the Premium Cruiser than iChase, who would get it donated
    anyway from anyone by Time or if he requested for it.

  87. This is why the game sucks big time for anything not cruiser or romulan
    Sure takes lot of skill to launch torpedo strike that cant be evaded in any
    way. Just like arty in wot takes a fuckton of skill isnt it.

  88. This is one replay I’ve been waiting for! :D

  89. hey Jingles you think you’ll ever get Fallout 4? if so we NEED a series on

  90. and this is why I drive american cruisers almost exclusively when i’m not
    in a DD :P

  91. Sounds like the lemming train is becoming a valid strategy now.

  92. My god, I know that Montana that escorted the winner. He is in my clan.

  93. I’m just gonna say it … High tier US CVs are a little OP. Just a little.
    This was an extreme match of 70% tirpitz ships … Easy, slow turning, bad
    AA battleships. In a regular match where not every retard drives a tirpitz
    you cna give CV’s a much harder time.

  94. HOLY SHIT!

  95. Whenever I see this guy I pray hes on my team!

  96. Quote “The aircraft carrier is not overpowered! Your brain is
    underpowered!” gave me the giggles :).

  97. How can you say high tier carriers aren’t overpowered when 1 on 1, if they
    were the only 2 alive, there is nothing a BB can do?

  98. brilliantlysplendid

    And he didn’t win!

  99. A well deserved prize. I am not the best carrier captain out there, frankly
    just learning my trade, but Chase’s videos have been a great help. Awesome
    game there. :)

  100. You kinda ruined the suspense at the end jingles by saying that we must see
    the battleship game first limiting the choices to the 2 remaining options.

  101. If I end up seeing this guy on the enemy team I’m feaking gluing myself to
    the friendly cruisers.

  102. DeprivedPickle in Yamato ? He does things in that ship that make Ichase in
    Midway mumble OP under his breath on stream.

  103. The bonuses of running in a division of people who work together and know

  104. Well played iChase 🙂 I’m almost certain I saw this game live on stream. He
    is scary good with the CV’s and even scarier watching it live to see how
    far ahead he’s planning :)

  105. all won in T10 lol or won thx to WG mm

  106. Aah, Carriers, so balanced…. Such skill -_- If this was the hakuryu, yeah
    maybe. But showing the midway? Give a braindead monkey a banana and he’ll
    do this in a midway.

  107. this replay was much more fun than I expected. would it be possible to
    upload more like this in the future?

  108. Well…thats just damage i dream of 😀 if a carrier engages me (i
    personally drive destroyers and Cruisers so basically everything thats
    quick with maybe torpedos) i charge right at him and try closing the
    distance (not too much cause 2nd batterys) and try torpedo him

  109. Furkan Kılıçaslan

    His laugh is the cure for cancer.

  110. Was this video edited by someone else, than yourself, Jingles?

    Usually, you show how to do this and that and tell which buttons as well.

    But here, nothing. No target indicators, cinematic views. No focus on the
    areas that you are referring to.
    Not to mention, a certain flicker.

    Not bashing or anything, but this video doesn’t look like a jingles video.

    At any rate. Keep up the good work, and crossing fingers that your internet
    has stabilised.

  111. YOU GOT MAIL!

  112. I have to recommend Ichase’s channel especially the Captains Academy
    playlist. He doesn’t come across as a know-it-all-im-better-than-you
    douchebag like many others do either. That said, two of the winners of this
    series have been in battles where the matchmaker has stuffed both teams
    with many Tirpitzes (Tirpitzii?) and the winner has little or no
    opposition. Not that Ichase could not have won even if he had opposition,
    it just seems to highlight a matchmaker that simply has a rush of shit to
    the brain every so often.

  113. You why is it that when the battleships take up most of the game it seems
    the other ships seem to dominate

  114. Is the atago any good?

  115. Jingles, please do more WoT and Why you heff to be mad? I really like
    watching you play WoT but it’s as if you overlook it now :c

  116. Oh Jingles, you never run into Papedipupi did you? 😀 He is the best CV
    Captain I have ever seen!

  117. uhg* its that bloody ship game again XD

  118. Haha thank you Philip !

  119. Thank you legodude !

  120. If there is 1 cruiser in your sights and your a carrier, why not send 1
    squadron to make then activate their defensive fire, then, when it’s effect
    is over, you send the real attack and murder them without them having a

  121. Surprised Mike Huntz didn`t upload a replay for this… His aircraft
    carrier gameplay is scary

  122. Jingles, please give us some mid tier carrier game play! For me at least it
    is fun to watch.

  123. *Click* *Click*

    Ho wait, wrong game.

  124. I would cry at a loss : /

  125. Now together with idiots by WoWs xD
    Jingles ^^

  126. american carriers so op compared to japan…i demand torpedo kamikazes to
    replace the useless dive bombers

  127. Jingles, the audio level of your videos are so low my laptop speakers and
    my headset both just can’t go loud enough… I have to watch your videos on
    the PS4 on the TV to hear anything.

  128. See if warships doesn’t addres it serious matchmaking problems its gonna
    die and probably gonna die soon.
    That for a brilliant game. But the lack of cruisers at high tiers is a
    serious problem.
    Carriers are only OP because not enough people play cruisers.

    Why would they at high tiers they get one shotted by competent BBs and get
    zero exp for shooting down enemy planes.
    Heck they will never get exp for protecting friendly BBs with good use of
    their fire cooldown.

    Something is seriously wrong with this game and you can disagree all you
    We are gonna see in a few years how wows ended up and what changes will
    have happened and how fast.

    Because expecting players to do teamwork in an online game is just

  129. Yup, the Tirpitz is the E25 on water…

  130. Why do you lag so much these days? This isn’t 60 fps…

  131. Of course iChase won with a Midway

  132. Stanisław Szczypuła

    “so you don’t have to guess what this ships icon means” JINGLES INSTALL
    THAT BLOODY MODS ALREADY and we wont need to guess anymore.
    Here you have download link so you don’t even need to search for mods.

  133. What’s up with the flickering in this video? It’s kinda distracting.

  134. Delayed episode of The Good The Bad and The Ugly, looks like we found the
    bad and ugly parts ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  135. woww, Ichasegaming won, congratz! Check out his channel he has the best
    WoWS tutorials there.

  136. Anyone else video glitching here?

  137. How to avoid carriers: cower in fear
    wow that must mean they’re not overpowered at all just everyone else is

    it is BS to suggest carriers are not OP when their planes can do a U-turn
    in 0.2k and manual torps so close that they all hit you like that!
    Destroyers don’t shoot at them to stay hidden
    Alone cruisers are nearly as vulnerable as lone BBs
    BBs struggle to not be alone as they can’t keep up with cruisers!

    its a massive multi player game with random and as a result CV mechanics
    are OP

  138. ichase on a carrier. Ra! What a surprise.

  139. I thought carriers don’t move, they have planes.

  140. Well your coments are ture for T9 and T10 US CV sadly all the nerving made
    IJN CV more canon foder for AA or US Fighters I played Taiho in Figer setup
    and its totaly usless because when they got in even matchmaking (wich is in
    1 out of 5 is a Midway as even for a Taiho) and DIDNT changed teh friging
    levl 3 Captain skill wich allows any but t7 and t10 fighters to autolose
    agist US fighters. Agist a Stike Essex you can chose: either lose agist its
    only 1 Fighter squad or get autokilled by his strikegroup, wich force you
    to use strike yourself and autolose agist his fighters. I retrained my
    Thaihos for my Hiruyu to have fun fights agaian becaue High Tir IJN are
    Useless till they changed the Dogfighting ability captain skill

  141. One way to avoid (most) air dropped torpedoes is to turn towards or away
    from the torpedo bombers when you see them coming towards you. That way
    they wont get a broadside on you.

  142. 2 things I don’t like about this video. He parks his carrier between the
    icebergs, and I think the game would be a lot better if carriers had to be
    moving at (at least) 3/4 speed to launch and recover aircraft, simply
    because it is more realistic and it forces the CV player to keep an eye on
    the entire map, not just tunnel vision in on one section because “he is
    safe behind the island”.
    Secondly, yeah. Put a T8 BB on sale, advertise it to everyone, roll around
    in the money that comes in and no one thinks “hmm, how can we ensure that
    we don’t have unbalanced teams at high tiers since we haven’t been active
    long enough of large numbers of players to get to high tiers in cruisers
    and destroyers?”

  143. Not to dampen the win, but suspect this was taken around Tirpitz release.
    Harvesting those noobs was not even close to challenging, they literally
    threw themselves into the fire.

    Basically this is a guy stood in front of fish in a barrel, with a KV-2

  144. best opportunity for a *co-cast* -.- …why jingles why ¿

  145. Watch @Tank_Stryker[WOWS], while he doesnt speak he games are crazy good

  146. Its not always the fault of the driver of the battleship that he is all by
    himself on this map. I don’t know how many times I have spawned as far as
    possible from the rest of my team only to have them all drive away from my
    direction and of course the carrier on the other team knows exactly where
    to look for me because my team is a mirror of how his team spawned and I
    have a shitload of planes coming at me before I could ever make it to the
    rest of my fleet. This map tends to favor high tier CV skippers since the
    spawns are so broken most of the time on here.

  147. Ah really cool to see iChase on your channel 🙂 subbed to both u guys for

  148. Sorry Jingles. Watching somebody go “cunting” is far from entertaining.
    Look the word up if you have to. It comes from the genius mind of Ricky
    Gervais and it also fits WoWS CV gameplay perfectly.

  149. Jingles I was wondering, are you glad or disappointed that your country
    practically has to rely on the U.S military to help protect you from enemy

  150. Carriers are still OP as hell. They should still be nerfed hardcore. Thing
    that pisses me off the most is manual drops and how the planes just warp
    around. Torp bombers should have to do their low and slow approach to drop
    torps, in which time they should have some kind of being exposed debuf on
    each plane. So you can actually shoot some of them down.

    But still a good video Jingles.

  151. *the aircraft carrier is not overpowered, your brain is underpowered!* –
    fuckin savage mate =D

  152. I’m actually following him on twitch

  153. jingles. take a look at the beta of Total war arena it looks awesome it’s
    in closed beta but you can get a code for free

  154. Shrek The Psycho Therapist

    Shrek is love, Shrek is life

  155. I was surprised Jingles didn’t mention the real reason a drop can be
    impossible to avoid. Its the scaling. Watch how the aircraft maneuver.
    You’ll see them turn 180 degrees, drop right next to an island, and turn
    180 degrees again. All in little more than a few seconds. Totally
    ridiculous maneuvering. But, it’s what we get because of the scaling
    problems. I know it’s a game, I shouldn’t expect realism… but please.

  156. Andrew Wong (qwertwaszx3425)

    i thought it was aeroon XD

  157. Carriers? How Blasphemous!

  158. i think carriers are decently balanced

  159. Wait a minute… Are those P-80 Shooting Stars on that deck?

  160. Hey Jingles, audio is in front of the video. I’ve noticed this in many
    videos of yours.
    You can see here:

  161. Bismarck Battleship (Remi)

    all those Tirpitz, just wow

  162. PlanetaryPenguin321


  163. Well anyone who plays WoWs must absolutely see the videos of Ichase, at
    least the series he’s made on the Captains academy!!

  164. Jingles. Question. How come no runners up thsi time? or are you just not
    showing them now?

    Also Hate to be a killjoy. But WG have come out and said, (and this is a
    direct quote from as near a direct translation as translation gets), “The
    Midway is performing off the charts”. SO there’s a LOT more than what you
    said in play.

    ALso even at low tier turning does nothing vs torpedo bombers if the other
    guy can drive worth a damm.

  165. So basically a guy who mastered the ability to manual drop at top tier
    picking on wallet warriors, GG.

  166. Fiaura The Tank Girl

    I can say I do enjoy the carrier gameplay but it does require a squadron to
    help make sure people don’t just slip in after you. It’s one of the few
    aspects I do enjoy. This match making couldn’t be more favorable to the
    Carrier I think and I quite honestly may not have used it for a video
    because of that reason because MM basically gave him an all you can eat
    buffet! But other than that, very good gameplay, can’t wait for Soviet
    destroyers. Also did they coordinate this entire team on teamspeak? Because
    they are playing rather properly while the enemy is playing kind of, silly.

  167. What is going on, the FPS seems to be quite low (around 20) and there is
    some weird flickering going on especially at the ‘lines’ of the players
    roster at the top left and right of the screen and the HUD elements below.
    I see no other responses about the video quality, am I the only one
    experiencing this now? I have no issues with other Youtube videos (for
    example Quickybabies’ videos). I have it both on Firefox and Chrome.

  168. Now I understand the comments I’ve seen in chat, when playing co-op
    battles, from people saying they’d given up on random battles for the night
    because they were tired of getting raped by carriers.Honestly, if that’s
    all that high tier random battles has turned into, whoever has the biggest
    and best carrier wins, and the rest of the team are just also-rans playing
    AA escort, I don’t really see the point in grinding up to the higher tiers
    – or at the least bothering with high tier random battles.

  169. Jingles do you think that Wargaming is gonna release the ice carrier for
    christmas? (and for those who don’t know what I’m talking about. )

  170. w00t ^^ thank you Jingles 😛 and gonna love the Diana <3 (one ship I don't
    have) gl to the winner of the Tirpitz!

  171. Always look at the planes and go into them always right straight into them
    head on I only take one usually or turn away from them straight line your
    self up straight works great for me but some carrier guys are just really
    good and you can’t avoid there torps

  172. The O-I isn’t over powered your brain is just not on (RIGHT)

  173. I needed a good tuber who can show me carrier uberness, so I can finally
    try them out

  174. This is a very delayed response to your “Mingles with Jingles” last
    week(119) where you said
    “I am not a news website,ok,emm,I don’t have a responsibility A Legal
    responsibility to check my sources and insure all my sources of information
    are varified and credible and so on and so on”
    but you have said in the past (back around the time you complained about
    not penning the side of a tiger with HE shells from a sherman in WT)
    something along the lines of you now being a famous person and there will
    be some people that take your word as law and will blindly believe in what
    you say.So would that not mean you have a moral responsibility to check the
    facts on what you say in your videos?

    Also wondering if you have seen any of the “Citizencon 2015” stuff ,would
    link it but YouTube wont let me. I have no idea how closely you follow Star
    Citizen so just in case you did not know they have added a nice cinematic
    shot from the upcoming Squadron42(its “just” a speech but it also drops all
    the famous actors working on it) and they added a referral program starting

    They are saying they know most of the reason they are getting so many
    backers is word of mouth and want to start rewarding people for it.Sadly I
    have already gotten most of my friends to start up accounts so I will get
    nothing from them because it is only for new accounts.
    I would be forever grateful if you mentioned my referral code (
    STAR-SL72-PKNJ ) but I do not expect it.You can also find your own referral
    code in MY ACCOUNT – SETTINGS – REFERRAL PROGRAM . With that said I don’t
    know if people can trace the referral code back to a account if you wish to
    remain anonymous on StarCitizen.People using the referral code will get a
    additional 5000 UEC(in game currency and can be used on stuff for Arena
    Commander) when they buy any game package.The owner of the referral code
    will receiver awards based on how many people they recruit to the game, 10
    will get you a Gladius as far as I can tell and they have mentioned adding
    more rewards in the future

    There is also a starmap you can fiddle around with on their webpage now and
    see how the small,medium and large jump points work(some places it would be
    faster to travel with small ships).

    There is currently a PTU(for people that want to see stuff before they iron
    out the worst bugs) up and running and they have expended the Artcorp
    area,I found a few areas walled off with a sign saying “Under construction”
    “coming spring 2932” (in game time it is currently 2945) so they have some
    self deprecation going on.

    Oh and in the off chance you ever in the future mention me I am Krogenator
    in every game I play(EU WoT,WoWS,AW WT ,almost all the games you happen to
    show on your channel in fact),and it does not come from the krogan from
    mass effect,I have been using the name from back in 2004.

  175. Jingles,
    When you said “iChase”
    I new it had to be good.

    Congrats to “iChase”, I can’t
    recommend his channel enough

  176. I have no idea how to play aircraft carriers, far too confusing, I bought
    one, had one battle, did f all damage, couldn’t launch anything, so I sold
    it …. the interface confuses me … !!

  177. All those juicy tirpitzes xD

  178. Just one question Jingles, how am I, in a new Mexico battleship that sails
    at 21 knots max, supposed to follow cruisers that go atleast 50% faster
    than me? Oh and you know its an online multiplayer….

    Yeah, i’m sorry i disagree, but carriers ARE OP…

  179. Should have sent my replay in, but I didn’t score above 6 kills so I didn’t
    think it was worth sending in. IMO, any BB should be able to avoid at least
    the majority of torpedo planes no matter how good the CV player is.
    Especially in ships like Tirpitz or Amagi, I’ve never been hit by a whole
    salvo of torpedoes. If the BB makes no mistakes he will get hit by 2
    maximum no matter how good the spread is. All of those ships turned
    incorrectly and got punished for it, they all deserved to sink for their

  180. Midways are VERY over powerd, you cant do shit against them, and dont
    bullshit me about cruisers and defensive cool down, i have tier 10
    cruisers, and you still get sunk in one wave with all those torp planes,
    even in a DD its imposible to escape if he spots you and dont even mention
    “ooh its the player thats good, its not the ship thats OP” again..bullshit,
    its a tier 10 regular CV, not a noob walet warrior in a Tirpitz, ofc he
    knows what the hell hes doing. you really call that skill? he hasnt done
    anything diferent that a tier CV 5 player does. i stoped waching this video
    at the half of it, just ridiculous that he has 27 fucking torp hits at that

  181. somehow i knew IChase would be the winner in this contest :P

  182. I’m not trying WoWS again until they add a mute battle-chat option.

  183. most dmg done overall will be in a newly added not yet released battleship
    wich has a 1000 KV-2 turrets

  184. Why wait for it? Highest damage will papedipupi!

  185. There is a reason Battleships became obsolete, Carriers are it.

  186. hsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  187. Lasse Nipgaard Sørensen

    Awesome seeing Chase in one of youre vids :D, Love his vids, just as much
    as yours Jingles… Damn shame he didnt win that battle, oh well, cant win
    em all!.. Btw.. when are we going to see some gameplay from you in a
    carrier..? :D

  188. Okay now please explain to me how that is supposed to be balanced, please?

  189. Jingles you need to do a SP1C review

  190. And three tier tens have won now this isn’t even fair

  191. I died when i saw the first part of the description by the date

  192. Thank you very much :)

  193. I sent jingles a replay where I was in a T34 heavy tank on redshire. I was
    ammoracked and went against 4 enemy tanks and I was fighting along side an
    M53, M55. I hope it’s in the good, the bad, and the ugly.

  194. what for a commentator =D and you (Jingles) say carrier games ar not fun 😀

  195. AnTrAxX Slingshots

    Noone should EVER get rewarded, in any way, for playing a CV! (or arty)
    (good Vid tho)

  196. i really loved this video, but why is there so much static in it? i checked
    and its not my speakers dying its the video.

  197. Well thanks Jingles for giving a ship to the one guy on the net that
    doesn’t need it, way to go. I don’t mean to be a party pooper but m8, chase
    has no need of it and it would have been better to give that to someone
    else and given chase an honorable mention, don’t you think…..

  198. Carriers make just as much sense as artillery.

    They’re just not thought out.

  199. All the winners from the cv’s should get a free permaban

  200. I’ll not go saying that carrier are overpowered, but I will say that US
    carriers are OP in comparison to Japanese carriers.

  201. This guy makes me want to play an aircraft carrier and be good at it. If
    only I had your narration voice saying exactly what’s happening in the
    background. Also love you jingles, you were the very first youtuber I ever
    watched and continually watched (been here since 200k)!

  202. Well that match was alright.
    On the EU Server, there is a player called “papedipupi”.
    He is the best Carrier Player in this game!
    Don´t believe it?
    Check his stats and the Leaderboard!
    He did 436.880 dmg in the Midway… 436.880!!!

  203. I’m sorry, but I’m never going to watch 20 mins of a carrier replay.

  204. +iChaseGaming rep

  205. Dont understand why battleships whine.I die too when using a BB, the second
    carriers appeared they made battleships obsolete.That was decades ago.

  206. Seeing that I am kind of glad that I quit the game, once the grinding
    became too time consuming. A high T game doesnt look like much fun.

  207. MichaelFranz Durano

    So, that’s the reason some players become color pink because of team
    killing. I didn’t know that. I thought they will become color white just
    like in World of Tanks. Also, I always watch the videos of ichasegaming, I
    was surprised that he also send a video contest here.

  208. CARRIER?

  209. I think aircraft carrier are op. Just look at that. You really can’t fight
    them, just wow.
    An aircraft carrier can just click who ever he wants, make ajustment when
    aiming, Killed a battleship, return to carrier, repeat.
    They should nerf the torpedos or buff AA and AAA.
    ‘You went alone’ Fuck, alone or not, they can just take two squadron of
    torpedos, aim for someone, maybe lose 2-4 planes and he will still do a
    shit ton of damage or get a kill.
    ‘Yea but if he keep losing plane, he won-‘
    Tier 10 carrier got 30-40 spare torpedos planes.
    I checked the forums, and people are complaning about the games, and most
    of ’em says they were with friendly warships with pretty good AAA defence.
    People are leaving the game because of that.
    Why would you take a battleship? They can’t aim, doesn’t do enough damage
    per minutes, just a big free exp machine for the enemy team. Carriers are
    good. Destroyers are the killing machine. Carriers are op.
    Torpedos should be nerfed, But if you change them, carrier player and
    destroyer will complain they do no good. And most player will stop playing
    because of that.
    Wargaming wont nerf it, And that makes me sad.

  210. Okay, so here’s a reason I’m pissed. I was playing World of Tanks about two
    hours ago. I was in a tier 7 battle with my IS-2. Surprise surprise, my
    team was terrible. Well, it was fairly easy to carry my team with a top
    tier heavy tank. I had 4 kills, and there were more to come. It was soon
    the last tank on the enemy team left on less than 400 health and…..yeah,
    all the electricity shut down in my neighborhood. So yeah, I got killed by
    a stock M4 Sherman while being AFK…

  211. ‫براہمداغ‬‎

    “Carriers are OP”
    As they should be, historically and realistically speaking.
    But gameplay wise in wow, jingle’s point is spot on.

  212. That Old Milk Carton

    i’m starting to think Jingles butchers IJN ship names on purpose… no way
    someone can fuck up EVERY ship’s name.

  213. Funny thing about the hole contest is: the guy who farmed the most dmg on
    Tirptzes will win a Tirpitz.

  214. Everything in this video displays what’s wrong with carriers;

    1: Double torp plane launch spam.
    2: Impossible to avoid spreads.
    3: Camping where no one will ever see the carrier.
    4: The Romulan cloaking device carriers have which gives them the spot
    range of a destroyer.
    5: Invincible planes.
    6: Underpowered AA.
    7: No speed reduction on planes climbing above a mountain.

    And yet Jingles advice is just ” It’s because Battleships are fucking dumb
    and should turn or clusterfuck together all in one place.”

  215. Jingles, you can dodge air dropped torpedoes… 😀 I’ve done it several
    times with my Amagi… if you see the aircraft sooner, you have a chance

  216. How unusual, iChase sealclubbing on his Midway in the broken NA high tier

  217. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    Well i dont like, that he is just giving no fucks about his fighters (9:44)
    and before just somewhere flying around, with nearly no ammo and not even a
    full squad.. he could just go reload them and Scout with DB Planes..

  218. First he introduces me to Rita, now he introduces me to iChase. Awesome
    Jingles is awesome. ^_^

  219. Pedantic correction to Jingles: *You cannot avoid air based torpedoes in
    Battleships in HIGH level Games* I avoid them in mid level games all the
    time. Turn to wards them as you see them approach. It works REALLY well if
    you are alert!

  220. This video is proof that carriers are overpowered. No, I don’t care that
    ships all alone are perfect targets for them, I don’t care. They still
    shouldn’t be able to solo sink battleships with a double torpedo strike.
    You should only be able to send one squadron to attack one ship at one
    time, with a fixed delay built-in to prevent this kind of battle. Also, the
    manual strike option needs to be removed from carriers, it’s overpowered
    and unfair for everyone who doesn’t have a manually controlled
    super-accuracy ability. In addition, battleships need the defensive fire
    ability. If destroyers get the defensive fire ability with the lowest AA
    ratings in the game for their tier, then battleships certainly need it.
    Also, battleships should have their AA guns increased to their historical
    levels. Note I did say increase, not decrease for game balance purposes.
    Lets also not forget that you can’t come in hard and fast when dropping
    torpedoes into the water. Releasing a torpedo too high and too fast causes
    it to explode or break-up on the water. Change the way torpedo bombers work
    to match reality. Come in on a long approach on a straight course at
    reduced speed at low altitude to ensure a live and true running torpedo.
    This has the dual benefits of making all torpedo bombers more vulnerable,
    and also reducing their accuracy and preventing some kind of
    computer-controlled unrealistically accurate X-Wing Rogue Squadron Proton
    Torpedo attack on a parked Star Destroyer. Make torpedo bombers less of a
    threat to everyone so its hard to do anything in a carrier, instead of the
    easy-mode that we have now. Although, it would also be nice to have teams
    increased from 12 to 15 players and put in the kind of hard cap matchmaking
    that carriers got. Put in matchmaking that prevents this kind of battle
    from ever happening. A minimum of four cruisers on each team, no more than
    four destroyers on each team, and limit carriers to one per team from Tier
    8 and above.So lets see here, a compiled and detail-free list.Only one
    squadron attacking one target at any one time.Manual aim disabled (removed
    from the game).Battleships receive the defensive fire ability.Battleships
    receive massively buffed AA armament.Increase torpedo bomber vulnerability
    when dropping torpedoes (reduced speed and accuracy, easier to shoot
    down).Team size increased to 15 per side.Matchmaking changes to prevent
    all-battleship or mostly battleship team from forming (hard caps on all
    ship types).I’m actually glad it was a draw. He deserved to not win that
    match. No carrier player who does really well in a battle deserves to win.
    Instead, they need to play real ships that actually give the enemy a chance
    to fight back. Yes, even destroyers, the scumbags of the sea with cloaking
    devices, are more fair than carriers.

  221. Thanks for the Video jingles!

  222. Thumbs up if you went to check your email client at 17:26!

  223. PeckerFace FacePecker

    7 thou views in a hour. Holy.

  224. I’v been on the midway before, it’s a truly awesome ship.

  225. I see iChase on the enemy team a lot. Though, I’ve only seen him in a
    Pensacola and Warspite so far.

  226. ░░░░▄▄▄▄▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▄▄▄▄▄▄
    Read more (47 lines)

  227. I would’ve expected Aerroon to be the carrier winner he plays extremely
    good as well.

  228. im sorry but there team got screwed over by mm by having 1 tier 10 carrier
    and 3 tier 10 battleships on the enemy team

  229. Jingles what’s up with the post battle distance travelled. It regularly
    shows distances of 75-80 km which is just impossible to achieve in a ship.
    So is it a bug or what? It isnt my birthday like AceTanker but please
    respond anyway :P

  230. And this is why I won’t play WOWS any more. There literally is no escape.

    And people cried that arty was OP.

  231. Lol an Ichase gameplay vid commented on by Jingles, it must be my birthday

  232. An Iowa class Battleship

    I remember a while ago I was in my tier IV Wyoming when I was attacked by a
    carrier player who setup his torpedo bombers with the ‘Anvil attack’
    tactic. Two sets of torpedo bombers, one on each side of my port and
    starboard bow, both squadrons went in simultaneously and gave me a pyramid
    of torps to the face.
    I’ve seen a lot of ichases’ vids, he appears to have a firm grasp on how
    the game mechanics work for each ship class and makes full effective use of
    their advantages. Hats off to him, he never ceases to leave me slack-jawed.

  233. I wish WG would extend the time limit for these type of maps. I have had
    quite a few draws that would have been a win if there had only been a few
    minutes more of the game.

  234. Cameron McAllister

    Either wg should nerf the damage, or they should add a kind of addon that
    reduces speed and manuevarability, but reduces the damage that torps and
    dive bombs do, this would mean that, whilst they still do decent damage,
    they can’t basicallt one shot someone with some torpedo handywork.

  235. This is a little late but y dont u make some extra y u heff to be mad
    videos to cover for your next man flu?

  236. Honestly, I cringe watching this. The one and only factor that makes
    aircraft carriers overpowered is how close they can drop their torpedoes
    effectively. The excuse of not staying close to friendly cruisers just
    isn’t good enough. This is a multiplayer game where a Battleship has to
    completely rely on other players for his survival against something that is
    impossible to dodge and impossible to shoot back at (directly.) More often
    than not you are too slow to keep up with cruisers, or you don’t want to
    follow them a particular way, or they may not be any on your team, or maybe
    the cruiser just doesn’t want to escort you. And honestly, WHY WOULD HE?
    Even if they incentivised it, how many random players in cruisers would
    actually slow down to escort battleships over going ahead and just shooting
    ships themselves. IT’S BORING. You can’t and shouldn’t be expected to rely
    so fully on other players for your complete and utter survival against
    something that can drop its torps that close and annihilate you.

    I fully understand that playing a carrier requires much more skill and
    multi-tasking than artillery, but from the point of view from the victim I
    think carriers are actually worse. At least with artillery there is a good
    chance that the shot will miss. With carriers there is no chance. They are
    thinking of changing artillery to do less alpha damage but be more
    accurate. Carriers have literally perfect accuracy every time, and ALSO
    have the ability of a “one shot” or “one salvo.” They literally took
    artillery in its current form and removed the only “balancing factor” (the
    rng in the accuracy) and called it a carrier. The fact that you can drop
    torps so close to an enemy removes the aiming rng but keeps the “one shot”

    Either air-launched torps need a longer arming time or Battleship AA guns
    have to be actually able to do noticeable damage to a squad. Blaming
    Battleship drivers for not being escorted by some complete random they have
    no control over is wrong and actually pretty dumb.

    Just a thought. :)

  237. “The aircraft carrier is not over-powered, your brain is under-powered”

    Holy shit Jingles, calm down…

  238. Thank you Victor!

  239. “The aircraft carrier is not overpowered, your brain is *under*powered.”
    Perfect reply! :V

  240. Oh god, that will be a boring one.

  241. This proves how bad the game can be!
    MM a WG joke screwing over and over!
    Because launching 12 torps isnt OP, no, not at all!

  242. Ichase is a beast. No matter what ship he’s on. I remember he’d posted
    another carrier video on his page, before the CV balance. I think he sunk
    almost the entire team!

  243. Lol before I entered the video I thought of IChaseGaming cause im his subb
    and he plays a lot of carries but i lost hope because it was just so
    unlikely well what a suprise

  244. It’s always nice to see how fucking useless battleships are once again.
    Battleships are the ones that need the defensive fire ability the most, and
    they don’t get it. this is also ridiculous because irl Battleships were
    used to escort Aircraft carriers during the pacific war BECAUSE they had
    extremely good anti aircraft defense to mobilise. this is made even worse
    by the fact that Destroyers get it when they don’t even need it, because
    they can turn so fast anyway.

    for the reputation Battleships had in real life, they sure are worthless in
    this game.

  245. Lol before I entered the video I thought of IChaseGaming cause im his subb
    and he plays a lot of carries but i lost hope because it was just so
    unlikely well what a suprise

  246. Lol before I entered the video I thought of IChaseGaming cause im his subb
    and he plays a lot of carries but i lost hope because it was just so
    unlikely well what a suprise

  247. And this is why the US torpedo squads are overpowered … far too high
    concentration of damage. That isnt the case for japanese squads. Oh and
    they dont get jet planes either. The Bismarck only got sunk because a LUCKY
    … ONE … hit to the steering and they needed a really really special
    bomb for the Tirpitz.

  248. Awesomesauce! Nifty carrier battle… I have a hard time getting them;
    hopefully ichase’s vids will help me out. :-)

  249. Carriers are not OP, your brain is UNDER powered haha

  250. aerroon is better then ichase in playing aircraft carriers

  251. hey jingles! next time please rule out and professional puppy kickers from
    the compitition.

  252. Jingles are you saying only way to avoid air launched torpedoes is… wait
    it’s near… iv heard it… is it something called team play? thing what we
    never see in wg games…

  253. I am nor religious, but JESUS H CHRIST! 300k dmg+ in a match

  254. Goddamn you Ichase!

  255. carriers are NOT overpowered, if anything, they are underpowered!
    Particularly at the lower tiers where the planes are slow biplanes. I’m
    finding myself hesitating to make a move because half the enemy team is
    made of heavy anti-air cruisers, I just don’t have the plane count to want
    to let any of them get shot down. Additionally, the bogue is only practical
    with its fighter loadout, and even then, you don’t get much points for
    doing your job (shooting down enemy planes) and the single dive bomber
    squadron is next to useless due to unreliable accuracy.

  256. Duke_Of_Hammertime TV

    Easy mode = Aircraft carriers
    Medium mode = Battleships
    Hard mode = Cruisers
    Insane mode = destroyers


  257. WOOH IChase is awesome!!

  258. Petrus Sillanpää

    *pauses after the teamlist screen* This gon’ be gud :3

  259. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ Wake me up when it’s warthunder lol or Wot. love jingles
    but this is Only the third wow vid i’ve watched on his channel & i still
    don’t get WOW doesnt make for fun replays

  260. Self-replicating whatnot

    Nevermind email client, software error message has the same sound.

  261. Never seen you upload a carrier replay before, Jingles. Is it a similar
    reason to why you don’t upload artillery replays on WoT, because most of
    them aren’t really worth watching, or do you not receive many carrier

  262. Thats it jingles! Thanks!

  263. Love you for covering wows Jingles. Some Russian wot youtubers who
    initially were going to cover wows decided against it because those videos
    got less views than their wot ones… ;-;

  264. Btw, the last Tirpitz didn’t use his dmg control, he was flooding.

  265. good video as always :-)

  266. My dream has come true! iChase game play with Jingles commentary! Great
    video Jingles and congrats to iChase for winning the CV contest!

  267. Silly Jingles you forgot to mention the fact that battleships aren’t
    supposed to have to avoid torpedoes from allied dumbass destroyers that
    spam torpedoes not caring whos in the path.

  268. It should also be noted that the amagi at the start should have seem those
    TB planes from far off, but continued sailing straight. if you dont sail
    straight, it’s possible to to make less than a full torp load hit you as
    well as make it harder for the enemy carrier to predict your path.

  269. Whilst what you say is true, they are still OP, they absolutely dominate
    high tier statistics and massively boost players who are fairly average in
    ships. Suspect more nerfs are coming, their damage potential is just too
    high and as we can see they can pretty much wipe out a ship in one strike
    which is just not good gameplay. Plus it’s just not very hard to do manual
    drops like that, its a knack, once you have it then you’ll repeat it.

  270. Jingles, if you have the time check out Aerroon on youtube, very nice
    carrier gameplay among other ship classes.

  271. Give a cookie to the Montana and the Yamato that stuck together at the end.

  272. Congratulations +iChaseGaming !!

  273. i bet it was a submarine that won :D

  274. so high tier carriers forces lemming gameplay… and beeing 1 hitted isnt
    fun at all, and reduces skill based gameplay, in a game based on healthbars
    -> bad gamemechanic

  275. haha, i laughed when the sound of that email notification came out

  276. Cheers Jingles, a smile on my face and not just TGIF. :-)

  277. Thanks you for all your videos. I really like the ones where you do a
    little historic part on the beginning. Any plans to cover the 1.53 patch in
    War Thunder? I`d love to see some Ground Forces videos again :)

  278. buff carriers tbh

  279. Though i am not surprised to see a Midway winning the contest i have seen
    better Midway matches. I witnessed one of them doing close to 400.000
    damage before.

  280. 46 torp hits :0

  281. Chase is OP Nerf plzzz!! 😀 lol

  282. lol hello fleet!

  283. I swear even if a Tier 8/9 carrier skipper saw THAT kind of MM, he would
    get a massive hard-on…

  284. 17:27 Dammit Jingles, you had me for a moment there!

  285. “Today we’re giving away a premium cruiser to whichever Carrier captain
    made everyone else his bitch.”

    Awesome! :D

  286. Yeah iChase! All shall fall before the Penguin Fleet!

  287. The Midway is OP though, it can destroy targets at will even if you have
    multiple ships grouped up, unless it’s a group of Des Moines, something
    like multiple BB’s is not good enough AA to deter any skilled Midway
    Captain. Sure they’ll always go for stragglers but, if there’s no
    stragglers, that doesn’t mean that can’t still easily score kills.

  288. Hi Jingles, love your videos, I learned lots on the videos about World of
    Warships and I play on the North American Server. Quick question, do you
    think that World of Warships should provide more free ships slots because I
    feel that 6 slots in not enough. If you can respond that would be nice,
    have a nice day!

  289. Intents and purposes gonna be used in every video now?

  290. SteelWolf20 Gaming

    Lel ichase gamer was thw cv winner haha utuber wins contest

  291. i watch ichase games for a long time,he has so much offering to teach
    you.he is also a tester for world of warships.

  292. Most infamous player in CV is papedipupi, everyone who ever saw that guy
    knows exactly what I am talking about ! Cg to iChaseGaming tho’ !!!

  293. Jingles, destroyers get easly torpedo or dive bombed by carriers, while
    Tirpitz at higher tier are always an easy target for carriers.

  294. Yay ichase lol

  295. I was in a New Mexico, when I came up to the MidWay….I shit myself….

  296. Games like these are Reason CV Threads in the Forum are full of Salt ^^
    Wish i get a Round like this in my Taiho soon

  297. Charles Craig-Bennett

    1430 views. Best I’ve ever done.

  298. I’m going to say it was a Japanese CV that did the most damage

  299. No idea why this came to mind, but I thought I should express it:

    Jingles, you’ve probably heard this a gazillion times, but thank you. No,
    really. Just that you may not have the funniest vids everyday, but you
    certainly never fail to bring a smile to my face and make me happy all
    inside. Dawwwww.

    <3, some random guy on the Internet. (No homo)

  300. Jonathan MacKenzie

    IChase does World of Warships Guides like how Sir Havoc does so with World
    of Tanks, does he.

  301. ichasegaming is a great channel

  302. Jingles…I don’t want to watch evil *CV gameplay*…show us the honourable
    BB already lol jk, don’t be mad at me.

    btw: AA is a joke at t10 (ask Montana) – also “you cannot avoid air
    launched torpedoes”…result: Stronk fun in *random* matches. Matches
    without carriers can be so great, tho. Otherwise you’re mostly at the mercy
    of shithead cruiser captains that do…well, cruiser things I guess (like
    sniffing their crotch 10 km behind the BB they abandoned because the
    opposition showed up).
    Can’t wait for clan wars. The whole paper-scissor-rock thingy could
    actually work there.

  303. There are way too many draws in this game.

  304. The Hungry Wolf 足柄

    Jingles, there is no Atago class. The Atago is a Takao class heavy cruiser.

  305. Tip of the day: if you do not have the sixth sense skill, and you wanna
    know if you are noticed by
    the enemy, you can figure it out by driving out of cover. If somebody
    shooting at you, the is high chance that you are spotted. XD

    Now to sirius part: Do you think that sixth sense skill is overpowered, in
    comparison with other skills,
    and how big advantage it gives for experienced players in match against
    beginners who didn’t have sixth sense skill?

  306. At the end of the day carrier players are seen as the equivalent of
    artillery players in world of tanks as such they are seen and treated like
    scum and villainy and rightfully so, World of Tanks left a notorious
    reputation in its stead in regards to artillery mechanics and how much
    damage those things do and since the majority of the players in WoWS
    transitioned from WoT literally very few players even touch carriers
    because A. they despise them and B. They don’t want to play a top down RTS

  307. and the winner is…

    no one, because carrier players dont deserve anything.

  308. Jingles please do 1080 p 45 fps so I can watch in 10 80 p . PLEASE?

  309. So carriers are like arty?

  310. and this is why i dont play the game anymore i don’t enjoy playing cruisers
    and battleship absolutely require cruiser support in highteir or they are
    fucked. i think that that kind of teamwork damb near impossible to acheive
    in random battles on a regular basis

  311. Yes more jingles! Feed my addiction! UGGHHH YEA ITS SOO GOOD THIS VIDEO

  312. Ichase rocked my world one time it was insane

  313. 4 mins,590 views…And it’s carriers.And it’s iChase.
    Well,Jingles…Really,no one else sent carrier replays except iChase?

  314. they are not overpowered they are more akin to the “realistic” approach,
    how they worked in real life… but here is the problem… most of the
    other ships don’t work how they worked in real life… and this rubs me
    personally wrong, when they do, why not the rest as well… <.<

  315. Are you saying that this guy makes videos on how to protect yourself
    against an aircraft carrier full of jets? Subscribed almost instantly

  316. that matchmaking… 4 t10 vs 2 t10…. well done wargaming

  317. aw the frame rates again D:

  318. Just like the destroyer winner…Jingles you foreshadowed this in that

  319. UNDER 301! UNDER 301! UNDER 301!
    *walks on stage*
    I’d like to thank my mum for paying for my internet access

  320. Jingles today is my 16th birthday and my dream is for you to respond :)

  321. Jefafa Von Richthofen

    only 20 minutes after the video was posted and all the comments are about
    how few views or anything other than the game play.

  322. Jingles, where is Ikzor? Is he dead?

  323. Wonder how high the dmg count will be this time . . .

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    100th view yayz

  327. 21 views, I’m getting gud at dis.

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    <3 of the upload. No Salt Mines for me today

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    Within the first fifty views. I’m amazed.

  330. 12 seconds after upload, record broken for me :P

  331. 12 views!

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